Genshin Impact: Best Ningguang Build

In Genshin Impact, Ningguang’s powerful DPS build is available.

The Jade Chamber, an airborne palace used by the Qixing to keep tabs on the region, was built by Ningguang and floats above Liyue.

This catalyst-wielding Geo character is ideal for scenarios in which you have a limited amount of time to deliver damage to a single target.

When it comes to wreaking havoc, Ningguang doesn’t need any help from her party members.

Ningguang’s ability to produce enormous Jade Screens, which block projectiles and deliver AoE damage, isn’t to imply she isn’t a team player, but she won’t require assistance to perform what she does best.

In spite of the fact that she can be a supporting character, Ningguang performs incredibly well when she is a DPS character.

The greatest Genshin Impact Ningguang builds for DPS and support can be found right here.


Ningguang’s damage output has significantly increased after the Genshin Impact 1.3 upgrade was released.

The good news is that your fighting style won’t have to change much, as she plays similarly to you.

In order to get the most out of Ningguang’s attacks, you should use Sparkling Scatter while holding forward, which cancels the animation of her attacks just after she fires a projectile.

Sparkling Scatter can be used as a follow-up to your usual strike to inflict a big burst of damage.

In addition to protecting Ningguang and his allies from enemy projectiles, the Jade Screen can also be employed to get a Geo damage bonus.

Ningguang’s basic combo string can be maximized by doing this first.

Because Ningguang’s maximum health affects Jade Screen’s endurance, it’s critical to use the correct Genshin Impact artefacts while crafting a build.

Artifacts that improve Ningguang’s attack, crit damage and Geo damage bonus should be sought after.

Archaic Petra’s two-piece costume is ideal for Ningguang’s Geo damage-based attacks.

The four-piece boost may be alluring, but it is only useful for a support build.

Instead, the two-piece Gladiator’s Finale set, which enhances Ningguang’s attack stat by 18%, can be used to improve her damage even more.

When it comes to weapons, we’ve narrowed it down to Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds.

You’ll be able to deal out the most damage with this weapon, but it’s not going to be available to everyone.

The four-star Royal Grimoire, with its higher crit rate, is an excellent substitute.

To build a team around Ningguang, there are only so many Geo elemental interactions in the game, making it simple.

In order to maximize Ningguang’s damage output, we’ve chosen Jean as our healer and Venti as support.

The lack of AoE damage is Ningguang’s most significant flaw.

While her single-target damage output is tremendous, she has minimal ability to deal with a large group of foes.

The composition of your squad is entirely up to you, however, if you want to maximize the benefits of elemental resonance, we strongly advise you to include at least one additional Geo character.

Genshin Impact Albedo is ideal for Ningguang’s burst strikes because he regenerates energy quickly, making him ideal for dealing more damage to a single target.

The defensive shields of Genshin Impact Zhongli complement Ningguang well, but you may not need them if the rest of your team is strong enough.


Genshin ImpactBest Ningguang Build Genshin Impact: Best Ningguang Build

Normal attack: Sparkling Scatter

  1. In a normal attack, you would use gems to deal Geo damage to your opponent.
  2. Ningguang receives one Star Jade after being struck.
  3. When you have enough stamina, you can launch a massive gem at your target, inflicting Geo damage.
  4. Additional damage will be done by Ningguang’s Star Jades, which will fire alongside the gigantic diamond.
  5. It strikes from mid-air, doing damage to foes in its route and causing AoE Geo damage when it hits the ground.

Elemental Skill: Jade Screen

Inflict AoE Geo damage on nearby opponents with a Jade Screen.

  1. As Ningguang’s maximum health increases, so do the Jade Screen’s endurance.
  2. As a geo-construct, the Jade Screen can be used to block certain attacks.
  3. The Jade Screen can only exist in one place at a given moment.

Elemental Burst: Starshatter

Ningguang amasses a large number of gems, scatters them over the battlefield, and then uses homing projectiles to take out his opponents in close proximity.

A lot of geo-damage is inflicted on the target by this strike.

With Starshatter near a Jade Screen, more gems can be fired from the Jade Screen as well.

Genshin Impact Ningguang Constellations

  1. Whenever a standard strike hits, it inflicts AoE damage instead.
  2. After breaking a Jade Shield, the cooldown timer will be reset.
  3. Only once every six seconds can this happen.
  4. The Array of Stars is Majestic, and so are you: Up to a maximum of 15, Starshatter’s level can be increased by three.
  5. The Jade is exquisite, illuminating everything beneath it: Within a 10-meter radius of an active Jade Screen, party members receive 10% less elemental damage.
  6. The Jade Screen is invincible.
  7. A maximum of 15 Grandeur be the Seven Stars can be achieved by increasing the degree of Jade Screen.
  8. When Ningguang uses Starshatter, he receives seven Star Jades.

Genshin Impact Ningguang Passive Talents

  1. Ningguang’s charged attack will not drain her stamina if she has Star Jade in her hand.
  2. Ningguang’s Jade Screen grants a 12-percent Geo damage bonus for ten seconds to any character that goes through it.
  3. A mini-map showing local mineral vein locations is shown by Trove of Marvellous Treasures.

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