Sims 4: A Critical Update

The Sims Team has just released another update for The Sims 4 on March 06, 2024.

This critical update addresses the bugs that Simmers have recently encountered in the game. Discover all the details in this article!

Right before the release of the newest and exciting addition to The Sims 4, the Crystal Creations stuff pack, we were lucky enough to receive two game updates in February 2024.

These updates brought significant bug fixes to the game.

In March 2024, just a week after the release of the stuff pack, the Sims Team released another update to address the critical issues reported by Simmers.

Let’s delve into all these updates in this article!

The First Update: 27/02/2024

update 1 Sims 4: A Critical Update
  • PC:
  • Mac:
  • Console: 1.87

The Update 2/27/2024 marks the latest addition to The Sims 4, following the 1.104 January update which introduced the Castle Estate and Goth Galore Kits.

The February update brought a multitude of fixes across various aspects of the game, including the base game, expansion packs, game packs, stuff packs, and kits. Here are a few of the inclusions we absolutely love:

  • Base Game: Sims will no longer be able to purchase reward traits multiple times from the Rewards Store.
  • The Sims Team has recently updated the descriptions of several breeds of cats and dogs.
  • Get Famous: The fridges that use ice and are Off the Grid will no longer consume power.
  • The Nasi Lemak now features a more precise model to showcase the dish, while the previous visual representation has been incorporated into the new recipe for Coconut Rice.
  • Home Chef Hustle: We’ve made improvements to reduce the likelihood of fires when using the ChowBella Portable Pizza Oven and ChowBella Heart Waffle Maker.

If you’d like to check out the complete list of the Update from 2/27/2024, you can find all the details right here.

The Second Update: 28/02/2024

update 2 Sims 4: A Critical Update
  • PC: 1.105.332.1020
  • Mac: 1.105.332.1220
  • Console: 1.88

Just one day after the release of the Update 2/27/2024, The Sims Team has rolled out another update that is now instantly available on PC, Mac, and Xbox.

This update addressed several bug fixes for the Base Game, specifically targeting two critical issues that were identified shortly after the February 27 update. Here are the solutions:

  • The Sims Team has resolved an issue that was preventing Sims who had reached certain skill levels, unlocked or crafted specific recipes, or written music from being able to select interactions on themselves, other Sims, and certain objects.
  • The team has addressed the issue with the cart button and made the necessary adjustments to ensure it no longer animates for longer or more frequently than intended.

You can find the details of the Update on 2/28/2024 here.

The New Critical Update: 6/03/2024

update new cri Sims 4: A Critical Update
  • PC: 1.105.345.1020
  • Mac: 1.105.345.1220
  • Console: 1.89

The latest update for March 06, 2024, addresses important fixes for the issues that many Simmers have reported during this month.

These fixes address issues with the Base Game, the For Rent expansion pack, and the recently released Crystal Creations stuff pack.

Here are a few of the most recent updates to the new game version:

  • The team has made some performance optimizations to address an issue where certain moodlets were unintentionally removed from Sims when the game loaded.
  • For Rent: Simmers will now be able to easily access the Profile Panel of another Sim after Eavesdropping on them and view any secrets that were learned about them.
  • Crystal Creations: The game has addressed a problem where the size of our Sims’ bodies would unintentionally change when they wore or removed crafted jewelry. This issue has been resolved. The issue had a greater impact on Teens, Adults, and Elders, with Young Adults experiencing minimal effects.

You can find the complete list of the Update 03/06/2024 here for your convenience.

Why Should We Get The New Critical Update?

update why Sims 4: A Critical Update

The March update is crucial for the game as it addresses all the concerns raised by our fellow Simmers.

It’s particularly beneficial if we have acquired the new Crystal Creations stuff pack.

Additionally, keeping our game up-to-date with the latest version will ensure a smoother experience by minimizing the chances of encountering any bugs in the future.

Final Words

We’ll be updating to the game version 1.105.345 ourselves very soon!

And what about you?

Did you happen to update your games as well?

If you come across any problems while playing the latest game version, please feel free to let us know in the comments.

We’re here to help! Greetings, fellow Simmers!

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