How to Make a Secret/Hidden Door in Minecraft

There could be a moment when you need to place your privacy over anything else in Minecraft

What you don’t want or need is people who can profit from your home and create a mess to find a place to keep your belongings or base. 

This is why a hidden door could be useful to ensure that finding such a crucial location isn’t an issue. 

In this article, we will discuss how you can create your own personal secret door from scratch and what you’ll need to build it.

Materials needed to create an unintentional door in Minecraft

Finding the right ingredients and other items necessary to build the components of this specific secret door is not straightforward unless you intend to make use of the console or the creative mode. This being said below is a list of the items you’ll need:

  1. Stone blocks
  2. Grass Blocks
  1. Redstone Torch
  1. Redstone Repeater
  1. Redstone Dust
  1. Sticky Pistons
  1. Pressure Plates

How to Make a Secret Door in Minecraft

Step 1

It’s best if you begin with clear, flat land so that you can have plenty of room to move around with your design. 

clear land minecraft How to Make a Secret/Hidden Door in Minecraft

This will allow you to get good practice as you progress to more sophisticated forms of hidden doors.

Step 2

Create two rows of pistons with sticky surfaces that are three blocks in height However, they are separated by the separation of four blocks.

sticky pistons minecraft How to Make a Secret/Hidden Door in Minecraft

Step 3

Then place stones on top of the pistons to serve as the doors for every level.

Step 4

In the next step, you’ll need to put Redstone torches at the base of each pillar. You will also need to place an unfinished stone block between each. 

redstone torches minecraft 1 How to Make a Secret/Hidden Door in Minecraft

On that stone block, you can place the dirt from Redstone. This will turn on your pistons.

Step 5

Make a small hole in the 2×6 under the pistons. Install Redstone underneath it, and then widen the sides by 2 blocks. 

This will result in expanding your Redstone dust by putting more of it on top, along with Redstone repeaters.

Step 6

The area of the hole you just made using grass blocks. You are able to place plates of pressure on the opposite side of the structure.

This will enable you to unlock your secret door.

Step 7

To keep it from being seen put stone blocks over the building in a manner that does not hinder its ability to open and close. After this is done you’ve now got your very own secret door.

Video Guide

If you’re looking for a more tangible guide to creating this hidden door idea, then check out this video:

Final Words

The process of creating secret doors isn’t always easy when you’re beginning from the beginning. 

If you have the proper tools and guidance to guide you, however, it is possible to create a fantastic entryway that is hidden out of sight from people who could do the harm to your home.

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