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Introducing the latest addition to The Sims 4 Road to Wealth Mod!

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A new addition to the collection of mods is Road to Wealth.

Created by Mod creator Xosdr, this mod brings a realistic Net Worth System to the game!

Take a look at all the fantastic features of this mod below!

Here are Some Features of The Sims 4 Road To Wealth Mod

The Road to Wealth mod will have a significant impact on the lives of our Sims, dividing them into different social classes based on their wealth and possessions.

These, along with numerous other features, are the incredible aspects of this mod!

7. Expensive New Processes

Road to Wealth mod process Sims 4: Road To Wealth Mod

With the Road to Wealth mod, you’ll notice that adopting pets and children, purchasing pet essentials, and hiring Sims for services have become pricier.

It seems likely that this is intended to mirror the actual expenses in the game.

In addition, maids, gardeners, and other service staff will now be available exclusively on weekends.

Children and Animals:

  • CHILD : §15,000
  • CAT : §500
  • DOG : §850
  • HORSE RESCUE : §3,000
  • HORSE : §8,500


  • MAID : §50 an hour & §100 up front
  • REPAIR : §125 an hour & §250 up front
  • NANNY : §175 an hour & §350 up front
  • GARDENER : §80 an hour & §125 up front
  • BUTLER : §375 an hour & §750 up front
  • REPAIR ROBOT BATUU : §135 an hour & §270 up front
  • REPAIR ROBOT : §135 an hour & §270 up front
  • ECO INSPECTOR : §375 up front
  • RANCH HAND : §150 an hour & §300 up front

6. New Stores

Road to Wealth mod store Sims 4: Road To Wealth Mod

The Road to Wealth mod has added a new level of excitement and complexity to the selling of items by introducing brand new stores in the game.

Now, instead of selling items in the inventory, our Sims have the option to conveniently sell their products through their phones and computers.

The shops are happy to buy these items, offering a fair price of 80% of the original value (though occasionally, full price is possible on certain days).

Handcrafted items, however, will continue to be sold at their original price. Introducing the latest additions to the game: the new stores!

  • Blossom & Bloom
  • Celestials
  • Farmlands
  • Polished Stones
  • Spellbound
  • The Bookmark
  • Toys & Gifts

You can also buy items from these new stores. Items are rotated daily, so keep an eye out for the perfect shop and product for Sims!

5. Changing Lot Values Is Now Possible

Road to Wealth mod lot val Sims 4: Road To Wealth Mod

We have the ability to adjust the pricing of lot prices in the game.

We have the option to set all lots to 0, x5, or x10. Looking at the image provided, the Crick Cabana residential lot has a price range of 0 to 15,000 simoleons.

It would be quite enjoyable to experiment with setting every lot to 0!

4. Active Participation Of Sims in The Activities

Road to Wealth mod acti Sims 4: Road To Wealth Mod

Discover exciting new opportunities to manage your finances and enhance your well-being with the latest updates!

Let’s talk about activities! Introducing a brand new system that can be easily accessed on our Sims’ phones.

Now they can embark on exciting adventures and explore various tasks and hobbies.

Our Sims have a wide range of activities and family-friendly options available to them, tailored to their specific age group. Here are a few of these:

  • Bungy Jumping
  • Cooking Workshop
  • Sailing
  • Aquarium
  • Bike Riding
  • Cow Cuddling
  • Horse Riding

3. Taking Loans Is Possible

Road to Wealth mod loan Sims 4: Road To Wealth Mod

Thanks to the Rod to Wealth Mod, Sims can now easily borrow money when they require additional funds.

These loans can be easily paid through either your phone or computer, functioning similarly to the loan system in The Sims 4: Discover University.

If additional loans are acquired on top of existing ones, the debt will accumulate.

Whether or not Sims are approved for loans can depend on their net worth. Here are the loans that are currently available:

  • §5,000
  • §10,000
  • §25,000
  • §50,000
  • §100,000
  • §250,000

2. Memberships For Sims

Road to Wealth mod member Sims 4: Road To Wealth Mod

Our Sims can now enjoy memberships to a variety of institutions, such as the cinema, gym, library, pool, and more.

This will give them a sense of exclusivity and enhance their experience.

With these memberships, individuals can enjoy complimentary access to various activities and take advantage of discounts for a period ranging from 7 to 14 days.

Additionally, they can even customize and adjust a unique lot trait found in lot challenges.

Memberships can be renewed, and once they are continued, Sims can enjoy additional discounts.

Our Gold Memberships are perfect for elders, offering them an incredible 25% discount.

Additionally, there is a Deluxe Membership that becomes available once you complete the Road to Wealth aspiration!

1. Sims Have Their Net Worth

Road to Wealth mod worth Sims 4: Road To Wealth Mod

With the Net Worth system introduced in this mod, our Sims can now experience different levels of wealth, from poor to wealthy, or anything in between.

The net worth is calculated per Sim, considering their current cash and property value.

The net worth of Sims is always in flux, influenced by their spending habits, earnings, and fluctuations in property value. These are the various net worth classifications of Sims:

  • POOR : between §0 and §15,000
  • LOWER CLASS : between §15,000 and §100,000
  • MIDDLE CLASS : between §100,000 and §500,000
  • UPPER CLASS : between §500,000 and §1,000,000
  • WEALTHY : §1,000,000 and higher

Our Sims have the ability to express preferences for different net worth classifications.

For instance, if someone is unhappy about their financial situation and finds themselves in the poor classification, they may experience negative moodlets.

In the world of Sims, forming friendships is a breeze when they share similar net worth, while it can be more challenging when their net worth doesn’t align.

Here are The Steps To Install The Sims 4 Road To Wealth Mod

Road to Wealth mod inst Sims 4: Road To Wealth Mod

If you’re looking to add a touch of social status to The Sims 4, the Road to Wealth mod is a great choice! To install the mod, simply follow these straightforward steps below:

  1. Feel free to check out this page to download the mod you’re looking for.
  2. After you’ve finished downloading, go ahead and extract the ZIP file and then simply paste it into your Sims 4 Mods folder.
  3. Also, it’s important to check that we’ve allowed the use of mods and custom content in our game settings.
  4. If you encounter any problems with the mod, feel free to visit the creator’s Discord channel for assistance.
  5. Don’t forget to grab any additional files and DLCs mentioned in the mod’s details to unlock extra features.

Final Words

The Road to Wealth mod is an exciting modification that can provide us with plenty of enjoyment in The Sims 4.

Our Sims can now explore the dynamic world of social status with the Net Worth System and other mod features.

They’ll get a taste of life with and without social standing! Certainly, the mod is purely for entertainment purposes.

Make sure to stay connected as we continue to post new content regularly.

Feel free to drop us a comment on this post in the comment section below!

Have a great time simming, Simmers!

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