Pokemon Fan Creates Disturbing Slowpoke Tail Cake

Based on the tail of the Pokemon Slowpoke, a Pokemon fan has created a truly inspired and unsettling cake.

Even though the design is very creative and surprisingly accurate, Pokemon and Slowpoke fans might feel more scared than hungry when they look at it.

A significant role in how Slowpoke acts and changes over time is played by its tail.

Slowpoke can evolve if a Shellder bites its tail, and the creature is known for fishing with its tail, which doesn’t seem to have many pain receptors because the Pokemon often doesn’t notice or reacts very slowly when its tail is bit.

This cake design may have been inspired by the fact that slowpoke tails have also been called a treat from time to time.

Pokemon fan and baker miscellaneousmao shared a short video showing how to make and serve the Slowpoke tail cake, which made other Pokemon fans laugh and cringe.

The finished cake is shown first, with a white center that looks like the tail’s bone shown when the fan cuts it open.

Despite lacking the rest of the Pokemon, the pink design and white tip are strikingly similar to Slowpoke.

Turning Slowpoke’s Tail into a Pokemon Roll Cake

Within the video, the fan shows how the Slowpoke cake was put together. The “bone” in the center of the cake was a tube of frozen whipped cream frosting.

Later, a thick layer of cake crumbs was put on top of the frosting. Later, icing was put on a second piece of pink cake.

A roll cake is created by placing the pink frosting in the center and rolling the frozen cake over it.

Making the video complete, Miscellaneousmao cuts off the tail’s end and decorates it with whipped cream and sprinkles.

Slowpoke and Pokemon fans responding to the post’s comments said they found the design both funny and creepy.

Some fans joked that the cake would cost a million Pokedollars, which is a reference to a character in Pokemon Gold and Silver who sells a real Slowpoke tail.

Multiple games have talked about eating Slowpoke tails, but thankfully, Pokemon lore also says that Slowpoke can grow their tails back and that taking them off doesn’t hurt them.

To be fair, the harsh reactions of fans to a cake that only looks like an edible Slowpoke tail show that many players would not want to take and eat a Slowpoke’s tail, even if it is said to be tasty.

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