Are Gon and Killua Gay in Hunter x Hunter?

I’m convinced. Killua is gay due to the reason, Gon. But it doesn’t mean that he is actually gay and he should be aware. I’m tired of people saying this. 

This is a tactic that uses microaggression to make people feel humiliated or ridiculed.

Killua is similar to “Cut it out stupid, it’s embarrassing” all the time when people praise him.

Most well-known is the most well-known line “Gon, you are, light”

Then, another episode continues to confirm the claim that “And it’s true that I’d like to remain with you always …”

If you’re looking to remain with someone, what should you do? You sign an agreement and place the ring on it. If this occurs, or both they claim to be more than just best friends, then there’s no “if” anymore.

I believe Gon is exploring or inquiring if I understand this subtitle accurately “I think it’s fun to be with you” while sitting around the campfire with Killua. Confessions can be quite strong and loud at night.

He has never stated in detail his complete plans to Killua or other individuals which is why it’s too early to assume that Gon is gay. 

But here’s the truth. He had planned to stay in with Killua, not Leorio and not Kurapika, not the other hunters he saw in the hunter’s exam. 

He was impressed with Killua. He liked him. It clicked. It wasn’t for pity. It was just out of curiosity to be in a relationship.

However, before you jump into thinking that Gon is blind… He’s not. It’s ironic to recognize that Killua is having deeply romantic feelings towards the other more often than, even the fact that Gon is more open and expressive. 

The impression we get is very different. Because of his nature of being clear, we don’t get any proof of his romantic feelings, except when he expresses them explicitly. 

Killua is often shocked when he puts his faith in his words as if that he doesn’t believe the words are being said however it’s not as if Gon is planning to lie on crucial occasions.

I’ve discovered from a BL-Slice life comic (A Matter of Death and Life) that there are gods who can reveal an individual’s emotions in the most detailed way. However, it’s different when it comes to gods. Gods can obscure their eyes and block their eyes from reading until they can’t suppress it anymore. 

In a rational way, we can conclude it as if Killua had expressed his feelings enough about Gon. However, Gon is distinct. It’s not because he’s blind, but he’s trying to determine the extent of his passion for Killua and doesn’t care about what others think this is the case.

It is evident from Palm’s relationship, Gon is overmature enough to be able to discern the pitfalls of the course of a relationship. He is in love with Killua. He doesn’t think the same way about Palm. He has stated that he enjoys being with him. 

Whatever brings them together, it’s like it is a dream to be in a relationship and he’d tell everyone that he’s his favorite friend. If they break up in the end, it’s like an emotional time to accept the fact that they won’t remain together all the moments. 

It’s not the typical shonen type of story where you’re required to accept friendship between boys in its current form. Consider it as a way in which they build their relationship rather than a normal boyxboy friendship that doesn’t have a chance to marry even with all those clues.

But that if Gon is actually expressing his joy with someone, he’ll surely scream about it. He may even condemn the Earth as if it was something like the way he felt about Kite should he ever lose his best friend. 

Gon will probably be panned, not gay. It’s only that Gon isn’t really open-minded, as is evident from a date with Palm.

It could be one of the very first canonical mainstream LGBTQIA romance-shonen manga that I had not realized when I was an infant. Below is a source of the evidence.



Greed Island is for me, the arc that sets the basis of Killua and Gon’s love affair. In this arc, we see the more Killua thinks about, how he’s fortunate to meet Gon and how he is extremely thankful. 

Gon’s character in this episode is also very loving and always trying to reassure Killua about his status in the same place as Gon. 

In the same way, the scene where Killua considers “You’ve got it backward, Gon, I’m the one that’s glad I met you.” isn’t regarded to be subtextual. I believe it’s a way to let the reader know more about the way Killua is feeling towards Gon.

Other than this one scene, which is clear to be dismissed as being merely platonic the Greed Island arc has two additional instances within the Greed Island sequence that are interspersed with subtext.

When they are in Dorias, Killua uses Risky Dice to get cards from the machines. The first card Killua receives is known as “Rainbow Diamond”, the description of the card is “A diamond that sparkles with a variety of hues. Make a proposal with this diamond and she will surely answer “yes”.

There are three different aspects we can learn from this picture. The first is that this card is a marriage proposal card, and therefore it’s clearly romantic in its sense of nature. The second thing is that the diamond in it is a RAINBOW diamond. The third is that Killua is determined to secure the card gives it to Gon.

In essence, Togashi sat down at his desk and decided that he would draw Killua’s winning card. It was a wedding proposal card (it could have taken the form of the same card however, Togashi chose to create Killua get the marriage proposal card) with a RAINBOW diamond and made Killua give the card to his friend Gon.

Although I don’t believe the subtext is able to confirm that Killua is romantically in love with Gon, however, I do consider it a fun hint from Togashi and I’m going to offer a hint at how Killua’s feelings toward Gon are likely to change throughout this episode and the following.

“It has to be Killua” (chapter 166)

"It has to be Killua" (chapter 166)

This is a story that I’ve never heard anyone discuss at least not on Tumblr however, when I read an analysis about it, I was absolutely certain it was an intentional subtext. 

I’m basically paraphrasing the details that the article is saying & explaining, so if you require more details I would recommend you read the article.

