Sims 4 Willow Creek: Your Favorite World

Searching for an ideal location to relocate your family?

Willow Creek in Sims 4 is an incredibly enchanting world to explore.

Willow Creek, a delightful addition to the base game, is one of the original worlds that was introduced alongside Oasis Springs.

Welcome aboard if you are new to the Sims 4 or if you’re eager to expand your knowledge about this beloved game.

Continue reading to discover the captivating qualities that make Willow Creek truly extraordinary!

What Is So Different About Willow Creek?

The world showcases Creole-style public spots and homes that are sure to capture your heart.

Residential and community lots are nestled along the picturesque shore, embraced by the lush plantations once owned by aristocrats.

With a total of 19 worlds to choose from, Willow Creek stands out as a beloved place to live, thanks to its stunning architecture, picturesque bayous, and abundant greenery.

There are numerous water surfaces perfect for fishing, along with a diverse array of plant species that beautifully adorn the world.

There are a total of 6 neighborhoods, including a hidden lot. Among those six, two are designated as community spaces, while the remaining four are residential areas.

A large number of houses are currently vacant. There are a limited number of empty lots available for building, with just 3 options to choose from.

However, there is a wide selection of houses available for purchase. Willow Creek is home to just four families: The Goth, The Pancake Family, BFF Household, and Spencer-Kim-Lewis Family.

Courtyard Lane

willow creek Courtyard Lane Map Sims 4 Willow Creek: Your Favorite World

Courtyard Lane offers a wide range of options to suit every budget, including luxurious homes and more affordable lots and houses.

There are a total of 5 lots, with only one currently unoccupied. The neighborhood features a charming park where one can relish the outdoors, savor delicious barbecues, and partake in delightful picnics.

Located near Foundry Cove, you’ll find a selection of budget-friendly Sims 4 houses in Willow Creek.

If you enjoy fishing, there are numerous spots available where you can indulge in your passion and even have the chance to catch some rare fish!


  • Pique Hearth: The Pancakes family resides in this luxurious home, which happens to be the most expensive in the neighborhood. This property is priced at $129,940 and features two floors. It is situated on a 30×20 residential lot.
  • Brook Bungalow: This inviting two-story home is vacant and awaiting its next chapter. The price for this property is $95,721, and the lot size is perfect for enjoying outdoor activities in the backyard, measuring 40×30.
  • Riverside Roost: A charming home up for sale, featuring two floors and a lovely area for gardening. The lot size measures 30×20 and the price is set at $41,329.
  • Rindle Rose: This charming little house is waiting for someone to make it their own. Your Sims will have plenty of space in their backyard to enjoy various activities with a 20×15 lot size. The price for it is $36,149.

Potters Splay is conveniently situated next to the canal and a park, making it an ideal empty lot for building.

The size of the lot is quite generous, providing you with ample space measuring 30×20 meters to work with.

What’s great is that it’s priced at just $2,500.

Foundry Cove

willow creek Foundry Cove Sims 4 Willow Creek: Your Favorite World

Foundry Cove offers a selection of 5 lots for your enjoyment. One is owned by a family, while the other four are available for purchase.

All available lots in Foundry Cove are priced to be accessible for new families.

So, if you’ve just finished creating a household in CAS and you’re ready to buy a house, this will probably be your first neighborhood.

There is a canal in close proximity, with three convenient spots where you can acquire Fishing skills.

Residents can also partake in gardening at the Foundry Cove Community Garden. Despite not being the most affluent neighborhood, Foundry Cove possesses a unique feature that sets it apart from others – the enchanting Sylvan Tree.

Discover a magical realm tucked away within the depths of nature – the enchanting Sylvan Glade. This hidden gem, known as the Willow Creek Sims 4 secret lot, awaits those who seek adventure and wonder.

This enchanting tree can be found near the Creek Cabana lot.


  • Garden Essence – The most expensive home in the neighborhood, and occupied by the Household of Best Friends Forever. The house is situated on a single floor and occupies a 40×30 plot of land. Its estimated value is $63,609.
  • Daisy Hovel – A charming little house that can be yours for just $16,311. The house is on a single level and has dimensions of 30×20.
  • Streamlet Single – A vacant home situated on a 20×15 lot, conveniently positioned next to a fishing canal. The price of this property is $15,875 and it features a single floor.
  • Crick Cabana is a charming, single-story house that is currently unoccupied. It is priced at $13,418, making it an affordable option for small households. The lot size measures 20×15.

