7 Best Rank 5 XYZ Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

XYZ monsters are some of the easiest monsters to call from the extra deck.

With synchro monsters, you need to have the right number of tuners and non-tuners in your main deck. With fusion monsters, you need to draw the exact fusion requirements and Polymerization!

But you only need two or more monsters of the same level to use XYZ monsters. When you put one on top of the other (or “overlay” your two materials in scientific terms), you have an XYZ monster.

Since these monsters are so easy to call up, it’s no surprise that a few of them are ridiculously strong.

We’ve looked at a lot of other rank XYZ lists, and in this one, we’ll look at the most powerful rank 5 XYZs in the game.

7. Stellarknight Constellar Diamond


Most of the time, you won’t use Diamond’s base call of three or more light monsters.

Instead, you’ll cast him by using a different tellarknight as a xyz material. Even though Diamond has xyz material, neither player can send cards from their deck to the graveyard (which is great against popular cards like Red-Eyes Fusion), and any card that comes back from the graveyard to the hand is instead banned, which can really mess up combos.

Diamond can quickly detach a material to cancel and destroy the power of a dark monster.

Even though this depends on the trait, it at least goes after the most common one in the game. We should also talk about the xyz monster “Tellarknight Ptolemaeus,” who would have been on this list if he wasn’t banned right now.

6. Dark Armed, the Dragon of Annihilation

Dark Armed the Dragon of Annihilation 7 Best Rank 5 XYZ Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Regular xyz summoning Dark Armed isn’t impossible; you just need two or more level 7 monsters.

However, he’s much easier to play if you have exactly five dark-attribute monsters in your graveyard, in which case he’ll accept any level 5 or higher dark dragon as material.

Dark Armed has a strong ATK and can detach a material once per turn to destroy an enemy card and send a card from your GY to the graveyard.

However, he can’t attack for the rest of the turn, so use him in the second main phase to avoid the penalty.

5. Number 5: Doom Chimera Dragon

05 no5 doom chimera dragon ygo card 7 Best Rank 5 XYZ Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Most of the best XYZ monsters came out during the Zexal era of Yu-Gi-Oh, but this guy just joined the XYZ card pool during Dark Neostorm.

Even though a monster with 0 attack may not seem like it’s worth the cost of two level 5 monsters, you’ll notice that Number 5 gets stronger the more XYZ materials it has.

If you use two level 5 monsters to call this guy, you’ll get a monster with 2000 attack.

And if you call three of them, you’ll get a beast with 3000 attack!

It also has a few side effects:

If this card fights during the battle phase, you have two choices.

You can either target a monster in your graveyard and use it as an XYZ material for this card, or you can target a card in your opponent’s graveyard and put it on top of their deck.

Either way, you’ll boost this card’s attack, or you can make it easy for your opponent to draw during their turn. Everyone wins.

4. Cyber Dragon Nova

04 cyber dragon nova xyz yugioh card 7 Best Rank 5 XYZ Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Many of us remember Cyber Dragons as the most powerful fusion summoning deck from Yu-Gi-Oh GX, but they now rule the world of XYZ summoning as well.

Since Cyber Dragon is itself a level 5 monster, you only need two of them to bring this card into play.

When you do that, you can remove an XYZ material from this card to special summon any Cyber Dragon monster from your graveyard, like the Cyber Dragon you just removed.

Also, if you want to do a lot of damage, you can sacrifice any other Cyber Dragon monster on your side of the field to give Cyber Dragon Nova 2100 attack, giving it the power of two Cyber Dragons in one.

Very helpful.

3. Artifact Durendal

03 artifact durendal yugioh card 7 Best Rank 5 XYZ Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Artifacts are one of the strangest types of Yu-Gi-Oh cards because they blur the line between magic and monsters (long before Pendulums did it!)

You can set Artifact monsters as spells or traps. When they are killed by your opponent’s card effects, each one has a different effect.

Artifact Durendal is a great way to make sure those effects happen by causing your opponent’s monster effects to destroy a spell or trap you control.

If you’ve got a bad hand (or if you know your opponent has a great one), you can also use this to reset both players’ hands, shuffling their hands into their decks and drawing back the same number of cards.

Full hand reset.

In a setting where hand traps are everywhere, this is a great way to fight back, and it only costs two level 5 monsters.

2. Constellar Pleiades

02 constellar pleiades ygo card 7 Best Rank 5 XYZ Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

To XYZ summon this guy, you need two level 5 light monsters. This is a bit more special than most XYZ monsters.

There are a lot of decks that can do this, but Cyber Dragons and Constellars are two of the best.

If you can get this guy onto the field, you will have a very powerful card in your hand.

During either player’s turn, you can remove an XYZ element to return any card on the field to its owner’s hand.

It’s almost like a Compulsory Evacuation Device, but you can use it whenever you want, and it doesn’t just get rid of monsters.

It also has a great attack number that you can use to hit your opponent.

1. Number 61: Volcasaurus

01 number61 card volcasaurus ygo card 7 Best Rank 5 XYZ Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Number 61 is a very useful card that can be summoned with just two level 5 monsters.

But it’s also one of the best ways to do real damage to your opponent by burning them.

You can destroy a monster your opponent controls once per turn by taking an XYZ material from this card and putting it somewhere else. Then you’ll do damage to that monster’s life points equal to its attack stat.

You can’t directly attack with this card on the same turn that you use this effect, though.

But you can still attack your opponent’s monsters or use other monsters on your side of the field to attack directly.

So Number 61 might be a simple way to end a game for good.

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