Minecraft Guide: Lodestone

Lodestone lets you know the location of your home because it’s an oblique block that can be used as a marker and a compass, which normally is a reference to the world’s spawn that will be pointing to the lodestone once utilized on it.

Lodestone is available in bastion fragments found in bridge chests or made yourself by placing netherite ingot into the middle of the table of crafting along with seven stone bricks chiselled.

Place the lodestone in its place and right-click it using the compass or in any of the three dimensions of Minecraft.

If you don’t have coordinates available in your area and need to pinpoint the location of your home using a locust stone, it could aid you in the end.

Making the effort to get the lodestone in place will allow you to get back to your home if you’ve lost your way.

This can be used to mark your home or mark important places if you plan to return.


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Chiselled Stone BrickChiselled Stone BrickChiselled Stone Brick

Where is Lodestone located in Minecraft?

How To Build Lodestones Minecraft 1 Minecraft Guide: Lodestone

Lodestones are available by two methods.

They can be found in the bastion remnants in bridge chests or in making one from scratch.

A particular kind of bastion could produce that is equipped with bridges and lavas flowing through them.

Although it can be difficult to locate an area with the lodestone chest and also finding ingredients for crafting isn’t that easy.

How do you make a lodestone using Minecraft?

lodestone 1 Minecraft Guide: Lodestone

You’ll need eight stone bricks with chiselled edges as well as one ingot of netherite.

To obtain netherite, you’ll require ancient pieces of debris that are from the nether.

The ancient remains can be found in groups of 1-3, between “Y” levels 8 and 22.

To extract ancient materials, it is necessary to have at least a diamond pickaxe.

Every piece of debris melts into one netherite fragment and you’ll require four to make an ingot of netherite.

There are also ancient materials in the bastion chests.

The chances are quite low since each treasure room is only 2% of chests that contains old debris.

It is better to look for underground treasures as you’ll require four pieces to create an ingot.

Once you have collected four ancient pieces of stone, head back to the furnace to make netherite pieces.

You’ll also require four gold ingots to create a netherite ingot.

Go underground in the underworld to find some silver speckled gold ore.

Take it into an oven and then take your ingots and scraps to a table for crafting.

Put all the ingredients on the grid for crafting.

The order of the grid does not need to be a factor, you will be awarded an ingot made of netherite.

The next step is to cover the ingot of netherite with chiselled stone blocks.

To make chiselled bricks from stone, melt some cobblestone in a furnace.

You will obtain the normal stone.

Set your stone on the crafting table in the form of a grid that is 2×2 to create stone bricks.

You can make slabs of these bricks, and then use them to create chiselled bricks.

Repeat this process until you’ve got eight stone bricks chiselled.

Incorporate your netherite ingot into the middle slot of the table of crafting with the chiselled stone blocks surrounding it.

After all the efforts, you’ll be given an award of a lodestone.

What can you do with the Lodestone in Minecraft?

Lodestones can be put into blocks exactly like others in Minecraft.

Because of the difficulties in creating it, you must protect the lodestone since it isn’t immune to explosions.

Set it in a place where you’d like to have a compass point and then click on the lodestone using a compass.

Compasses usually indicate your world’s spawn. However, using a compass to point to a lodestone can transform the compass into a compass which can only point at the lodestone.

They can be utilized in the three dimensions.

A compass is typically twisted and turned in the nether or at the end. However, you can also mark important points of interest such as portals, bastions or cities that have ended with lodestones.

The compass will work normally and point towards the lodestone within these dimensions.

The normal compass is constantly pointed in different directions.

The lodestone compass will be pointing back to my home portal.

If your lodestone is located in an entirely different dimension from the one you’re currently in, the compass will spin randomly until you reach the dimension the lodestone compass connects to.

How do you turn on the Lodestone?

A lodestone doesn’t require any effort to perform its function.

In the absence of a compass, it can’t do any task on its own.

Just place the stone and right-click with a compass in order to make a compass which indicates the location of the lodestone.

How can you create a Lodestone Compass in Minecraft?

The lodestones serve only one purpose, it is crucial to make use of it.

Right-click on the lodestone with the aid of a compass to create a compass for lodestones.


Although netherite tools and armour are impervious to lava and fire, the lodestones dropped aren’t impervious to lava and can burn like other items. Even the primary ingredient they require is an ingot of netherite.

A lodestone compass inside the chest will always be pointing to a lodestone, even if it’s broken.

When it is retrieved from the chest it will be updated and spin quickly in the event the lodestone it was attached to has been damaged.


Q. What is the reason why lodestones are so scarce?

It would be great if they were more widespread or less difficult to find. However, their lack of availability makes them a crucial block, and the locations you put them in should ensure security more than anything.

It can cause you to desire to build more of them since losing a lodestone is equivalent to losing a lot on time, and also progress.

Q. Are you able to put several lodestones?

A compass points only to one stone at a time.

There is a possibility of having multiple compasses that point to various lodestones.

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