15 Best Fire Force Characters

The Fire Force has returned, and it’s stronger than ever. The show’s more intense and action-packed segments are counterbalanced by absolute hilarity and absurdity.

The series is set to take a more serious turn after battling the numerous core infernals. And now, thanks to the new anime adaptation, it appears that we’re all on the same page!

If you’re unfamiliar with Fire Force, here’s a short primer on the Adella Burst, which is an important part of the series’ mythology. We’ll go through the top 15 Fire Force characters in this list.

15. Tamaki Kotatsu

Tamaki is a third generation whose Ignition Capacity, nicknamed Nekomata, was previously a Fire Soldier and sister of Company 1 before she was moved to Company 8 following her suspension for being an unwitting accessory to Rekka Hoshimiya’s crimes.

At the station, she works alongside Shinra and his colleagues.

Tamaki Kotatsu

This gives her a lot of flexibility. She can conjure fire and hold it close to her body to create cat paws, claws, and a tail, completing her “catgirl” appearance.

However, it seems that she still has a long way to go before she can equal her peers in battle.

14. Takehisa Hinawa

Company 8 Lieutenant and a 2nd generation who controls the strength, speed, and trajectory of the shots he fires to the point that he can transform a regular bullet’s damage output into that of a tank shell.

Through his period in the Tokyo Army, he met Maki, whom he would eventually employ into Fire Force Company 8 after he left the army, and he saw the death of his closest buddy, who had mysteriously turned into an Infernal.

Takehisa Hinawa

Takehisa uses gunpowder and the explosive nature of bullets in combat, and he can also use “magic” bullets with handguns or submachine guns.

13. Princess Hibana

Princess Hibana is the captain of Company 5 and one of the survivors of the St. Raffles Convent burn, along with Iris.

Hibana became a sadistic atheist as a result of the ordeal. This female is a third-generation pyrokinetic, and she uses her abilities to splatter flower-shaped flames all over the ground, easily destroying her foes.

Princess Hibana

Not only that, but she has the power to control the heat in another person’s body, causing them to become dizzy and collapse to the ground!

She used remote paralysis on Shinra during their first encounter, and it’s a skill worth mastering. Among the firefighters, she is unquestionably royalty.

12. Dragon

Dragon is a part of the White-assassination-focused Clad’s subdivision, the Butchers. Dragon is self-assured in his ability, believing that anyone who stands in his path would perish


This self-assurance causes him to regard himself as inhuman, merely describing himself as Dragon and even advising his enemies on how to combat him or complement their abilities during the war.

The dragon can withstand plasma blade attacks without flinching.

11. Maki Oze

A 2nd generation who served in the Tokyo military before transferring to the Special Fire Force in order to better assist others. Maki Oze is among Fire Force’s most memorable characters.

She’s a female lead, first and foremost, and she’s muscular and has served in the military. Finally, she’s one-of-a-kind! Maki creates living fireballs with her second-generation abilities.

Maki Oze

Aside from that, she has the power to manipulate flames from afar, allowing her to extinguish, consume, or drive any kind of fire away.

Although she has a gentle disposition, she may become enraged if anyone criticizes her muscular physique as unfeminine, and she is prone to respond violently.

10. The Evangelist

Evangelist was in charge of stealing children and checking them to see if they had the Adolla Burst for over a decade.

The Preacher, also recognized as the Evangelist, is the most powerful character in the Fire Force show so far.

She is the chief of the White-Clad Organization and wields sufficient strength to command her subjects to perform feats such as the Severed Universe and fly at light speed.

The Evangelist

The Evangelist’s head is crowned with two horns, giving her a supernatural look. Her collar is adorned with a Sun God symbol and a sun-like structure that appears to float behind it.

Although her true motive is uncertain, it is speculated that she intends to reenact the great tragedy.

9. Joker

The 4th Pillar’s protector is Joker, a Third Generation pyrokinetic and self-proclaimed anti-hero.

He was brought up by the assassin community Holy Sol’s Shadow under the nickname Five-Two since being dumped as an infant.

In general, Joker is a sadistic person who enjoys causing pain on others and manipulating their emotions.


He has a lot of charm and knows how to persuade people to support his cause. Since their first encounter, Joker has shown an interest in Shinra, supplying him with details about his family tragedy and occasionally assisting Company 8.

8. Sho Kusakabe

This is Shinra’s younger brother, who was believed to have perished in a burning house. The white-clad cult, on the other hand, ensured his survival by snatching him away and educating him.

She was captured by the Knights of the Ashen Flame and raised and indoctrinated by the Evangelist to carry out the figure’s scheme.

His Adolla Burst helps him to control the universe’s temperature increases as the 3rd Pillar, giving the illusion that he can stop time.

