How to Make Money in Sims 4 Without Cheats?

Money, or Simoleons, as it’s known in The Sims 4, is crucial for ensuring a productive life for your fictional families.

Players have restrictions on building, decor, skill-building items, food, and more if they don’t have it.

Although there are numerous shortcuts to bypass this inconvenience swiftly, there are plenty of legitimate methods to earn money without resorting to them.

In order to prevent the use of cheats in Sims 4, players will need to rely on more conventional methods to earn money.

Some of these activities may be quite common, like finding employment or earning income from a hobby, while others are more unconventional, such as scavenging on the beach or searching for buried treasure.

Both options are fantastic for earning some extra cash, no matter what players prefer.

Here are Some of the Best Ways To Make Money Without Cheats

10. Beachcombing Can Be Lucrative

money beach How to Make Money in Sims 4 Without Cheats?

Beachcombing is a simple method to earn some extra cash. Sims can do it without needing a beach, despite the name.

This task can be done in any location with a sandy floor texture. Just click on the ground where the sand is, and Sims will be given two options: looking for seashells or trash.

Search for seashells, and your Sim will start digging in the sand. While this method won’t make you rich overnight, spending a minute or two on it and selling the results can earn you a decent amount of Simoleons quickly in Sims 4.

9. Ask Friends For Money

money 9 How to Make Money in Sims 4 Without Cheats?

One method to earn a good amount of money is by simply requesting it, but this approach involves minimal effort.

In Sims 4, Sims can request a loan from their friends, but they need to fulfill certain requirements beforehand. In order to request money, Sims must reach a Charisma level of 7, but this will only enable them to request a small loan.

In order to request a large one, Charisma must be at its maximum level.

Sims can only request loans from their friends. While it may involve some effort, the payoff can be significant since the loans are in the thousands of dollars. One of the perks of borrowing money is that you don’t have to worry about repaying it.

8. Use Your Musical Talent

money 8 How to Make Money in Sims 4 Without Cheats?

One way to make some extra Simoleons is by having a skilled Sim entertain others.

You can achieve this with any musical instrument, such as a piano, guitar, violin, or simply singing into a microphone. Sims must perform this task in a public location where other Sims can hear them in order to earn tips.

This can be done anywhere, including in a front yard, but ideally, players will want to focus on public lots with at least five or six other Sims around.

A great spot for performing is at Waterside Warble in San Myshuno, where you can find a busking setup near the food stalls. The tip amount may not be substantial, but it’s a simple way to make money while improving a skill.

7. Stealing Money

money 7 How to Make Money in Sims 4 Without Cheats?

While not the most ethical option, stealing can result in a significant amount of Simoleons. In order to successfully acquire items, Sims must possess the kleptomaniac trait and increase their Mischief skill level.

Moreover, when attempting to take something, particularly at lower levels, it’s advisable to ensure no one is nearby to avoid getting caught and feeling embarrassed.

As you continue to develop your skill, your Sims will start by stealing smaller items and eventually progress to larger, more valuable objects such as a grand piano.

6. Search for Collectibles

money 6 How to Make Money in Sims 4 Without Cheats?

Just like beachcombing, searching for collectibles in Sims 4 requires the Sim to dig through the dirt and various terrain to discover various objects that can be sold.

In order to accomplish this task, Sims must locate particular rocks or dirt mounds that trigger it. You can find them scattered all over, but the park in Oasis Springs is a great spot to find a good number of them.

One important detail to consider with this option is that Sims will discover capsules with a predetermined value.

You have the option to sell them as they are or open them, but keep in mind that opening them may impact their value.

5. Try Fishing To Earn Money

money 5 How to Make Money in Sims 4 Without Cheats?

While it’s not exactly like earning passive income from book royalties, Sims in Sims 4 will continue fishing as long as they are left to do so.

Players can let their Sim fish for a while and earn a good amount of Simoleons. Just keep in mind that catching fish may be more challenging for the Sim if their level is lower.

In addition, Sims might catch items other than fish from time to time. If players are willing to let their Sim idle for a while, they can earn a decent amount of money quite fast.

4. Use Computer To Make Money Online

money 4 How to Make Money in Sims 4 Without Cheats?

Another great and simple way to earn some extra money is by using a computer. Players can make money by engaging in different activities on the computer in Sims, but writing a book is highly suggested.

Once the Sim finishes writing the book, they can publish it by placing it in the mailbox. After completing this step, they will start earning daily royalties for their work.

The amounts will vary, but it is a great choice for generating passive income. As a Sim’s skill level increases, the quality of their books and their earnings will also improve.

Another great choice for Sims who excel at video games is participating in competitive gaming competitions.

Finishing above third place will result in a payout, and Sims who have reached the maximum skill level in gaming tend to consistently achieve this.

3. Pursue Odd Jobs

money 3 How to Make Money in Sims 4 Without Cheats?

In contrast to full careers in Sims 4, odd jobs are single tasks that a Sim can do for a day to earn extra cash.

To locate them, simply navigate to the business app on your phone, where you will find a list of available odd jobs.

Every now and then, they may request certain skills and mention that excelling in those skills will lead to better performance and more earnings for the Sim.

Having the necessary qualifications for the job will lead to improved performance and higher pay. Make sure to carefully review the requirements for each posting.

2. Try Selling Your Painting Masterpiece

money 2 How to Make Money in Sims 4 Without Cheats?

Painting is a great way to make money through Sims’ hobbies, and it’s also quite enjoyable. It may take a while for Sims to finish a painting, but you can enjoy watching their progress as they create their masterpieces.

In order to start painting, Sims must locate an easel and begin the action. Keep in mind that there will be a starting cost to kick off the painting process.

It doesn’t really matter what Sims paint; the selling price of their painting is influenced by their skill level. From time to time, Sims will craft a Masterpiece that can be sold for a significant amount to collectors.

1. Make Your Career

1 How to Make Money in Sims 4 Without Cheats?

One of the most straightforward methods to generate income is by pursuing a career. The most lucrative profession in Sims 4 is the Military career track, which can be accessed through The Sims 4 Strangerville Pack.

There are two choices available on the Military Career path, and both will yield the same payout when fully upgraded. Therefore, the decision to pursue either Grand Marshal or Sim-in-Black is entirely in the hands of the player.

Every fully developed career track will provide a substantial $422 Simoleons per hour.

Even if Sims 4 players are not interested in pursuing a Military career, all the career options are a great way to earn a steady income in the game. As they progress, they will earn more money.

Final Words

No matter what you’re aiming for in The Sims 4, it’s crucial to have a good amount of money.

Money can serve as a valuable asset for moving forward or hinder your ability to achieve goals when funds are low.

Luckily, there are several ways to earn money in Sims 4 that suit different playstyles, but some are more effective than others.

The method of making money you choose will depend on your preferred style of gameplay. These methods are known for being highly effective at generating income in the game when implemented correctly.

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