Teen pregnancy in the real world is a complex thing. It’s a tangled mess of worries, surprises as well as difficult choices, and sloppy decisions that can cause anyone to feel ill. 

However, there are people who get to see their way to the light towards the other side of their tunnel and if it’s feasible in one, surely it’s likely for a lot of people, right?

It is true that the Sims 4, is a recreation of life as it is and constantly trying to keep up with the complexity of life, but sometimes it isn’t quite up to par. 

For instance, teenage pregnancy which, by the way, is not uncommon in our world of modern life. 

Therefore, players are turning to mods and CC in order to adapt their games to make the experience as authentic as they can. 

Dark pools mod provides the chance to experience teen pregnancy. 

Through it, your teenage Sims are able to become pregnant, undergo the various phases, and have one, two, or more gorgeous baby girls. If you’re prepared to enrich your teens’ lives.

Let’s start by discussing the method!

The Teen Pregnancy Mod: An Overview

Here are identical pregnancy options for teenagers and adults! Therefore, while your teen Sim is expecting all of the details will run just like the adult Sims. 

This means that your child will go through three trimesters that are standard, go through every mood and then give birth to an unborn baby healthy.

Additionally, you will be able to set the pace of your pregnancy, select the stage you want you to want to be at, as well as determine what gender the child is via scans. 

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The rest of the interactions are normal too, and your child will be able to grow like the rest of us. 

In the majority of cases, the program works efficiently and is definitely worth the time and effort when this is a need for you!

Getting Pregnant

“Try for Baby with” is a choice for all of your teen Sims who are currently in the midst of a relationship. 

If you don’t know that you have two Sims are not able to have an infant immediately. The relationship or marriage needs to be more mature and the bar set at 40 or 50 percent. 

For this to happen more quickly It is definitely helpful to have a Sim to be charismatic or have a romantic desire. 

The rest is normal things like flirting, picking up lines, and compliments on appearance.

Once you’ve reached the point where you are ready to look for the birth of a baby! As with all games, the chances of having a baby in The Sims 4 are pretty high.

However, that does not mean that it can happen on the first attempt. You may have to try several times before your teenage girl will be eating two meals a day.

Fertility traits certainly help in increasing the chances of success, so don’t hesitate to make use of some achievements to boost it for each or both of your Sims. 

Additionally, if you’re planning to have more than one child such as triplets or twins, for example, the fertility levels can also determine if the baby girl will have three, four, or more babies in her stomach.

The players have jokingly suggested that trying to have an infant in a hot bath has an 80% chance of success but as we don’t know the trigger for it, we can’t verify it. 

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So why not try it for yourself and try it? When your baby girl is pregnant, everything is normal.

Visual Glitches And Problems

What you’ll observe are the two primary visual glitches that occur with this mod:

  • There’s no sign of a pregnant belly or the pregnant belly will not disappear. Sim could be pregnant for the entire time without showing any evidence of pregnancy because her belly will not expand at all. In the event that it does at times, it may remain even after birth! Some players might find this to be fascinating, however since it’s not real, others dislike it.
  • The baby is generated randomly. The mod operates randomly with regard to the genetics of the baby. If it is birthed, the odds that it will have a genetic match with the parents are very small. It’s a completely different complexion, eye shape, and color. race and ethnicity too.

These are minor inconveniences that are easily fixed with The Full Edit mode. 

When they pop up within your games, simply browse to cas. full edit mode and fix the look of the pregnancies Sim or baby in the way you’d like.


This mod is great for It is a great addition to the MC Command Center. There are a lot of tools available to can further enhance teenage pregnancy. 

If you’re interested in it in this mod, you can download the mod by clicking right here. For this mod for teens go to this blog. 

There you’ll find a number of similar mods, such as an option for marriage for teens. They all work with this one If you’d like to add any of them.

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