Bloodborne Was PC/PS5 “At One Point” Plans

With a remaster of Until Dawn being revealed for PS5 and PC, PlayStation’s most recent State of Play has once again deeply depressed Bloodborne fans.

It’s caused a lot more pain than usual for Bloodborne fans, but some thin comments from former Game Informer and Fanbyte senior editor Imran Khan will probably hurt even more.

After PlayStation insider Lance McDonald said that a PC and PS5 port of Dreams was canceled just before it came out, a doubtful ResetEra user questioned the information and McDonald’s reputation, saying that he had said the same thing about Bloodborne a few years before.

Khan entered the conversation right away to defend them, saying that McDonald was right and that Bloodborne was “at one point in the works” for both PS5 and PC.

Bloodborne fans, let me dash your hopes once more. After dropping this bomb, Khan said it had been “literal years” since he had heard anything about the project last.

He told fans not to “hold their breath.” That fits with all the rumors and supposed hints from insiders we’ve heard over the years about a possible Bloodborne remaster.

If PlayStation has been working on a Bloodborne remaster for years, then we can only expect one of two things to happen.

Either PlayStation is working on a full remaster of Bloodborne and is waiting for the best time to release it, or, and this is the more likely scenario, PlayStation was working on one but has since scrapped it, most likely because it wants to see Bloodborne fans suffer for as long as possible.

A big part of the anger seems to come from the fact that remastering Bloodborne makes sense from both a business and a quality point of view.

It’s probably the only PS4 exclusive that would benefit the most from a remaster, unlike recent titles like The Last of Us Part 2 and the upcoming Until Dawn, and it’s almost certain to sell a billion copies thanks to its reputation.

Everybody wins, but PlayStation doesn’t seem bothered by it. It appears that Sony is more determined than ever to shut down Bloodborne fan games, as evidenced by the fact that the popular fan game Bloodborne Kart recently had to remove the Bloodborne branding after being contacted by Sony. PlayStation, why do you hate us so much?

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