10 Best Minecraft Star Wars Mods

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Minecraft is just as important as ever. 

With thousands of players playing each day, it’s appropriate to create an article on mods that are some of the best Minecraft Star Wars mods which users can download, and utilize to add some spice to your game.

One of the most beautiful aspects that I love about Minecraft is that virtually every mod appears to be a good fit for the game.

Minecraft is a place in which you can design according to your desires whatever that could be. Star Wars is one of the fandoms which deserves to be a focus here!

Trust me when I say that I’d like to compile a list of mods you can combine with KOTOR, but there’s just not enough of them (yet). 

I had hoped to stumble across some innovative mods that could transform this game into a replica of KOTOR however, no one has ever done this.

If anyone is reading this and is skilled we need, then please send us KoTOR Minecraft. An unintentional Internet stranger would greatly appreciate it.

10. Starfall

starfall mod 10 Best Minecraft Star Wars Mods

It adds a variety of new blocks to the game. All of them are mechanical and similar to the stuff you would typically see on The Star Wars universe.

From the glowing panels that make up the Death Star from the light panels of the Death Star to modern floorings that the Empire always utilized and the Starfall mod lets you design your personal Star Spaceship-themed home.

Starfall allows you to build your lightsabers. However, I’d suggest staying clear of them completely. 

There are more effective ways to make custom lightsabers, which are discussed further down the list!

9. Kryptic’s Star Wars Mod

kryptic mod 10 Best Minecraft Star Wars Mods

This mod isn’t that is revolutionary.

However, it adds Sith and Jedi to the game, in addition to the possibility of building blasters, or even your awesome lightsaber. Indeed, this may not be the best method to build your lightsaber Minecraft fans.

However, it’s worth looking into just for the fact that it introduces additional mobs in the game.

The developer of the mod has also stated that he is planning to add droids as well as additional Star Wars enemies to the game, but I’m waiting for this to be implemented. Fingers crossed!

8. Imagine SW

imagine sw 10 Best Minecraft Star Wars Mods

The first roleplay mod available for Star Wars is here.

It aims to let you take on the role of your favorite characters, yet not deviate from the traditional feeling of the game. 

It’s simple, but it’s fun to play by allowing you to imagine!

7. Wandercraft

wandercraft mod 10 Best Minecraft Star Wars Mods

Watercraft offers a wealth of things in the games, including the piloting of the X-Wing as well as taking on Darth Vader himself!

It’s worth a look but could get stale over time.

But it’s guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours thanks to an additional Ten Star Wars items/weapons, four new mobs and, did I mention the X-wing Starfighters?

6. Star Wars – Galaxy’s Edge

galaxy edge mod 10 Best Minecraft Star Wars Mods

A tiny mod that adds the ability to force, space travel lightsabers, droids, and other droids.

Small but awesome Star Wars mod that will enable you to experience the excitement of the franchise, without having to boost your game too much.

5. Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Mod

skywalker saga 10 Best Minecraft Star Wars Mods

The new mobs have weapons, mobs, and vehicles as well as the capability to drive these vehicles.

The entire series is inspired by the Skywalker Saga, which means there’s material dating from the Clone Wars to the fall of the First Order!

4. Legends Mod

The Legends Mod is not technically an actual Star Wars mod per se.

But it does give you the ability to create lightsabers (shocking you might think) and blends the universe that is Star Wars with many other worlds from your favorite movies.

Get your lightsaber out Put in your Iron Man suit, and take on Godzilla.

The eerie fantasy is only a small part of what you can do with Minecraft.

3. Star Wars in MC

starwars mc 10 Best Minecraft Star Wars Mods

This mod adds only some cool capabilities.

As a custom, you will have the chance to make lightsabers.

But, it makes Minecraft more compatible with that of the Star Wars universe and helps to live the adventures of the Jedi in a world that is full of creepers or zombies.

An interesting game to try to see if it works. I believe this game is a good balance of vanilla and mod-based gameplay.

2. Star Wars A Clone Wars Survival

clones survival mod 10 Best Minecraft Star Wars Mods

Clones, Jedi, Sith, and the Separatists.

This mod changes the game to transform Minecraft into the best thing you could get with The Clone Wars. Clone Wars.

If you’re a huge enthusiast of this show and are looking to recreate those adventures with Ahsoka Tano as well as Anakin Skywalker, then you’re going to be interested in this.

Lightsabers and blasters, as well as an unending battle orchestrated by the next Emperor himself.

Do you have the ability to stop the schemes by Darth Sidious and free this galaxy from the grips of evil?

1. Parzi’s Star Wars Mod

parzis mod 10 Best Minecraft Star Wars Mods

If you’re looking for one modification that can completely overhaul the entire game, then you’ll need to look at the mods of Parzi’s.

It’s a Star Wars mod that has been in existence for eternity. It was launched in the year 2015 and has been around for the last few years.

Parzi’s Star Wars Mod now has an enormous following in Patreon and is now an integral part of Minecraft’s popular culture.

It’s the standard mod in the case of Star Wars fans.

Why is this model distinctive?

The lightsabers are the most essential items, naturally.

It also adds more planets, which you can explore.

Planets also feature new creatures. Yes, many of them are mountable too.

This mod comes with Kylo Ren’s lightsaber, as well as a variety of blasters, or even unique Droids you can design!

I do not sing over the top praises of a mod and as a major Star Wars nerd, I loved playing with this mod. Make sure to check it out if you’re into Star Wars!

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