19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

What comes to mind when you hear the words “freckles”? We imagine attractive features, sun-burnt skin, and fair skin. 

No matter what your skin tone is, cool or warm, there is a good chance that you’ll see some moles and freckles in this collection that you would like, and are suitable for the skin of your Sim! 

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19. Freckles ’05

FRECKELS 05 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

Already with 206,000 downloads on The Sims Resource, these delicate freckles made through Pralinesims will help your appearance shine above the others. 

Make your Sim’s soft skin look more attractive with a few freckles that are available in ten variations and two shades. 

18. Ellen Freckles ‘N13

18. Ellen Freckles N13 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

The freckles are tiny and already have downloads of 201,000 at The Sims Resource. They were also designed in the name of Pralinesims

The freckles are offered in a variety of shades to make sure they match the skin tone of your Sim. 

17. Freckle BH08

Freckle BH08 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

more compact but still larger and plenty… These gorgeous tiny freckles, created by Busra-tr, have been downloaded from The Sims Resource more than 176,000 times. 

If you’d like to make your Sim’s skin look like that of a baby’s butt, download it now!

16. Freckles ‘N02

Freckles N02 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

Check out these small freckles that are pale! Available in various shades, they will ensure that your Sim’s face appears younger and kinder. 

It currently has 172,000 downloads on The Sims Resource-if you’d like to also include Pralinesims’s creation in your Sims 4 universe, download these.

15. Soft-Face Freckles HQ

Soft Face Freckles HQ 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

With over 166,000 downloads on The Sims Resource, these soft golden freckles designed by Alf-si are a no-brainer! 

They’re available in four gorgeous colors that will make your Sim’s bronze face extra glam! 

14. Freckles ‘N2

tumblr 9c8381494fb95be70a23c7610c5a0a81 2bb857a6 1280 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

Make a baby facial expression for your Sim by using tiny freckles that are perfectly strewn over the cheeks. 

The game has more than a quarter-million downloads at The Sims Resource. 

13. Freckles Pack

tumblr 9c8381494fb95be70a23c7610c5a0a81 2bb857a6 1280 1 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

Another beautiful freckle pack that will make a beautiful baby-face appearance on your Sim. 

You can achieve the stunning look of the picture with these beautiful freckles made by Magnolia-C, which are currently in the 119,000 downloads category at The Sims Resource. 

12. Freckles ‘N03

Freckles N03 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

Another gorgeous set of freckles was designed by Pralinesims. 

Take a look at how the tiny brown moles and freckles complement the highlights on the face of the girl in the picture. 

11. Jessi’s Face Freckles

Jessis Face Freckles 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

Jessica’s face Freckles appear darker in comparison to the majority of the other faces on this list. The face of your Sim will have a distinct appearance. 

Senpaisimmer‘s creation is available for download on The Sims Resource here.

10. SSB Freckle ID

10. SSB Freckle ID 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

The freckles (some appear more like moles) have already had 104,000 downloads at The Sims Resource. 

Savagesimbaby’s creation makes every appearance stand out. Your Sim is sure to be noticed everywhere they are. 

9. Freckled Female Skin

Freckled Female Skin 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

This creation by Ms Blue does not just affect facial features; it also affects the entire body. It can make any Sim’s appearance more realistic by adding moles and freckles across the body. 

8. FreckleX

8. FreckleX 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

The creation of Busra-tr has been downloaded over 100k times on The Sims Resource. It is compatible with all types of skin due to the many shades the freckles come in. 

The gorgeous brown spots are sure to draw attention regardless of where your Sim travels. 

7. Crystal Freckled Skin

Crystal Freckled Skin 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

Crystal Freckle Skin The Crystal Freckle skin created by Pralinesims is exactly as it states on the packaging: crystal clear, glowing skin that has tiny perfectly round spots that enhance the skin. 

6. March-Face Freckles HQ

March Face Freckles HQ 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

This CC was created by Alf-si and is truly unique! They cover the majority of their faces with tiny freckles of auburn. 

They can be used on any Sim, no matter their age. 

5. Frecklemania V1

Frecklemania V1 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

The freckles created by Ms. Blue are extremely soft and sweet, much like the taste of ice cream. 

They help your Sim’s face appear like a model with smooth skin and gorgeously defined cheeks. 

4. Default Face+Body Freckles (All Ages)

Default FaceBody Freckles All Ages 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

Keth created these freckles for people with Sims that have dark skin. 

These dark brown freckles accent the face beautifully and will make the Sim stand out in a crowd with ease. 

3. Freckles NB01

Freckles NB01Freckles NB01 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

very tiny, delicate, and a wonderful accessory for any facial hairstyle, shape, or shade. 

They’ll enhance your Sim’s face but without making it appear overly pronounced. 

An ideal choice for freckles! 

2. Freckles NB02

freckels nb02 1 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

A different set of freckles that are soft and light and can be paired with any face shape, hairstyle, and skin color. 

Utilize these gorgeous, light frosts on your Sims today.

1. Freckles NB03

freckels nbo3 19 Best Sims 4 Freckles Mods & CC

The delicate and cute freckles will look adorable on the face of your feminine sim! They will cover your Sim’s cheeks as well as the sides of their noses.

They are available in six shades. 

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