Best Trippy Anime Movies and Series

One of the reasons why Japanese animation has gained immense popularity over the years is the remarkable level of creativity that animators infuse into their visuals, sound, and storytelling.

Animation is perfect for creating fantastical and imaginative narratives.

It is incredibly flexible and can be rearranged in endless configurations. The use of lines and colors can be equally effective in conveying the mood of a scene and expressing a character’s inner thoughts and feelings.

Some shows elevate the experience, captivating the viewer and immersing them in a truly mind-bending journey that will leave you questioning the nature of reality.

Join me on an adventure into the captivating world of mind-bending, trippy anime that will transport you to new dimensions.

Here are Some of the Best Trippy Anime Movies

15. Paprika

trippy anime 15 Best Trippy Anime Movies and Series

Director Satoshi Kon is renowned for his captivating films, and his presence will be prominent throughout this ranking.

However, in this particular scenario, the film Paprika revolves around a pair of researchers-turned-investigators who navigate through various dreams in their quest to apprehend a criminal who has gained control of their dream-exploring technology.

Paprika is more than just a film about dreams.

It has a warm and welcoming tone.

It may take some time to fully grasp the meaning behind what you just watched, but as time passes, the underlying stories become more apparent.

14. Tatami Galaxy

trippy anime Best Trippy Anime Movies and Series

We all desire a satisfying campus experience when starting college.

However, it seems that our expectations are not always met.

Tatami Galaxy is a show that explores the possibilities of different scenarios.

What would happen if I decided to join this club instead of that one?

What if I had asked that adorable girl out?

The unique aspect of Tatami Galaxy is how the show approaches this question.

Each episode begins with the protagonist’s college life being reset, without any explanations provided. Sure.

The art style is also unique, which enhances the show’s mesmerizing flow.

13. Rebuild of Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo

trippy anime 13 Best Trippy Anime Movies and Series

Set 14 years after the previous movie, this film completely redefines our understanding of Evangelion.

The viewer is left in awe, just like Shinji, as they witness the devastating aftermath of the Third Impact and the emergence of a new world filled with turmoil.

There are new EVA units, a massive flying EVA-powered mothership under Misato’s command, and everything seems quite perplexing.

The stunning, awe-inspiring landscapes and seamless animation, combined with the brilliant musical score by series veteran Shiro Sagisu, make for a truly delightful, albeit slightly perplexing, experience.


trippy anime 12 Best Trippy Anime Movies and Series

Set in a distant future, REDLINE tells the thrilling story of Sweet JP, a brilliant driver who fearlessly races in the galaxy’s most perilous death race.

This thrilling film is sure to captivate fans of fast-paced action and unforgettable characters.

Prepare to have your mind blown by the incredible vehicles and drivers that are both fascinating and unconventional.

The animation has a smooth and vibrant quality, with a touch of elegance.

As the speed increases, the animation becomes more intense.

As objects near the speed of light, their shapes change and the way we perceive them shifts.

It creates some incredibly surreal scenes.

11. Spirited Away

trippy anime 11 Best Trippy Anime Movies and Series

Spirited Away can be likened to a psychedelic experience, as those who have experimented with hallucinogenic substances can attest.

Throughout the film, Chihiro encounters a variety of bizarre events that are presented without explanation.

She encounters a fascinating transformation of her parents into pigs, embarks on a journey through the enchanting architecture of Yubaba’s Bathhouse, and has the unique opportunity to interact with personified embodiments of elements such as a polluted river and balls of soot.

The sheer madness and boundless imagination of these creatures and landscapes make you question if Miyazaki ever mistook edible mushrooms in the forests of Japan for something a tad more mind-altering.

10. Paranoia Agent

trippy anime 10 Best Trippy Anime Movies and Series

Satoshi Kon’s renowned work, Paranoia Agent, delves into the captivating tale of an enigmatic and seemingly elusive assailant armed with a bat, and the profound impact he has on the town he terrorizes.

Every episode has the essence of a timeless theatrical tragedy.

You know it concludes with a bat to the head. However, the events that unfold will captivate your attention throughout.

The plot is filled with numerous twists that may seem overwhelming at first, but fear not, everything gradually falls into place as the story progresses.

In works like Paprika and other creations by Kon, the boundaries between reality and fantasy, or in this case, paranoia, gradually merge until they are indistinguishable.

9. Excel Saga

trippy anime 9 Best Trippy Anime Movies and Series

Excel Saga is a well-known anime that has a unique and unconventional storyline, along with a dark sense of humor that some may find offensive.

Excel and her partner Hyatt are incredibly inept at their world-conquering job, which is quite astonishing. However, the bizarre events that occur around them are even more extraordinary.

There are Excel & Hyatt look-alikes, cute alien invaders, controversial mechas – and that’s just scratching the surface.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this show revolves around the misadventures of Pedro Domingo, an illegal immigrant from Colombia who embarks on a modern Odyssey.

It’s difficult to not empathize with this unfortunate individual, yet one cannot resist chuckling at the sheer absurdity of his predicament.


trippy anime 8 Best Trippy Anime Movies and Series

FLCL, also known as Furi Kuri, is widely recognized as one of the most mind-bending anime series out there.

This show combines a slightly fragmented storytelling style with deeply meaningful and relatable themes, like the challenges of maturing and discovering one’s own journey in life.

