Is Eye of Perception Good in Genshin Impact?

The 4-star catalyst The Eye of Perception is offered in both the standard and weapon banners. This weapon appears to be ideal for your Catalyst DPS character at first glance.

To utilize this weapon effectively, however, it has some flaws of its own, much like other weapons do.

Everything there is to know about the Eye of Perception will be covered in this tutorial.

A pearl with a dark black gloss that is reputed to have the ability to penetrate the heart’s purity.

Ascension Resources

  1. 3 x Mist Veiled Lead Elixir
  2. 9 x Mist Veiled Mercury Elixir
  3. 9 x Mist Veiled Gold Elixir
  4. 4 x Mist Veiled Primo Elixir
  5. 15 x Mist Grass Pollen
  6. 18 x Mist Grass
  7. 27 x Mist Grass Wick
  8. 10 x Damaged Mask
  9. 15 x Stained Mask
  10. 18 x Ominous Mask

Stats and Skills for Eye of Perception

The basic ATK of an Eye of Perception with all levels up is 454 and the ATK substat is 55.1%.

A bolt of perception with a 240% ATK as DMG damage deal has a 50% chance of being fired during normal and charged attacks thanks to the weapon ability Echo.

This effect can happen once every 12 seconds, and the bolt can bounce four times between opponents.

Who is able to utilize the Eye of Perception?

eye of perception 5b7b Is Eye of Perception Good in Genshin Impact?

Due to its base ATK and substat, the Eye of Perception, a 4-star weapon, may deal your primary DPS a respectable amount of damage.

The weapon’s ability to increase damage also functions, although it only has a 50% chance of doing so. Let’s now look at the characters who can effectively use this weapon.


Ningguang is a Geo vision holder, and Geo doesn’t really resonate with anything, hence she isn’t recognized for her spectacular elemental reactions.

She is a fantastic DPS, though, and when properly built, her strikes are swift and deal with a lot of DMG.

The Eye of Perception is a good weapon for her because it has a good base ATK and a respectable ATK substat because of elemental skill and burst scale on ATK.

Her damage can be increased effectively using the weapon ability as well. This is a good weapon for her if you don’t have the Dodoco Tales or another weapon that can increase her damage.


Klee, the resident arsonist of Genshin Impact, destroys her adversaries with her custom-made, beautiful bombs.

She needs ATK, like Ningguang, to do the most damage. The Eye of Perception steps in at this point. Yes, she would benefit more from other weapons like Dodoco Tales or Solar Pearl.

If you weren’t present to explore the midsummer islands, though, you presumably don’t have the former because it is an event-only weapon.

The latter is a tool of BP. She has a good replacement that complements her skills in The Eye of Perception.


The Eye of Perception’s stats are respectable for a 4-star weapon. Other 4-star weapons undoubtedly perform better than it.

The ability of the weapon is one of its other shortcomings. It only deals well on higher refining levels and has a 50% probability of activating.

It does, however, serve a purpose. In many circumstances, this catalyst can serve as a stand-in, especially for characters whose primary state of choice is attacked.

All you need to know is how and for whom to use it.

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