12 Best Anime Clichés of All Time

Fans often have mixed feelings about recurring anime clichés.

Here are some of the best ones! From epic mecha battles to heartwarming romances, it’s undeniable that anime clichés have a special charm that keeps fans hooked and coming back for more!

No matter what genre or setting you choose, you can be sure that every anime you watch will have at least one of these elements making an appearance.

There are so many wonderful and cherished tropes that have stood the test of time, and fans truly adore them!!

Wow, this list has everything! From the amazing power of friendship to discovering hidden potential, it’s all here.

So, here are some of the best anime clichés.

12. Maids

Anime Cliches 12 12 Best Anime Clichés of All Time

Anime sure does love its maids! The obsession is truly unlimited.

The job involves dressing up as a French maid in a beautiful outfit and taking care of a large mansion or estate.

I think this trope is a fun way to add cuteness to an anime series, and it has also resulted in some hilarious moments.

If you use it in the right way, it can be quite enjoyable, even if it seems a bit silly.

11. The Multi-Episode Battle

11 Anime cliches 12 Best Anime Clichés of All Time

If you’re a fan of long-action anime, you’ve probably come across this trope before!

In most fighting anime episodes, they’re usually around twenty-three minutes long.

But sometimes, those exciting fight scenes that we’ve been eagerly waiting for can go beyond the episode’s duration.

They can stretch out for four, five, or even more episodes!

These exciting battles might result in the unfortunate loss of some beloved characters, but they play a crucial role in defining the show’s identity.

10. Shonen Main Characters Who Always Eat

Eat anime cliches 12 Best Anime Clichés of All Time

Shōnen protagonists are known for their big appetites, which fans love, and I love it too!

They love treating themselves to delicious meals, often enjoying hearty dishes like ramen and big cuts of meat that they adore.

Food is a really important part of anime! Characters like Denji from Chainsaw Man love trying new and delicious dishes. It’s so much fun to see them enjoy their meals!

This wonderful trope can also be found in shōnen anime, just like Sailor Moon! Usagi is such a big foodie!

It adds depth and humor to her character.

9. Person Who Always Sits By The Window

window Anime Cliches 12 Best Anime Clichés of All Time

In anime, school settings are quite common, and it’s always interesting to see the main character, who is often a transfer student, end up sitting by the window.

The beloved moments of them looking outside have become a cherished classic.

Although there are exceptions, like Deku in My Hero Academia, the window seat is a common trope in many series.

It often symbolizes a character’s longing to explore outside of the classroom.

8. Characters with a Secret

secret anime cliches 12 Best Anime Clichés of All Time

Just wanted to mention that in many gang stories, not everyone is always who they claim to be.

It’s a common plot development that keeps things interesting.

I just thought you might find that tidbit pretty cool!

However, it seems like almost every anime that showcases a big group of characters joining forces tends to rely on this cliché.

It seems like there’s a character in the story who has a secret from their past, and they’re secretly working towards a different goal or trying to find answers about their previous life that they can’t remember anymore.

7. Cute Mascots

cute anime cliches 12 Best Anime Clichés of All Time

Aww, aren’t the cute mascots in anime just the absolute best?

They have this magical ability to effortlessly steal our hearts with their undeniable adorableness!

From Pikachu, Ash’s lovable sidekick, to Straw Hat’s adorable doctor, Chopper, these animal characters are bursting with charm!

With their incredible abilities and genuinely kind personalities, these characters have captured the hearts of fans in the anime world.

They have made a lasting impact on viewers of all ages, becoming beloved figures in the process.

6. Guessing the Gender

gender anime cliches 12 Best Anime Clichés of All Time

In many series, characters with ambiguous genders always keep fans guessing!

Some things are still a mystery, which can lead to interesting debates among enthusiasts.

Others, like Hange from Attack on Titan, bravely share their non-binary identity, wonderfully challenging societal norms!

Iconic figures like Hideyoshi from Baka and Test continue to challenge traditional gender norms, and Kino from Kino’s Journey adds even more intrigue to the mix.

This fascinating trope not only showcases the wide range of identities but also sparks conversations about gender representation.

5. Characters that make you laugh

laugh anime cliches 12 Best Anime Clichés of All Time

No matter what the series is about, there’s always a character who brings humor to the table!

They provide a much-needed break, especially in those dramatic and melancholic anime moments.

These characters often become the protagonist’s best friend, bringing joy with their exaggerated expressions and actions.

Let’s talk about Inosuke from Demon Slayer! He’s got quite a wild and short-tempered personality, which makes for some hilarious clashes with Zenitsu.

It’s entertaining to watch their comedic moments together!

Comic relief characters play a crucial role in maintaining a balance between intense emotions and lighthearted moments.

4. Friendship’s strength always wins

friend anime cliches 12 Best Anime Clichés of All Time

Friendship is such a powerful force in the world of anime! It has the amazing ability to turn the tide in favor of the hero.

Even when facing setbacks, the main character finds strength in their loyal friends, which sparks a transformative journey for them.

With heartfelt speeches about friendship, they somehow find a surge of newfound strength, whether it’s through healing or power-ups, to defeat their enemy.

This trope can create some exciting and emotional moments, but it’s important to handle it with care to keep its impact intact.

3. Episodes about the beach or filler

beach anime cliches 12 Best Anime Clichés of All Time

What would anime be like if it didn’t have those fun beach episodes? It’s become quite a tradition, hasn’t it?

The beach episode is a super fun filler episode where the characters have a blast, let loose, and soak up the sun in their awesome swimsuits!

Beach episodes are usually a lot of fun! They give the show a chance to take a break from the main story and let the writers have some silly moments with the characters.

2. Weird hairstyles

hair anime cliches 12 Best Anime Clichés of All Time

In the exciting world of anime, particularly in the shonen genre, unique and eye-catching hairstyles have become a signature look for main characters and other important figures.

One anime series that perfectly represents this trend is Yu-Gi-Oh!

You can’t miss the unique and wild hairstyles of every main character.

These gravity-defying hairdos may sometimes be the subject of playful fan teasing, but they serve an important purpose.

They not only make the characters easily recognizable but also create a striking and unforgettable appearance.

1. Calling out the names of attacks

fight anime cliches 12 Best Anime Clichés of All Time

Anime fans are quite familiar with their beloved characters enthusiastically shouting out their attacks while unleashing them upon their foes.

Although it may tip off the opponent about the impending attack, the flurry of powerful fighting moves unleashed is often overwhelming, leaving the target with little chance to defend against it.

Unless, of course, the foe skillfully shouts out a defensive blocking move just in the nick of time!

Final Words

Anime cliches are just as prevalent as cliches in any other form of media, but that doesn’t mean they don’t contribute their own unique set of traditions and tropes.

Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable trend in anime series attempting to break away from the cliches established by their predecessors.

However, despite these efforts, certain cliches still manage to find their way into the shows.

Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts on my recommendations.

Additionally, please feel free to share any other anime cliches that come to mind, apart from the ones mentioned in the list.

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