Sho Kusakabe

He finally breaks free from Haumea’s enslavement and begins looking for his brother, unwittingly betraying the party alongside Arrow.

The Kusakabe brothers are now on opposing sides in the fight for humanity’s survival.

7. Charon

A representative of the White-Clad who usually acts as Haumea’s bodyguard and has proven to be a formidable pyrokinetic in combat.

He engaged Shinra in close-quarters combat, and nothing Shinra could throw at him seemed to bother him.


Charon is a 2nd generation pyrokinetic with the ability to absorb his opponent’s firepower. This behemoth of a warrior will take more than fire kicks to bring down.

6. Akitaru Obi

He is the Battalion Captain of eight Company , and despite being one of the company’s – anti members, he is in peak human condition.

He can go from cool and optimistic to enraged in a moment. He’s also very well known that putting Infernals to rest is just a euphemism for murdering.

So he warns Company 8’s younger members not to show off their arms in public, especially when an Infernal’s family is present.

Akitaru Obi 15 Best Fire Force Characters

Akitaru is a brilliant leader who is also very humorous. People typically find these types of good guy leaders to be dull, but Obi is an exception.

He also contributes to battles despite the fact that he lacks any fire-based skills.

5. Haumea

Haumea’s sources are uncertain, but she spent much of her life serving the Evangelist and searching for those to use the Adolla Burst.

She carries a golden crown that hides her eyes, and as the 2nd Pillar, she employs her Adolla Burst, which helps her to control plasma and perceive events in the Adolla Realm.


Haumea orders the White Clad to destroy all Fire Soldiers except the Pillars after detecting Burns’ Doppelgänger manifested.

Haumea is a cunning plotter who enjoys causing havoc, and any time the heroes think they’ve cornered her, she bolts away and taunts them over her shoulder.

4. Leonard Burns

Shinra was rescued by Battalion Commander of Company 1 when his mom converted into an Infernal and kept the reality from him.

He always wears an eyepatch covering his right eye due to an Adolla Connection he had when Joker was in his ward.

When he runs into Joker later, he tells him to look into Haijima Industries for clues to the Tokyo Dynasty’s conspiracy.

Leonard Burns

However, Shinra defeats Burns, with Joker siding with the latter. He can change the heat in his body to allow for some super-powered kicks, and his extreme toughness makes him virtually invincible in battle.

He sparred with a number of trainee firefighters on the job, and with minimal effort, he sent them sprawling. He is, however, a patient, kind, and astute leader, making him a truly outstanding fiancée.

3. Benimaru Shinmon

He’s a Second and Third Generation hybrid with a fiery personality and the ability to unleash destructive firepower. He usually has a laconic grin on his face.

Benimaru Shinmon tends to be another representation of the “sulking bad boy” stereotype on the floor. A character who appears apathetic and rude on the surface but is far too powerful to be taught a lesson.

Benimaru Shinmon

However, more the time Shinmon spends on screen, the more readers realize that he is a very suitable match.

All of this adds up to Benimaru being one of Shinra’s characters so far. It’s also entertaining to watch him jump around on those poles.

2. Arthur Boyle

Arthur is an unaware third generation with king-like delusions, betrayed by his parents after their small store burned down.

Arthur’s Ignition Capacity, which enables him to create and regulate plasma, which he uses in the creation of his sword Excalibur, enabling him to slash, wield, and control electricity, is focused on his delusions.

He becomes more strong as he becomes more disconnected from reality.

Arthur Boyle

When he’s completely absorbed in his knightly identity, he’s unstoppable in battle. For the time being, Arthur is second fiddle to most of his Company 8 allies, but he’s rapidly catching up, and he might one day be a true kingly knight on the battlefield.

King Arthur, the legendary British monarch, influenced his name and skills.

1. Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra is a 2nd Class Fire Soldier who entered the Special Fire Force Agency 8 to fulfill his mission of saving lives, and he is determined to learn the cause of his family’s death, which occurred 12 years ago.

His Ignite Capacity, dubbed the Devil’s Footprints because he is a third-generation case of Spontaneous Human Combustion, helps him to produce and unleash strong continuous bursts of fire from his feet, allowing him to fly through the air.

When the Adolla Burst awoke inside him, he was able to fly at light speed while temporarily dissolving his body.

Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra learns to produce a quick and sharply focused blast of fire with his fingers with more practice.

Shinra has a disorder called nervous laughter, which causes him to smile in stressful or fearful situations, making him seem threatening, though he gradually learns to control it.

Shinra Kusakabe can be abrasive at times, but he’s usually considerate, rational, and quick-witted. Which are three characteristics that are uncommon in shonen protagonists.

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