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21 Sims 4 Injury CC: Scars, Bruises & Bandages

This isn’t a new trend that people love having marks on their bodies and faces. This is among the reasons why people choose to have tattoos and people are also drawn to these works of art. 

That’s why tattoos on the body and face are a popular trend. They are art forms for many people and on this list, you’ll see a wide variety of scars.

And what’s better than a couple of bruises, scratches, and injuries that create unique castings from your Sims?

21. SAMCRO Tattoos & Scars Pack

MTS Mr.Mayhem 1510284 Mr.Mayhem SOA Tattoos 1

This look is a blend of scars and tattoos. 

A scar is a bold thing in itself but adding tattoos to the style can give your Sim more thug! 

If you’re in the market for a street-style thug look, these looks are great. 

20. Scar 07

20 scar 07 sims 4 cc screenshot 1

Before the liberating decade of 2010 People were using autopilot to cover the marks and imperfections.

In the present, it’s not shocking to see them in the open, or inspirational Elle stories.

Stand out by wearing This Scar 07 Set from Scarlett.

Dress in plunging necklines to showcase your latest look.

19. Broken Face and Body Scars

19 bruised face body scars sims 4 cc 1

One of the most enjoyable things in life is watching endless hours of Sims Four stories.

However, among the ocean of love stories and poorly edited videos, it might be difficult to find an original story.

Although I’m a fan of the dark, tall, and beautiful face and a sexy back story of nightclubs and street fights is what I’m looking forward to.

To nail that bad-boy archetype to the smallest detail, make sure to add some realistic scratches and bruises. This will make you the latest fantasy of teens 16 and under.

18. A collection of Scars

18 assortment of scars sims 4 cc 1

Flawless beauty was the standard for a lot of people.

The influence of hashtags and social media revealed the truth of what it is: untrue, unrealistic, and completely toxic.

We don’t have the option of choosing what type of scars we’ll wear in the real world. However, this CC gives your Sims the option to make a unique choice.

With the 17 face scars on offer, there are plenty of choices to differentiate your Sims from others.

17. Face Scars N04

17 face scars n04 sims 4 cc screenshot 1

Since creators have mastered the art of creating an Alpha-CC model, it’s significantly easier to complete the most opulent act of vanity – making the perfect Simself.

 Simself Challenge is a fun way to look around your internet to find CCs which accurately capture the way you appear.

Every little flaw can be reproduced in visually rough ways.

This pack by Pralinesims comes with 10 scars that are suitable for people of any age and gender, since life doesn’t pick its victims.

16. Band-Aid

16 band aid sims 4 cc

TS4 has a lot full of incidents. Death is a constant threat when Sims attempt to cook with their free will.

It will require more than just a few adhesive bandages to treat the mental and physical experiences we expose our Sims to… But it’s crucial to see our modern heroes who can withstand minor wounds.

15. Black Eye

15 black eye sims 4 cc

There’s nothing quite like the classic black eye with knuckles to show that your Sim is actually in a fight and survived to tell the story.

Given the sheer amount of stupid things, Sims can interact with (including others Sims) It shouldn’t be shocking to see them getting beaten or even dead on the street.

Sims has a gruesome life to live.

If they can survive the cruel actions of their opponents, they ought to be thankful to have come home with only one eye black.

14. Zuko’s Scar

14 zukos scar sims 4 cc screenshot

We are calling all die-hard ATLA supporters, Zuko stans, and Zutara shippers!

It’s high time your Sims get their due by accepting the famous mark of our beloved Fire Lord, Zuko.

Although permanent scarring isn’t the most ideal material for Crown Prince, however, it has been the basis of Zuko’s character throughout the series.

A constant reminder that Ozail will always be ATLA’s top pimp.

This CC will leave you wanting Sims had the same kind of character development as Zuko and still looks cool with a burn mark.

13. Love Bites

13 love bites sims 4 cc

We all have bruises and bumps that we are proud to display as a symbol of our perseverance and hard work.

And then there are the bruises we try to cover up with the hope to find Cosmpolitan articles that will provide the answers we’ve been looking for.

If love bites aren’t like the sexual piercings of a vampire’s fangs as described in the YA books.

It’s like watching a confused, hungry adult of full size trying to sip an infant bottle at first.

12. Broken bones from Crash

12 bruises from crash sims 4 cc screenshot

Since TS4 does not have any functioning vehicles, there’s nothing for the Sims to sustain car crash injuries.

Of course, we play the world of fantasy with an outrageous narrative that can knock theatre productions out of the park.

It was a perfect sunny day as you Sim was waiting at her usual place for her carpool. Then suddenly, BAM!

A truck swerved, and then struck her in the face and miraculously, she managed to survive with only minor bruises to her face thanks to this CC.

If you’ve got the injuries to show for it Your boss will not make her feel guilty because she tried to fudge her way out of an early Monday shift.

11. Knees Patched Up

11 patched up knees sims 4 cc

There’s also the problem of why Sim has injured knees in the first.

Was she involved in the middle of a brawl? A taekwondo fight? Did she hit a corner of a table twice?

