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29 Best Asian CC & Mods for The Sims 4

Make your sim Asian!

Sims are loved by many Asians. These mods will help transform your Sim’s life to be as Asian-inspired as possible. 

You will find everything Asian, from the skin to decor to outfits to shoe furnishings.

These Mods Will Allow You to Get Ahead Of The Curves of Asian Lifestyle Style.

29. S-Club WMLL ASIAN Skintones3.0 ALL AGE

S Club WMLL ASIAN Skintones3.0 ALL AGE

The Asians are slightly more diverse than the rest of us. There are many skin tones in Asia. This mod will show you five skin tones. This will let you choose the right color for you.

28. PS BB Skin Asian Mask:

PS BB Skin Asian Mask

These shades are also suitable for Asian commodities. You can choose from seven different colors so that everyone has the option to pick.

27. R Skin 8 – FEMALE – ASIAN:


This new style of skin is for Asian girls, youth, and adults. There are many shades available, so everyone can choose the one they prefer. It works well with other game features.

26. Luca’s Asian Skin Mask:

Lucas Asian Skin Mask

Radiant Luca skin is universally applicable for men and women. It is also suitable for children and the elderly. There are eight different versions.

25. S-Club WMLL TS4 Asian Facemask1.0:

S Club WMLL TS4 Asian Facemask1.0

These are the foundations of Asian skin tones. It is important to choose the right one so that you can make alterations later. 

This facemask is ideal for anyone who wants to get a tattoo, do face painting, or pierce their faces later.

24. ASIAN Skintones2.0 ALL-AGE by S-Club:

ASIAN Skintones2.0 ALL AGE by S Club

This skin can be used for any type of Asian skin tone. These skins are adorable and very detailed. The skin’s details are more than in any previous version. This skin has very thin eyelids.

23. Toddler Skin 2-Asian Version:

Toddler Skin 2 Asian Version

This is the perfect skin for toddlers. There are many colors available so that everyone can choose the right one. 

This skin isn’t transparent and will not blend well with the Sims’ base colors.

22. S-Club WMLL NS Skintones: Asian H.S.S.:

S Club WMLL NS SkintoneS Asian H.S.S.

This mod will have a different Asian skin value. These skins are unisex, so they will work on both male and female Sims. 

It can be used on children, toddlers, and the elderly. There are six options depending on how old you want your skin to be.

21. FIT Skin Asian:

FIT Skin Asian

This is the Asian Sim skin. This is a popular choice for women. It is very attractive and glossy. 

You can choose from 15 different colors, so you have the freedom to play around with them all.

20. S-Club WMLL ND Skintones:

S Club WMLL ND Skintones

There are two types of this skin: one for women and one for men. It’s used to create Japanese skin tones. 

Everything is made to fit your Japanese Sim’s eyes, including the lips, eyelashes, and eyelids. If you want, you can also add make-up, tattoos, or face art later.

19. PS Noe Skin Mask Asian:

PS Noe Skin Mask Asian 1

You will have many choices for your skin with this mod. It’s unisex, and it suits every age group. 

There are eight colors available and they work well with EA mode. You can experiment with them by choosing from eight shades.

18. Children’s Skin 2-Asian:

Childrens Skin 2 Asian

These are children’s skins for Asians. They look very real. You can choose from 23 colors. You can also get a monolid. These skins won’t blend with the base colors of the game.

17. Two Asian vases:

two asian vases

These vases are very artistic and are based on Asian tradition. There are three options. 

They come in three different styles: one is blank, one has fancy peacock and flowery prints, and one has cherry blossom flowers printed.

16. R Skin 8-Male Asian:

R Skin 8 Male Asian

This Asian skin is only for men. You can choose from 23 colors. It comes in 23 different colors. It comes with a monolid. It is very detailed.

15. Beach Glow: Asian Face Skin:

Beach Glow Asian Face Skin

This is the best beach skin you can find for your Sims. It also comes with a monolid. It can be used with all of Maxi’s colors. It is possible to add any extra items later.

14. Asian Bathroom:

Asian Bathroom

This bathroom is completely Asian-inspired and has all the amenities that a traditional Asian bathroom would have. 

It has everything you would expect, from a bamboo indoor plant to a folding hand fan in Chinese style, and all the little accents that make it Asian.

13. Metal Asian Ceiling Lamp Mesh:

Metal Asian Ceiling Lamp Mesh

If you want to decorate your home in an Asian style, you will need something that is immediately recognizable as Asian. 

This ceiling lamp is an excellent example. They are sleek and elegant. They are available in five colors.

12. Asian Garden Short 2 Tea Lamp Mesh:

Asian Garden Short 2 Tea Lamp Mesh

They are very similar to the Asian-themed ceiling lamps, but they are shorter. These lamps can be placed in your garden. They are also available in five stylish colors.

11. Asian Garden Short Tea Lamp Mesh:


These lights will make it easy for someone to recognize your garden as an Asian area when they walk into it. 

Similar to the previous lamps, this one is a few feet higher than the ground. You can choose from five colors.

10. Asian Garden Tall Tea Lamp Mesh:

asian garden tall tea lamp mesh

These tea lamps, which are inspired by Asia, can be used in large gardens. They are tall and come in five colors. Your garden will look amazing if you place them in the right places.

9. East Asian Bathroom Accessories-Bath Towel:

East Asian Bathroom Accessories Bath Towel

These towel racks have towel hangers. There are three options for the design of these towels. The base is white, while the prints are black and red. 

These are Chinese traditional arts and will transport you to ancient China just by looking at them.

8. East Asian Bathroom Accessories – Folded Towel:

East Asian Bathroom Accessories – Folded Towel

These towels are identical to the ones you saw in the previous mod, but they are folded differently. You can choose from three styles. It is a beautiful example of printed Chinese art.

7. East Asian Bathroom–Plant:

East Asian Bathroom–Plant

Everyone enjoys decorating their bathroom with a particular theme. This planter pot with red flowers would be great if you want to go for an Asian theme. It’s very artistic and yet so easy.

6. East Asian Bathroom-Bathtub:

East Asian Bathroom Bathtub

This bathtub is classic Asian-inspired. The wooden base is very artistic. 

The top of the bathing tub is made from white marble, which contrasts nicely with the wooden texture.

5. East Asian Bathroom Sink:

East Asian Bathroom Sink

Another Classic Asian-style sink, this one with a wooden bottom. The wooden designs look very fancy and you can see the towels rolled up in the middle. Again, the top sink is made from white marble.

4. East Asian Bathroom-Toilet:

East Asian Bathroom Toilet

Another hit is this Asian-inspired commode. The wooden cover covers the bottom. The white marble is used for the cover and seat. A

gain, the flash is black, which creates a great color contrast.

3. Set 1 of Asian Rugs:

Set 1 of Asian Rugs

These Asian rugs are very beautiful and rich in color. There are 16 colors to choose from, and they all look vibrant. You can make your colors pop by adding a piece of furniture.

2. Asian Deco Set:

Asian Deco Set

This set of Asian decor sets is very precise and allows you to decorate your entire home with an Asian theme. 

This set includes a set of Asian wall decor, a lamp, an Asian bonsai, an Asian fan, and a spoon set.

1. Asian Deco Goodies:

Asian Deco Goodies

These Asian treats are so accurate that they resemble Asian culture. The red dragon, red-printed sofas, planter pots with bonsai trees, dreamcatchers, small statues of the temple, etc. All of them are Asian-themed.