You may recall that during their fatal dodgeball match with Razor, Killua decides to sacrifice his hands in order to ensure that Gon could utilize all of his power. 

When confronted, Killua insists that it’s nothing. Gon surprises him by stating that he was aware at all times that the injury was to save his own life.

Gon states that it’s Killua who is holding the ball and it must be Killua and that results in Killua becoming stunned and in a state of shock. 

We’ll also be talking about the adaptation of the anime for this scene, as it’s flawlessly executed and conveys exceptionally well the subtlety the second line conveys. 

If you’d like to revisit the episode, you can find this scene during episode 70. It’s important to note that in the show, we can are shown Killua not reacting to the first sentence of Gon however, he loses his composure completely as Gon speaks the second time. But why?

The meaning was unclear in the translation. The exact words he used were “Booru wo Killua ga motte-kurenai to. Killua ja nakya dame nan da.”. 

Both sentences basically mean the same thing: It must be Killua who is holding the ball. The second sentence could be translated as “If it’s not Killua, that won’t do.”

The second sentence, which is in an entirely different context, could be used to mean an entirely different message.

It is certain that Gon made use of this phrase in connection with the dodgeball game The phrase ” ~ja nakya dame nan da” can also is a way of expressing one’s emotions in Japanese. 

It’s the equivalent of “you’re the one for me”. If you search for the phrase you will find romantic songs, forum threads asking what it could translate into in English, and even posts about how to confess to someone.

The sentence is essentially drowned by romantic subtext.
Like I said before, Killua has no reaction to the first line ” Booru wa Killua ga motte-kurenai to.”

However, he loses confidence in the second and I believe this was a deliberate idea Togashi was trying to convey: this sentence is a bit more complex and clearly Killua is paying attention to it.

I’ll come back to this particular subtext in the near future since we are able to relate it to a different subtext circumstance, so please be aware of it for the moment.



This is the sad, gay story! This arc is so overloaded in its subtext and parallels, it’s causing me to lose my focus.

* Gon, you’re light. (chapter 199)

This scene is… so romantic and romantically beautiful. It’s hard to be objective about the matter, however, I truly believe that this is when Killua was in love with Gon and began to realize that he felt more than just friendship towards Gon. 

It’s Killua accepting Gon as he is and realizing that Gon is his light, and has always been his friend.

He’s the person who saved him and has always been cheerful and positive, and always comes out the best of whatever circumstance. 

In this scene Killua is able to drown himself in the light of Gon, allowing him to experience the “wow” moment of pure admiration and affection, and it’s gorgeous.

It’s vital to consider the significance of this scene into consideration. What transpired is that Killua was suffering mentally throughout the story with the fact that the only thing he does is run away was once again eluded leaving Kite to be killed by Pitou. 

The ENTIRE chapter is a literal adult totally dismantling Killua at first, with Kite’s crew slamming Killua for abandoning Kite behind, and finally Netero, Morel, and Know appearing like the icing on the cake by and telling Killua to “After all, he’s just a kid” and that he needs to get to his mommy as soon as possible.

Killua is kicking himself for escaping again and was destroyed by Kite’s team and three exceptionally strong pro hunters. His morale is soaring down the gutter at the moment. 

He is expecting Gon to be angry at his deeds of betraying Kite by running away yet again, abandoning Kite to die on his own, and then ripping Gon off from Kite. He is sure to lose Gon for recklessness.

The first thing Gon tells Killua after being passed out for God knows how long is the first thing he says to Killua is ” Thank you“.

Gon was awake and immediately calmed Killua’s anxieties: he wasn’t a loser for escaping and Gon was actually grateful for the opportunity to help him. Gon, at this point, was the only person that showed compassion and understanding towards Killua. 

Gon even goes as in saying that he’s convinced it is a fact Kite isn’t dead and they need to assist him. Right now, Gon is truly Killua’s lifeline. 

Gon is the only person who believes in him with all his heart and trusts in his choices even when Killua himself is the most doubtful of him. 

Gon is Killua’s shining bright spot at the moment, as Gon was the only person who believed in him, supported him, listened to him, and comforted him during the midst of this terrible circumstance.

How do you make someone shine with such brightness in an awful situation? 

How can one be so sure that nothing bad could take place?

Gon declaring all this will make Killua appreciate him much. Keep this in mind for it’s going to be crucial in the next subtext that I’m going to analyze as the two scenes are a perfect fit for each other, and are basically Togashi accentuating the fact that something significant happened during the time Killua sought to give Gon his love and that Gon’s feelings grew stronger.

If you don’t want to argue about it being a matter of children there is no need to use sexual connotations or a sexual act. It is all about love. Thanks to the many people I’ve come across, I have been able to describe love more clearly than ever before.

I would suggest reconsidering the question. Instead of looking at your sexuality, or their romantic attraction you should focus on their interactions and relationships and what makes them more likely to be a legitimate relationship.

Are Killua and Gon in love?

It could be a sign that they’re either in mutual interest or are not rather than establishing their identities that we will never be able to know. It’s also simpler to answer since there is numerous evidence to support this, both in manga and anime.

What do think about this? must tell us in the comments!!

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