15 Best Anime For Beginners to Watch in 2024

Watch it first in Japanese with subtitles if possible. You won’t overlook any adjustments that make the language challenging to grasp if you do it this way.

Second, it’s crucial to remember that this series’ artwork differs significantly from that of its contemporaries.

The fact that anime may be as young or as old as you might suppose is another fantastic aspect of it. Some children’s programming may be too violent or sexy for you.

Updated by Garima Singh, June 3rd, 2024.

But you may always watch one of the well-liked shows if you’re searching for something a little more youthful. There is an anime series for everyone, whether they are teenagers or adults.

Here is a list of 15 Best Anime For Beginners to Watch in 2024:

15. Kimetsu no Yaiba, Demon Slayer

DEMON SLAYER. 1 15 Best Anime For Beginners to Watch in 2024

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (), which has recently gained widespread popularity, will enter a new phase with the release of the first season in 2019 and the sequel film in 2020.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc, the second season of the best dark fantasy anime series, premiered in December 2021.

The majority of the season will air in the winter of 2022, hence it is included on this list.

You can observe Tanjiro’s next adventure and the emergence of a brand-new Hashira.

14. The Bizarre Adventure of Jojo (Season 5)

The bizzare Adventure of Jojo 15 Best Anime For Beginners to Watch in 2024

The new season of the anime adaptation of JoJo’s Biz Adventure manga series, which has been published since 1987, is one of the most eagerly awaited anime in 2022.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, the fifth season, will premiere in January 2022.

It was released on Netflix with 12 episodes in advance and with an extra 12 episodes in the fall.

The story is centered on Jolyne Cujoh, the protagonist’s daughter from the Stardust Crusaders, and is situated in Florida.

13. My Dress-Up Darling

Anime MyDressUpDarling 15 Best Anime For Beginners to Watch in 2024

One of the brand-new anime programs from 2022 that is growing in prominence this winter is My Dress-Up Darling.

The popular manga series, serialized on Young Gangan since 2018 by CloverWorks, served as the inspiration for the romantic comedy anime.

The relationship between a high school newbie who is passionate about making traditional Japanese Hina dolls and his classmate and heroine who enjoys cosplays is depicted in My Dress-Up Darling.

12. The Orbital Children

The Orbital Kids 15 Best Anime For Beginners to Watch in 2024

In January and February of 2022, Netflix, which is now recognized as one of the biggest platforms releasing new anime series earlier than any other outlet, debuted the highly anticipated anime The Orbital Children.

Six episodes, split into two halves, make up the sci-fi animation produced by Mitsuo Iso.

Five children are left behind aboard a space station in the 2045 novel The Orbital Children.

11. Love Is War – Ultra Romantic by Kaguya-sama (Season 3)

Love Is War Ultra Romantic by Kaguya sama 15 Best Anime For Beginners to Watch in 2024

The third season of the well-liked rom-com series Kaguya-sama: Love Is War -Ultra Romantic is one of the anime seasons with the most viewers in the spring of 2022.

This season, as well as Seasons 1 and 2, are being adapted by A-1 Pictures from the popular original manga series created by Aka Akasaka.

Kaguya and Miyuki’s love story might continue to revolve around the Culture Festival, one of the main school events.

10. Bisco, Rust-Eater

Rust Eater Bisco cover 15 Best Anime For Beginners to Watch in 2024

Rust-Eater Bisco (), a much-anticipated new anime, began airing in January 2022.

It’s classified as fantasy and adventure and is a 2018 adaptation of the popular light novel with the same name.

The setting is a post-apocalyptic world where Japan has become rusted due to the Rusty Wind.

A little boy named Bisco Akaboshi sets out on a quest to find the fabled Rust-Eater fungus.

9. Attack on titan (Final Season Part 2)

Attack on titan Final Season Part 2 15 Best Anime For Beginners to Watch in 2024

With the release of Final Season Part 2, Attack on Titan, one of the best anime series in recent memory, will conclude.

Between December 2021 and March 2021, the first half of the last season was shown.

And in January 2022, the second half got underway.

While the original manga series was wrapped up a little sooner, fans of the anime version are still left with many unanswered questions about the Titans and the major characters.

8. Spy x Family

spy x family blogroll 1656350614480 15 Best Anime For Beginners to Watch in 2024

A popular new anime series called Spy Family will debut in April 2022.

It is based on the popular manga that has been serialized on Shonen Jump+ since 2019.

Wit Studio and CloverWorks produced the well-known spy-themed comedic anime adaption.

The main characters of Spy Family are a fictitious family that includes psychic Anya Forger, master assassin Yor Forger, and veteran spy Loid Forger.

7. Shikimori Is More Than a Cute Girl

Spy x Family 15 Best Anime For Beginners to Watch in 2024

Shikimori-san, the unusual female main character in the recently launched anime series Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie looks cute and acts cooler than Izumi-Kun, the protagonist and her boyfriend.

The romantic and comedy anime is an adaptation of the 12-episode modern manga of the same name that has been serialized by Keigo Maki since 2019.

Many anime viewers warmly follow the unfortunate high schooler’s fate and Shikimori-coolly san’s calculated rescue of him.

6. Bleach

intro 1622391716 15 Best Anime For Beginners to Watch in 2024

One of the most well-known and watched modern anime series, Bleach, demonstrates progress toward the end.

Following the completion of the first 366-episode anime series in 2012, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War (BLEACH) was scheduled to begin airing in October 2022.

It depicts Ichigo Kurosaki’s ultimate battle as the story’s climax in the original manga form.

5. Overlord (Season 4)

overlord season 4 visual 15 Best Anime For Beginners to Watch in 2024

Isekai is a relatively new light novel subgenre, and Overlord, an anime adaptation of the original light novel released in 2012, is among the most well-known examples.

The most recent fourth season, which premiered in July 2022, began airing in 2015.

Like the previous three seasons, Overlord centers on Momonga, a VRMMORPG player who is transported to a different realm that resembles the virtual game environment.

4. “Salaryman’s Club”

salaryman1 15 Best Anime For Beginners to Watch in 2024

Mikoto Shiratori’s life is turned upside down after a devastating loss that results in his losing his job as a professional badminton player for a bank.

The film is equal parts sports animation and office drama.

But when he is forced to work in the sales department of another company after being hired by them, he is forced to confront his past and decide whether or not he truly wants this to be his new future.

3. Healer Girl

Healer Girl 2 15 Best Anime For Beginners to Watch in 2024

If theoretically, we were experiencing a year that at times felt endlessly dreary, one would be thankful for the existence of Healer Girl.

The original animation directed by Yasuhiro Irie (who previously helmed the legendary Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) follows three young ladies as they learn to become “voice medicine” healers.

They treat their patients’ diseases with the healing power of specifically crafted tunes.

2. Love of Kill

love of killll 15 Best Anime For Beginners to Watch in 2024

When two bounty hunters become targets, their lives become entwined, and they gradually learn that each other’s histories are more complicated than they first appear to be.

1. One-Punch Man

feature punch 2 15 Best Anime For Beginners to Watch in 2024

One Punch Man, one of the most well-known anime series, is ideal for anime newbies, especially foreign anime enthusiasts.

The manga, which debuted in 2009 and was serialized in more than 20 volumes, served as the inspiration for the action and comedy anime.

Saitama, the heroic protagonist, can defeat any foe with a single punch despite never having a cool appearance.

No matter how powerful the monsters and bad guys are, he only needs one punch to finish them off. It’s funny how he gains strength by working hard.

One Punch Man includes characters besides Saitama as well, such as his student Genos and the skilled martial artist Bang.

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