Popular Fire-Type Pokemon Is Getting a Build-a-Bear

Builderabear has announced that the next Pokemon to be made into a plush is Charizard, a Fire-type Pokemon.

The newest Pokemon plush from Build-a-Bear comes in a set with a big doll that’s already stuffed and two extras: a scarf and a hat.

Charizard has been a mainstay of the Pokemon series since its debut in Pokemon Red and Blue. It is known as the Flame Pokemon.

The fully evolved form of Charmander, Charizard, is depicted on the box art for both Pokemon Red and its remake, Pokemon FireRed.

Multiple forms of Charizard have been created throughout the series through Mega Evolution and Gigantamaxing, giving the Flame Pokemon an advantage in battle and some new looks.

Charizard is a glass cannon, but strong Rock and Water Pokemon can take it down.

Even so, Charizard is one of the best Fire-type Pokemon of all time because of its fast speed and strong special attacks, as well as its unique look.

With the help of Build-a-Bear, Charizard can be obtained in the real world in addition to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. As Build-a-Bear said, the new Charizard plush doll can now be bought online for $115.

This price includes both the $95 pre-stuffed Charizard plush and a $20 batch of accessories. There is a brown aviator hat and a red scarf with a Poke Ball design that come with the doll.

You can take them off and put them on other plush dolls if you want to. It’s not perfect, though, this Build-a-Bear Charizard plush.

Because it is only available online, it can only be bought online and cannot be picked up in-store or stuffed in-store.

New Charizard Plush Available Online At Build-A-Bear

Also, because the Charizard plush is so big, it needs extra packaging and costs that Pokemon fans should think about.

Build-a-Bear said that the Charizard plush costs an extra $30 for FedEx express service and up to $41 for next-day service.

For Build-a-Bear fans who want to buy a Charizard plush, the Economy delivery option is also unavailable. Build-a-Bear’s Charizard plush came out just a few months after Mudkip’s plush, which is still for sale at a lower price of $52.65 at the time of this writing.

The Charizard plush doesn’t have a sound chip like the Mudkip does.

There are, however, some fun things coming up in February for Pokemon fans, like the new Charizard plush at Build-a-Bear and the Pokemon Presents on Pokemon Day.

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