Welcome to Bargain Bend, the last remaining empty lot in Foundry Cove. This spacious lot measures 30×20 and is ready for you to make it your own.

This home is priced at an affordable $2000, making it a great option for those looking to build their first home.

Pendula Views

willow creek Pendula View Garden Sims 4 Willow Creek: Your Favorite World

Pendula Views offers a total of 4 lots, with three of them being available for purchase without any restrictions.

The neighborhood has a rich historical background, which is reflected in the prices of homes here. There are two lovely green areas at Pendula View, including a garden and a playground.

The garden offers a variety of amenities for visitors to enjoy.

There is a fishing pond, areas for growing plants, and a picnic section complete with grills.

The playground is a wonderful place for children to enjoy playing on the playset, and for adults to relax and play chess.

Here are the lots:

  • Ophelia Villa is the cherished residence of the Sims’s most established family, the Goths. This historic home has been passed down through generations, housing the beloved members of the Goth family: Mortimer, Bella, Cassandra, and Alexander. The villa is situated on a 30×20 lot and boasts three floors. With a value of $250,076, it holds the distinction of being the third most expensive residence in WC.
  • Umbrage Manor: This charming home is already built and ready for you to move in. Situated on a spacious 40×30 lot, this property offers plenty of room for you to make it your own. This property is spread across two floors and is currently on the market for $157,882.
  • Park Shore: Another vacant residence in Pendula Views, situated on a 40×30 lot. The price for it is $105,336.
  • Hallow Slough, the charming empty lot nestled in the heart of the neighborhood, with its generous 30×20 dimensions. The price for this item is just $5,500, and you’ll be able to purchase it as soon as you create a family in CAS.

Sage Estates

willow creek sage Sims 4 Willow Creek: Your Favorite World

Sage Estates showcases two houses, one currently occupied and the other eagerly awaiting your arrival! Both lots are conveniently situated near the riverbank, and both homes exude an air of luxury – albeit at a higher price point.

Even though it’s a bit secluded, the Sage Estate neighborhood offers a peaceful environment to relax near the beach. The shoreline here is quite beautiful and serves as the main public area.

At this location, your Sims can collect rocks, harvestables, and enjoy some fishing. Here are some of the pricier lot names you’ll find in the Willow Creek neighborhood of Sims 4:

Here are the lots:

  • Welcome to Cypress Terrace, the residence of the Spencer-Kim-Lewis household. The mansion is situated on a 40×30 lot and boasts an impressive 3 floors. It holds the distinction of being the most expensive property in Willow Creek Sims 4, with a value of $254,137.
  • Oakenstead – The sole home currently up for sale in Sage Estates and one of the pricier options in the vicinity. The lot size is 50×50, making it the largest one in this Sims 4 world. If you’re interested, the price for it is $253,863, which is quite a substantial amount.

Magnolia Blossom Park

willow creek mag Sims 4 Willow Creek: Your Favorite World

Even though it’s just one of the community lots in Willow Creek, Magnolia Blossom Park has a neighborhood-like feel to it.

This park is incredibly spacious, measuring 50×50, making it the perfect place for everyone to come and enjoy.

At this location, your Sims have the opportunity to acquire a diverse range of skills, engage with others, gather collectibles, and enjoy various games.

This is an amazing space for enjoying outdoor activities, going on dates, and having a blast with friends and loved ones.

Here are the lots:

  • Willow Creek Archive Library! This is the perfect place for all the bookworms and knowledge seekers out there. The space is perfect for your Sims to explore and find books. It’s a 30×20 lot that offers a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Movers and Shakers Gym is conveniently situated on a 30×20 lot, offering a wide range of exercise equipment to help you sculpt and strengthen your muscles. It also offers showers to help you stay fresh after your workout.
  • The Municipal Muses Museum is a place that combines the beauty of a gallery with the educational opportunities of a learning spot. Great for individuals looking to enhance their painting abilities, enjoy a day out with someone special, or simply appreciate the beauty of art. It’s worth mentioning that you have the option to get married here! This lot is the largest in this district.
  • Blue Velvet Night Club – The perfect spot to enjoy a drink and have a great time. The nightclub is located on a 30×20 lot in Willow Creek in Sims 4. At this place, you can enhance your Mixology skill and enjoy live performances by talented artists. If you’re a music enthusiast, you can still enjoy practicing the piano even if you don’t have one at home.

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