Kumarba Kids’ Anime Begins in April

On Saturday, the staff announced that the television anime based on the Kumarba Kids will debut on TV Tokyo and other channels on April 6.

The anime will be broadcast as part of the Eeny Meeny Miney Mo program on Saturdays at 7:00 a.m.
The cast from the YouTube channel will be returning to play their roles in the anime.

This includes Fairouz Ai as Kumarba, Mai Satō as Tabris, Honoka Inoue as Nekorun, and Picchorina as Bagurin.

Shōichirō Hiwatashi, the representative director of Kumarba Inc., serves as the director and producer of the television anime, and is also recognized for the original work.

Kumarba Kids: Team

Creative House Pocket is in charge of producing the animation for Kumarba Kids. Kōki Hashimoto, known for his work on Bōken Tairiku Ania Kingdom and A Galaxy Next Door episode scripts, is in charge of writing and supervising the series scripts for Kumarba Kids.

Kumarba Kids 1 Kumarba Kids' Anime Begins in April

Kotaro Sakamoto is acknowledged for his role as scenario coordinator.

Chika Sekine holds the position of creative director. Yuka Kawashima is known for her work in motion capture. Rei Yanagisawa serves as the assistant producer. Mikirō Tsuchimoto, the marketing producer.

The Kumarba YouTube channel was established in 2019, focusing on the escapades of the five-year-old video-loving bear Kumarba, and his companion, the squirrel-themed tablet Tabris.

Kumarba is accompanied by his friend Nekorun, along with the Internet-dwelling virus Bagurin.

The anime will feature Kumarba and Tabris battling against Bagurin, who is causing chaos in the online world. It will be an action-comedy.

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