FLCL is a timeless tale of personal growth that lies beneath a surface of utter mayhem.

It’s an absolutely incredible journey.

7. Perfect Blue

trippy anime 7 Best Trippy Anime Movies and Series

When the term “trippy” is mentioned, many individuals envision dancing pink elephants and incredibly vibrant landscapes.

However, occasionally, an exhilarating journey can take a rather somber turn.

Perfect Blue, directed by Satoshi Kon, delves into the journey of Mima Kirigoe, a former idol, as she navigates the challenging world of acting.

As it often happens, some of her fans have concerns about the direction her career is headed – and one of them decides to take matters into their own hands.

Dealing with harassment can have a negative impact on everyone involved. However, this stalker goes above and beyond.

Their outrageous behavior defies all rational explanations, gradually pushing Mima into a state of mental instability and hopelessness.

It’s an exciting journey, but one that you’ll definitely love.

6. Serial Experiments Lain

trippy anime 6 Best Trippy Anime Movies and Series

Serial Experiments Lain left a lasting impression on me with its mind-bending visuals and thought-provoking storyline.

And, to my surprise, I was completely puzzled.

Just a heads up: this show might not be the best choice for those new to the anime genre.

Well, I’m not convinced it’s a show that appeals to long-time fans either.

It can be a bit challenging to grasp and fully appreciate on the initial attempt. Once you’re caught up in the captivating flow of the series, it’s nearly impossible to tear yourself away.

The show delves into the fascinating concept of how the Internet’s immense power can elevate humans to a near-godlike status. What implications does this have for our existence? Who are we?

If you’re looking for a show that offers thought-provoking questions and a captivating storyline, this is one you definitely shouldn’t miss.

5. Cat Soup

5 Best Trippy Anime Movies and Series

Have you ever experienced a fever that was so intense, it caused delirium?

Watching Cat Soup for the first time is quite an experience.

It’s a story about the circle of life, featuring two charming yet ruthless felines.

There are mentions of biblical references, an unreliable narration, intense yet thought-provoking violence, and overall, it gives off a sense of having experienced something profound and mind-altering.

The show aims to offer a lighthearted viewpoint on the complexities of life by following the adventures of Nyatta and his sister Nyako.

There’s so much to discover from this mysterious show. But it’s an incredible experience.

4. Tekkon Kinkreet

4 Best Trippy Anime Movies and Series

Tekkon Kinkreet is a captivating series that effortlessly hooks you with its vibrant characters and stunning backgrounds, only to deliver a gripping and heartbreaking narrative.

On one hand, the intricate backgrounds and fluid animation provide a mesmerizing experience of vibrant colors.

However, it presents a striking juxtaposition to the brutality and harshness of Treasure Town.

This combination of visual inputs and emotions is bound to overwhelm your senses.

After watching it, you’ll find yourself enthusiastically recommending this truly unforgettable experience to everyone.

3. Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

3 1 Best Trippy Anime Movies and Series

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure keeps pushing the boundaries with its eccentric characters and mind-boggling powers.

Did you find the Pillar Men to be quite peculiar in Part 2?

Just hold on until stands are introduced in Part 3.

Is Part 3’s adventure in Egypt, battling a vampire with the ability to stop time, not exciting enough for you?

Part 5’s stand-based mafia wars are sure to capture your interest.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure showcases a unique blend of unconventional battles, eccentric humor, and mind-bending poses that never fail to captivate its audience.

2. Kuuchuu Buranko

2 Best Trippy Anime Movies and Series

After watching several mind-bending anime, it might be a good idea to consult with a mental health professional to ensure your well-being.

Be cautious to avoid ending up at Irabu General Hospital.

Kuuchuu Buranko revolves around the adventures of Dr. Ichiro Irabu and his nurse Mayumi, as they assist a variety of intriguing individuals in coping with their psychological challenges. These range from self-centeredness to extreme attention to detail and even include a person who experiences inconvenient erections.

The animation in this show is absolutely mind-bending, perfectly complementing the eccentric characters and their uproarious escapades, beginning with the doctor’s trio of personalities.

It’s a fun and exciting experience.

1. Dead Leaves

1 1 Best Trippy Anime Movies and Series

If you enjoy vibrant animation, unique character design, and action-packed sequences, Dead Leaves is the perfect choice for you.

This show has a unique and mind-bending quality that takes viewers on a surreal journey into space Guantanamo. It’s hard not to be intrigued by the creator’s imaginative vision.

Retro and Pandy are amazing main characters whose dynamic holds this crazy show together, and each supporting character possesses their own unique form of madness that is impossible to look away from.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling experience filled with relentless action, edgy humor, and plenty of risqué moments in this hyper-intense series.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, anime is filled with an abundance of distinct themes and characters that contribute to their individuality and set them apart from one another.

However, there are certain shows that stand out due to their distinctiveness and, at times, peculiar nature.

Some of them feature dark themes that can mess with your mind, while others have wacky themes that resemble something straight out of a children’s cartoon show.

Whether fans are seeking a lighthearted dose of out-there comedy or a more introspective and thought-provoking experience, these mind-bending anime are among the finest options available.

They cover a wide spectrum, from humorously odd to chillingly terrifying.

No matter what shows viewers opt for, these anime give off a surreal vibe.

Do share your recommendations in the comment section below!!

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