GTA 6 Cameos Could Be Double-Edged

Grand Theft Auto 6 has well and truly established itself as one of, if not the most anticipated game of all time, with its first trailer now out and still breaking viewership records.

For many long-time GTA fans, Grand Theft Auto 6 is already the dream come true.

It’s the first time since GTA: Vice City Stories on the PSP in 2006 that players can go back to Vice City. Hopefully, that will only get better over the next year or so.

Although there hasn’t been a lot of information officially released about Grand Theft Auto 6, it looks like it will be the best game Rockstar has ever made in terms of gameplay, story, and technical brilliance.

And since GTA 6 is supposed to be the biggest and best entry yet, some fans also want to see some classic characters make a comeback, though in the long run, that could be a bit of a catch-22.

Past Series Cameos In Grand Theft Auto 6 Could Be a Mixed Bag

Grand Theft Auto 6’s Setting Paves the Way for Franchise Cameos

In the past, the Grand Theft Auto series has more than dabbled in cameos, and Grand Theft Auto 5 in particular helped set the stage for GTA 6.

Players can find cameos and references to countless previous games in GTA 5, from a not-so-subtle nod to Niko Bellic from GTA 4 during the first heist, to multiple name-drops to various franchise characters, to full-on cameos of long-running series like DJ Lazlow.

Almost as much as the setting of GTA 6, GTA 5 has paved the way for character cameos in that game.

Many players are anticipating to see plenty of references to the 2002 classic GTA: Vice City with GTA 6 taking players back to the fan-favorite setting of Vice City.

There are plenty of old Vice City faces who could make an appearance, with Tommy Vercetti being the most likely candidate for a cameo.

While references to specific map locations and world-building plot points are pretty much guaranteed to be included in Grand Theft Auto 6, it’s character cameos that many fans want to see.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City characters could also show up in GTA 6, though. The setting of GTA 6 could be a hub for the whole US criminal underworld, attracting all kinds of shady characters from the game’s long history if Vice City is anything like its 2002 counterpart.

A lot of classic characters can’t be in GTA 6 because they are too old, but most of the main characters from GTA 5 could be there.

Rockstar May Want to Keep GTA 6’s Focus on The Now

Cameos can, however, be one of the best forms of fan service, but they can also be a simple way to turn off new viewers.

If you add a lot of cameos to Grand Theft Auto 6’s story, a new player might feel like they’re missing out on a lot of the game’s story and world-building.

If cameos are used too much, they might take away from GTA 6’s main characters and their new story. Cameos are acceptable in side missions, but Rockstar is likely to want to keep GTA 6’s main story focused on its two main protagonists and their own stories.

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