Sims 4: Bloodline Challenge

The Bloodline Challenge is an incredibly enjoyable challenge for those of you who love playing with monarchs and rulers in The Sims 4.

If you enjoy a touch of regal excitement, such as engaging with monarchs in The Sims 4, then the Bloodline Challenge is sure to captivate you.

It’s quite simple: Your main Sim, the ruling monarch, should prioritize the utmost care and safeguarding of their crown.

In order to accomplish this, the monarch must be willing to ensure the smooth transition of power by discreetly removing any potential successors.

Oh no!

Rules of Bloodline Challenge

Bloodline Challenge rules Sims 4: Bloodline Challenge

The rules of the Bloodline Challenge are straightforward and simple. The first generation holds the position of the ruling monarch.

It is important to ensure that this ruling monarch can successfully outlive the next nine (9) generations of successors to their throne.

In each of these generations, the successors must be either a close family member who has been adopted or a biological family member.

The next generation’s successor must meet certain criteria before they reach adulthood, which is signified by the arrival or adoption of their own child (who will become the next successor).

After the current successor reaches adulthood, the original monarch (first-generation Sim) will need to either remove or move them, based on your preference.

Just Remember, While Playing Bloodline Challenge

Bloodline Challenge reme Sims 4: Bloodline Challenge

Only cheats related to death, like the cow plant, are permitted. If the first-generation monarch is unable to eliminate their successors, they can instead choose to send them elsewhere.

In addition, the administration of Youth Potions to prolong the ruler’s life is limited to the day preceding their birthday.

Just a friendly reminder, the primary objective of the Bloodline Challenge is to guarantee the survival of the monarch’s lineage for all future generations.

Basics Of Original Challenge

Bloodline Challenge 11 Sims 4: Bloodline Challenge

To learn more about the Bloodline Challenge and get all the details on its rules, including the requirements for each generation, the scoring system, penalties, and more, we recommend visiting the original source.

TayeSimmer was the creator of this challenge, having shared it on Tumblr as early as 2015.

Later, WorldsFinest13 posted it on The Sims Forum. Feel free to explore the complete post and all the details of the Bloodline Challenge right here.

Final Words

We hope you have a great time playing with the Bloodline Challenge! Feel free to keep us updated on how your game turns out!

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Simmers! Enjoy your simming adventures!

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