Genshin Impact: How to Make Furniture(wood locations)

In the new housing system, here’s where to find wood and how to make furniture.

In search of a list of Genshin Impact’s wooded areas? The Serenitea Pot was added to Genshin Impact’s housing system in the 1.5 updates.

The spirit of the teapot, Tubby, guides you as you design and furnish your very own kingdom inside a magical teapot.

To make Genshin Impact furniture, you’ll need to track down specific trees and plants and gather foraging supplies.

For a detailed explanation of the Serenitea Pot’s operation, see our Genshin Impact housing guide, which also explains how to gain access to your own world.

The Cool Isle, Emerald Peak, and Floating Abode are the three locations available to you once you’ve entered the game. Tubby’s Trust Rank can be boosted here, allowing you to construct new furniture and unlock additional functions.

Every update brings additional content to the Serenitea Pot, including fish ponds in which you can raise attractive fish from throughout Teyvat, and a gardening system that lets you plant seeds and grow crops.

Here’s everything you need to know about collecting wood in Genshin Impact after the introduction of the Inazuma region.

How to make furniture in Genshin Impact?

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Each of the more than 200 different adornments you might make will raise your Trust Rank.

Participating in events and completing the Adeptal Mirror will provide you with furniture blueprints, which you can use to construct new furniture.

Before speaking with Tubby to create the furniture, you can purchase items at Realm Depot or the Teapot Traveling Salesman.

Genshin Impact wood locations

Trees can be cut down in Teyvat to obtain wood, which can be used in the construction of furniture. Hit the tree, and you’ll instantly receive the wood.

The kind of wood you get depends on the type of tree you chop down. In addition, certain trees can only be found in specific places, which further complicates matters.

The Genshin Impact wood locations are:

  1. Birchwood – Windwail Highland
  2. Cuiha wood – Starfall Valley and Bishui Plain
  3. Pinewood – Dragonspine region
  4. Sandbearer wood – Minlin and Lisha
  5. Bamboo segments – Bishui Plain
  6. Fragrant cedar wood – Starfall Valley
  7. Fir wood – Galesong Hill and Starfell Valley

Genshin Impact Inazuma Wood locations

To make furniture in Inazuma, there are various new kinds of wood to choose from. In the following places, you can find them:

  1. Yumemiru wood – Sakura trees on Narukami Island
  2. Maple wood – Narukami Island
  3. Aralia wood – Narukami Island
  4. Otogi wood – Yashiori Island

How to get dye in Genshin Impact

The dye can either be made by gathering the necessary components, or by swapping objects in the creation menu to produce the dye you want to use.

For example, sunsettias can be used for carrots for making crimson dye.

Now that you’re familiar with all of Genshin Impact’s forest areas, it’s time to start building your realm. New wood kinds may be added to Serenitea Pot in future updates, and we’ll keep you informed.

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