Insomniac Issues Warning After Releasing Spider-Man 2 Update

An all-new update for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was released by Insomniac Games, but fans should be careful after downloading it.

Many fans were let down when Spider-Man 2 came out last year because there wasn’t a proper New Game+ mode in the game.

The open world super hero game has finally received the feature that Insomniac was quick to promise was on the way.

Download the most recent Spider-Man 2 game update right now. An enormous update has added New Game+, Mission Replay, and many other features that should make die-hard Spider-Man fans want to play the game again.

However, after downloading Spider-Man 2, players will need to take care.

A warning was sent to players by Insomniac Games soon after the Spider-Man 2 update went live. A game development menu appears to have been made available to players by the new update.

If you use that menu, it could mess up your saves and Spider-Man 2 trophy progress.

Insomniac said in a tweet warning players about the situation, “There is no risk associated with playing the game as intended.” The development game works will be removed by a hotfix, but it’s not clear when it will be made available to everyone.

Spider-Man 2 Update Accidentally Adds Development Game Menu

Most Spider-Man 2 players won’t need to worry about this, but they should all take care not to mess with the development game menu in the interim.

With the most recent Spider-Man 2 update, players who play the game as intended will be able to enjoy all the major new features added, such as New Game+, Mission Replay, new suit and gadget styles, a higher level cap, and more.

While many fans will be pleased to see Spider-Man 2 receive such a substantial update, others may be waiting for the game to receive a proper DLC expansion, much like the first game.

There is evidence to suggest that Spider-Man 2 DLC is in the works, but nothing official has been said at the time of writing.

There is also evidence to suggest that something more substantial is in development as well in the mean time.

The Insomniac Games ransomware leak suggests that a Venom video game might be in the works. Fans should keep in mind that this project hasn’t been officially announced at the time of writing, but it is expected to be smaller and more like Miles Morales.

For the time being, fans of Insomniac’s Marvel video games universe can enjoy all the new content that was added in the most recent update.

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