Sims 4: Japanese Mods and CC

Hello there! my lovely otakus. Here is a list of Japanese mods and CCs.

If you’re a fan of the Japan-inspired aesthetics from the world of Mt. Komorebi, you might be interested in adding some adorable and imaginative Japanese mods and CCs to your game.

I can tell that you have a genuine interest in Japanese vibes if you’re here.

Great news! We’ve handpicked our top Japanese CC packs just for you in this post.

These Japan-inspired items will bring a delightful touch to your game, creating a cozy atmosphere that will make your Sims feel immersed in the rich Japanese culture.

Sure! Get ready to transform your Sims’ world into a captivating Japan-inspired paradise with these amazing CCs.

Deck out your Sims with stylish gear and create stunning Japanese-inspired homes that will leave you in awe.

Your game is about to reach a whole new level of awesomeness!

Here are some of the Best Sims 4 Japanese Mods and CC

15. Soba Noodles

soba Japanese mod Sims 4: Japanese Mods and CC

Soba is a well-loved noodle dish in Japan that can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

The dish is made with buckwheat noodles, soy sauce, and a variety of vegetables.

With this Soba recipe, your Sims can now enjoy a delicious bowl or two of this hearty dish.

14. Japanese Foods (Decor)

decor food Japanese mod Sims 4: Japanese Mods and CC

Japan is well-known for its exceptional eye for design, as well as the mouthwatering cuisine that can be found throughout the country.

These decorative food items allow you to bring a taste of Japan into your Sims’ homes, with steamed buns, ramen noodles, and takeout sushi.

13. Kawaii School Bags

kawaii Japanese mod Sims 4: Japanese Mods and CC

These adorable school bags are sure to make your Sim stand out in a crowd of students with their pastel colors, fluffy accessories, and sweet designs.

There are two versions of the school bags available. One comes with keychains, offering 4 different swatches to choose from.

The other version features pompoms and comes in 3 different swatches.

12. Nerikiri Wagashi

nerikiri Japanese mod Sims 4: Japanese Mods and CC

Japanese desserts are renowned for their exquisite creations that are simply delightful for tea time, like wagashi.

Wagashi is a delightful sweet treat crafted with care, using red beans and glutinous rice.

Each piece is meticulously shaped into charming forms like flowers and leaves. Indulge in the delightful flavors of Nerikiri Wagashi with this recipe from Oni!

11. Akaiwa Japanese House

Akaiwa Japanese mod Sims 4: Japanese Mods and CC

Welcome to this charming 30×20 lot featuring 2 cozy bedrooms and 1 inviting bathroom, all designed with the timeless beauty of old Japanese house aesthetics in mind.

It would fit in perfectly with the row of charming Japanese houses in Mt. Komorebi.

10. Japanese School

japanese school Japanese mod Sims 4: Japanese Mods and CC

This awesome set will add a hint of Japanese school aesthetics to your game.

The mentioned lot features cherry blossom trees, a charming pink bus, Japanese-inspired chairs and desks, and other adorable elements.

9. Cute School Bag Accessory

cute school Japanese mod Sims 4: Japanese Mods and CC

This adorable Japanese school bag comes in 5 vibrant designs, combining the timeless charm of traditional Japan with a modern twist!

We absolutely adore the charming little details and prints on the front.

8. Japanese Mask With a Dark Halloween Vibe

mask Japanese mod Sims 4: Japanese Mods and CC

Get ready to add a touch of intrigue to your Sims’ Halloween celebrations with this enigmatic mask!

This outfit is sure to catch everyone’s attention and pique their interest at the Halloween events they go to.

7. Misato Japanese House

misato Japanese mod Sims 4: Japanese Mods and CC

The Misato house, as described by its creator, Xoregardine, is a contemporary suburban home with a modern Japanese aesthetic and a touch of Scandinavian influence in its interior design.

The 20×15 Misato lot comes with 2 bedrooms.

6. Japanese Anime Artwork Collection

artwork Japanese mod Sims 4: Japanese Mods and CC

Your Sim’s room will absolutely adore this collection of Japanese-inspired artwork, trust me!

The “Stephanie Priscilla Artwork” showcases stunning posters of beloved anime characters exuding an incredible level of coolness.

5. Natsukashii Bedroom Set

natsukashii Japanese mod Sims 4: Japanese Mods and CC

This bedroom set from creator Syboulette aims to capture the nostalgic feeling, as reflected in the Japanese word “Natsukashii”.

This set includes 16 items that you can use to create your ideal nostalgic bedroom for your game!

4. Japanese Meal Recipe

j meal Japanese mod Sims 4: Japanese Mods and CC

Introducing 4 delicious meal sets for your Sims’ kitchen, straight from Japan!

Customers can savor the delicious Grilled Salmon Set, the flavorful Chicken Nanban Set, the satisfying Donkatsu Curry Set, and the comforting Udon Set.

In the details, it is mentioned that you have the option to download additional ingredients like rice and chicken meat.

3. Natsukashii Dining Set

Natsukashii dining Japanese mod Sims 4: Japanese Mods and CC

When your Sims step into a dining area adorned with the items from this set, a wave of nostalgia is sure to wash over them.

It’s like taking a trip down memory lane.

All 17 items of the set have a warm and inviting feel that captures the essence of old and traditional Japanese houses.

2. Japanese Tea Pot Set

tea Japanese mod Sims 4: Japanese Mods and CC

Take a look at this genuine Japanese tea set that has a truly authentic appearance.

Every item is made from a variety of materials and has a texture that looks incredibly lifelike.

There is a wide selection of 10 swatches available for you to choose from.

1. Japanese Bedroom

bedroom Japanese mod Sims 4: Japanese Mods and CC

Sims41ife created two versions of the set for this Patreon launch: a straightforward, rustic design and a vibrant, adorable one.

Experience the comfort of a Japanese bed and let your sims have a peaceful night’s sleep!

Final Words

Finally, we reach the end of this blog.

I hope you found my recommendations worthy of your time.

Hahaha, just kidding, I know you all love my blogs.

I’ve already collected a fantastic selection of mods for The Sims 4, created by a diverse group of talented developers and creators, which you have already read by now.

Using these Japanese mods adds an extra layer of fun to your gameplay and enhances the overall experience of playing The Sims 4.

This article offers players a range of Japanese mods and CC to help them infuse their Sims’ homes and characters with a touch of Japan.

Proper credit is given to the original developer for all Japanese mods.

Do let me know about more Japanese mods and CC that you liked while simming in the comment section below.

Till then, enjoy your time simming!!

Happy simming!!

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