9 Sims 4 CC: Bunny Ears Accessories

You might be wondering why you would get your sim character bunny ears. Good question! 

They not only express a party-loving spirit but also have festive and friendly sentiments. 

We’ve compiled a selection of bunny ears custom content for you to choose from. 

We hope you find it to your satisfaction. 

Let’s begin!

9. Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Bunny Mask

dangerous woman sims mod 9 Sims 4 CC: Bunny Ears Accessories

These adorable bunny ears could be found under Hats. 

You can find many outfits that match this mask, so be sure to take a look. 

This page will install the mask.

8. Bow for Accessory Bunny ears

bunny ears 9 Sims 4 CC: Bunny Ears Accessories

Jennisims, the amazing creator of this one, brought it to you. 

You can download this page. 

7. Fluffy Bunny Ears

fluffy bunny ears 9 Sims 4 CC: Bunny Ears Accessories

It’s simple, but it does the job. 

For your sims ranging from teen to old, you get a pair of fluffy bunny ears. 

They come in three different colors. 

Here is your download link.

6. Bunny Ears Custom Content

bunny ears outfit 9 Sims 4 CC: Bunny Ears Accessories

This is a timeless classic

You get them ears and a matching outfit. 

To install, click here. 

5. Rabbit Ears

cheongsam sims mod 9 Sims 4 CC: Bunny Ears Accessories

This is a must-have item for fluffy lovers.

This CC was created by Wenwen, a Chinese artist.

Your cutesy instincts are triggered by the fuzzy fur around your ears.

Attraction is inexorable

It comes in one color and is part of the Cheongsam + Rabbi’s ears + High Heels pack.

Click download and give in to the temptation of getting it for your girl Sim.

4. Bunny Headband

bunny outfit sims mod 9 Sims 4 CC: Bunny Ears Accessories

The classic bunny ears.

The headband is often associated with magazines and fishnets (you know that one), but it’s adorable by itself.

It has been reincarnated many times over the years. In anime, films, TV series, you name it.

One thing is certain. It is captivating no matter where it is placed.

This particular pair of bunny ears is a huge hit due to the silky-smooth texture of the cloth and the thin, straight strips.

This part of the bunny collection was created by creator SM sims. It consists of a bunny suit, tail, removable collar, and headband. They are available in five shiny colors.

To view the download link, however, due to the artist’s settings you will need to either register or log in to your Deviantart account.

3. Bunny Ears

bunny ears lilith 9 Sims 4 CC: Bunny Ears Accessories

Baby Thumper!

This CC is adorable and innocent.

These bunny ears will make it easy to cuddle up or go clubbing. These fluffy fluffs can be accessed via the hat option.

It was created by Lilit, a custom content artist.

2. Bunny Ears 2

spring fling stuff pack 9 Sims 4 CC: Bunny Ears Accessories

These cutie-patootie bunny ears are sure to make your heart swell.

The ears were created by CC makers Deetron, Nolan, Rice, and Pixelated from the Spring Fling Stuff pack.

You can choose from 20 festive colors, including bright colors such as yellow, hot pink, or orange.

You can also find it in the bracelet option. This CC allows for an additional accessory to your head. 

1. Art Rave Headband

art rave headband 9 Sims 4 CC: Bunny Ears Accessories

He is charming and artistic, but still cute. Bunny ears are a must-have.

This custom item has a futuristic, geometric feel thanks to Leah Lillith’s geometric approach.

You can choose from 4 different metallic colors and it fits in the glasses slot. If you are looking to be more Avant-Gard, you can add accessories.

We all seem to agree that this is something Lady Gaga would have worn at one time.

We’re at the end of this list. Be sure to visit more custom content about cattails. Enjoy your modding, simmers.

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