Genshin Impact Player Notices Unusual Background Image During Wishing Animation

At the end of the game’s famous wishing animation, a Genshin Impact fan noticed an interesting detail.

Wishing, also known as pulling on a banner, is one of the main mechanics in gacha-based games that lets players try their luck at getting new characters and weapons.

The Limited Character Banner is by far the most popular banner in Genshin Impact, though there are other interesting ones as well.

It’s been about three weeks, but this banner shows off a bunch of five-star and four-star playable units.

Re-run banners, which happen every five to six updates, give players who missed the limited characters a second chance to get them.

What might be hidden at the end of Genshin Impact’s famous wishing screen animation screen? A Twitter user named aka_no_ragunaru shared a set of interesting images.

The image used for the background of this animation was taken inside the well-known tavern now named Angel’s Share, according to the post.

This tavern is located in the main city of the Mondstadt region and offers drinks and food that can be bought by speaking to an NPC named Charles.

After getting over 23,000 likes and about 2,700 retweets, the post got a lot of attention in the community.

The background of the images appears to be strikingly similar to the inside of the tavern, according to many fans.

Why HoYoverse chose to use this image as the background is a topic of heated debate among players.

A lot of people have come up with ideas, but most fans agree that it was probably just a placeholder at first and there was no particular reason to change it.

Some people have said that every time they make a wish from now on, it will make them think of Genshin Impact’s City of Freedom, which is still a lot of people’s favorite area.

Will Mondstadt Get an Expansion?

Many fans suspect that the Anemo region will be where the main story line ends for every amazing journey through the world of Teyvat.

Many trustworthy leakers have been teasing about a new Genshin Impact expansion to the north of Mondstadt for a long time.

The seventh confirmed region, Snezhnaya, is anticipated to be located north of Mondstadt, indicating that the Anemo nation will likely be linked to the Cryo region like a cat.

Although there isn’t any official word on the matter yet, the fact that HoYoverse just released a Liyue expansion makes many players think that a new part of Mondstadt might be coming out soon.

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