The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Season 2 Release Date

The Devil is the part-timer is the anime that hit the best after being adapted into anime and also adapted by Netflix.

The second season premiered on July 14, 2022, on Tokyo MX and BS11.

 The opening theme is “With” by Minami Kuribayashi, while the ending theme is “Mizukagami no Sekai” (水鏡の世界, lit. “The World in the Water’s Reflection”) by Marina Horiuchi.

The story of the show was based on Satan, who came from a different world and started working as a part-timer in the fast-food restaurant that we can also glance it up by the title of the story.

Based on the light novel which was written by Satoshi Wagahara and illustrated by Oniku. The story of the series was revolving around Satan, the Demon Lord of the world of Ente Isla, who escapes to present-day Tokyo with his trusted general Alsiel.

And after being an escape from another world he started working part-time in the fast-food MgRonald’s restaurant that was also one of the top and local eat-up spots.

Later on, the show in the new world he renamed himself Sadao Maou and the time when he became comfortable at the place and then he found out about Emilia who is also in Tokyo, living under the name Emi Yusa and working as an agent.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer Story

The story of the show gives me goosebumps at some point where I found things very differently and not considered normal for everyone.

The Story revolves around the character whose is Satan aka The Devil working in a fast-food restaurant. Who traveled in another world to save himself from danger?

At the starting of the show, it was shown that Satan was defeated by the Hero Emilia Justina in his world and had escaped from there and landed in Tokyo. Although the anime had a little touch of comedy in it.

And it was also revealed in the series that Satan put all his magical abilities to put Tokyo at the original place it was before.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Season 2

As he has never done anything like serving things and all but to survive in the world, he learns everything that every other human can do and not reveal his identity to the world.

Where to Watch The Devil Is a Part-Timer Dub

The best part for the fans of the anime who love watching in English they can watch the show on Netflix. The first season of the show is available on Netflix in most countries. If your country’s Netflix library does not have this anime you can check anime on other app like Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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