Do you think she’s a grumpy teenage girl during the day, but disguised as that she’s a hero in the fight against crime in the night?

There’s plenty to consider and even more to imagine with this basic set of Band-Aids. This is why it’s a fantastic CC set to own.

10. Harry Potter’s Scar

10 harry potters scars sims 4 cc

There aren’t many injuries in pop culture that have the same impact as Lightning bolt’s scar from Harry Potter.

Sober or drunk Many of the fans were not shy about getting this unique mark tattooed permanently onto their foreheads. 

You’re lucky to have no Dark Lords and Avada Kedavra spells are required for this scar to truly amaze you.

9. Scar 09

09 scar 09 sims 4 cc screenshot

While scars can highlight a small part of our life, I’m very interested in learning the reasons behind why the Sim can have their face nearly cut open.

We’ve seen some decent scars in terms of their severity however the CC of Scarlett is at a new level.

I’m only able to explain the possible source as “The Girl with a Box Cutter, who is swinging blindly at a ghost, which seems about correct.

The CC pack can be edited for intensity, as well as compatibility with adult female and male Sims.

8. Face Bandages

08 face bandages sims 4 cc

If you do not are using an option to enable the brawl Mod activated I can be able to understand the necessity for these numerous face bandages.

If you believe that bandages are everyday accessories I am sure my 10-year-old self will agree with you.

It used to be that bandaging an unintentional wound in my hands or on the side of my hand would be cool.

The 5th graders will harass you because you are an obfuscator, which can lead to real injuries appearing.

Being young and stupid comes with many advantages and also pitfalls. Don’t put that off by wearing bandages just like models on the runway!

7. Face Scars

07 face scars sims 4 cc

In the age with filters, it’s not difficult to convince someone that thousands of young influencers have perfect skin.

If they don’t have the money to pay for an on-demand derma team or even have skin-specific skincare like the Sims they’ll likely survive acne scars.

Scars on the face could be a coveted taste the skin of your Sim however, a few cuts on the lip or cheek could be more attractive than superficial beauty anytime.

6. Lightning Scars

06 lightning scars sims 4 cc screenshot

In this particular instance, this case is reminiscent of our Sims being struck by lightning for being stupid enough to venture out amid the storm.

Lightning strikes you and death is a painful option. If you survive, it could leave you an amazing wound.

Thanks to Nell the Sims can now remember the near-death experience you had with spiderweb-like marks that you can apply to the body of your Sim.

Although being a lightning bender could be an ideal outcome, however, a lightning scar could suffice for the moment.

5. Nail Scratches and Body Hickeys

05 body hickeys and nail scratches sims 4 cc

Good WooHoos as well as bad WooHoos. How can you tell the difference?

Since The Sims 2 introduced the wonderful world of WooHooing I’ve been obsessively knowing what’s going on beneath the sheets.

However, even though we have mods that allow us to watch sexually explicit moments that are uncensored but the result is the same exhausted Sims who look like they did create sparks that fly.

With all the shaking it’s physically impossible to get both Sims to just quit intact.

I hope that the next CC from Nell will make up for the gaps and provide greater satisfaction… yes.

4. Noir Stitches

04 noir stitches sims 4 cc screenshot

It’s common knowledge to say that the use of makeup is essential for Halloween.

A Joker costume that doesn’t include the famous eye-to-ear lip color is your typical sad clown for the children’s birthday celebration.

A witch’s look without a dramatic smokey eye is not an ordinary professor Minerva McGonagall and not The Wicked Witch of the West.

However, what about a Sim that has all-body Noir Stitching? No sexy introductions are required.

Make your Sim’s outfit spooky by using this CC. You’ll be the queen of the Night in the blink of an eye.

3. Cat’s Scratches

03 cats scratches sims 4 cc

Even if they suffer from mental issues and are making plans to murder under the beautiful eyes of cats, they have an army online that can outlast the nine circles of hell.

Cat owners are simply fascinated with their cats even though their affections are often expressed in uninvolved scratches.

This is what makes them ideal pets for Sims as they are creatures who have an inhumanly high tolerance to pain.

If your Sims have adopted the stray, or are in a ritual of worshipping the devil’s spawns the CC of Nell is a common appearance.

2. Scars N7

02 scars n7 sims 4 cc

A few women drool over six-pack abs, thin paper waistlines, and thigh gaps.

Some people spend their time painting their faces with concealer and make-up like it’s the Renaissance.

Some are educated enough to appreciate this CC and its rawness from beginning to finish.

Scars N7 offers 10 more variations to show you that imperfections are beautiful when you allow them to shine.

1. Mark of the Wolf

01 mark the wolf sims 4 cc screenshot

On the very top is Taraab’s Mark of the Wolf!

With a ferocious, detailed design and detail, this CC will leave you wondering how the Sim can withstand a wolf scratch that has smashed out the eye.

If you’re planning to use this trademark You’ll have to pay more than the two models included in this collection.

The savage and wicked Mark of the Wolf is inscribed as the most arguably the greatest scar CC game!