Will Hanako & Yashiro Nene Endup Together?

Toilet-bound Hanako-kun is the story of ghost boys (Hanako) as well as a girl (Yashiro Nene) who is tied or contracted to help Hanako in getting his Seven Wonders of Kamome Academy.

Their relationship is then turned into one that is one of servant and master. 

But, can a simple relationship like this end up being more? 

Perhaps romance could bloom between a ghost and a human girl?

About Hanako-kun’s toilet-bound Hanako

Hanako and Yashiro 2 Will Hanako & Yashiro Nene Endup Together?

Toilet-Bound Hanako Kun is a Japanese manga by Iro Aida. 

It has been published in the shonen manga publication of Square Enix Monthly G Fantasy since 2014. 

It was collected in 12 tankobon volumes. It is licensed for North America by Yen Press.

The well-known “Seven Wonders” that every school appears to have are part of Japanese urban myths. 

Of the more famous of these tales is of Hanako-san.

It’s the Ghost of a girl who is haunting the bathrooms of the school.

Kamome Academy is its version of Hanako’s legend. 

According to some reports, when one can summon Hanako-san to her, she will allow the summoner to make any wish. 

Attracted by the rumor Many have tried calling her, but each attempt was unsuccessful.

But the moment Nene Yashiro looking for love can summon Hanako-san to her house, she realizes that the reported “girl” actually is an adult male!

Will Hanako and Yashiro Nene get together?

We will address this issue using an exclusive anime point of perspective.

A disclaimer is provided below for those who want to read spoilers about this topic.

Do Hanako and Yashiro have romantic feelings for each other?

Hanako and Yashiro 3 1 Will Hanako & Yashiro Nene Endup Together?

In the very first episode of Season 1, We see Kamome Academy student Yashiro Nene take a walk to a bathroom for females that are being used by ghosts.

Nene thinks that, if someone knocks three times to call a ghost to the surface, the ghost is likely to grant the wishes. 

It happens to be that Hanako is the third stall in the bathroom for females that Nene was in.

The ghost is the main character and is one of the Seven Wonders of the Academy. 

As the ghost who haunts the third stall in the girls’ bathroom, Hanako took an interest in Yashiro and struck an agreement with her during what transpired in the very first episode: he’ll give her the wish but Nene is his assistant.

The first season of the anime introduces an employer-employee relationship among Hanako as well as Nene. 

As the anime advances, viewers witness an increase in their friendship.

This is particularly true in one episode, where Nene found herself in Hanako’s past while she was on the road. 

When they are spending time working as a team, both as employers and assistants and assistants, the audience can only pray the best that Hanako and Nene’s bond can blossom into love.

Hanako is dead Can they still get together ?

Hanako and Yashiro 2 1 Will Hanako & Yashiro Nene Endup Together?

The fact that one of the characters is alive and the other dead suggests an unforgiving future for two ghosts of a girl.

One thing to consider is what is the best way for Nene and Hanako to ever be together since they aren’t on the same plane of dimensionality? 

While Nene lives on close shores (the realm of life), Hanako lives on the far shore (the world of the dead).

The only way for the two to “get to be together” is for one of them to cross the other’s border. But the problem is who will take the initiative? 

Who will be the one to cross the line between the shores near and the far shore, so that they can be considered to be a romantic couple?

Many avenues can lead to this result however, as of the moment in the story it’s not clear whether the relationship of a romantic nature can be developed among Hanako as well as his assistant Nene.

The animation sequence from Tiny Light, the ending song, reveals the metaphysical divide between Hanako as well as Nene.

‘ In this particular scene of transition, the viewer can see Yashiro’s silhouette in red slowly overlaying his white silhouette.

It’s like she’s trying to get the metaphysical red-colored barrier so that she can get Hanako’s hands.

The fast clockwise movement of Yashiro’s silhouette in red overlapping Hanako’s white silhouette is animated stunningly. 

It’s like it’s telling viewers that the time is getting shorter (hence the fast animation pacing).

How did Hanako die?

Disclosure Note: If you have been reading the manga or would want to know about recent manga updates spoilers can be found in the following sections to provide an overview of the circumstances of Hanako’s passing. Manga references will also be discussed when appropriate.

The anime and the manga provide specific details about Hanako’s death but, this is an unanswered subplot that has many anime fans pick up the manga.

In addition, the fans have speculated on the tragic background stories surrounding Hanako’s death. 

The mangaka has shown the following things frequently within the Manga series

A) Kitchen Knife

This is Hanako’s item since the first episode of the show. 

Hanako took the knife from a cabinet from under his coat, however, the manga indicates that he took it out of his abdomen.

The viewers can then think that Hanako died as the knife in his kitchen pierced and punctured his abdomen. 

Whatever the reason for his death the more important question is who murdered Hanako? Was he a suicide victim, or was he killed?

B) Rope

imagery in the manga therefore it’s reasonable to speculate that Hanako might have hung himself to pay for the sins he committed in his previous life.

Whatever his deeds in the past, as Yugi Amane(his human name before when becoming the 7th School’s Wonder called Hanako-Kun).

One theory is more convincing than all the others: Hanako fearfully cries upon recalling that he killed someone.

There’s a great chance that Hanako killed his twin brother Tsukasa as Hanako said in Chapter 10 that ” “…simply disappearing from the earth] won’t make me atone for my sins.”

This is the reason Hanako gets scared every time Tsukasa’s appearance is near -The apparition of Tsukasa brings back to Hanako of his savage self.

Also, when Tsukasa’s appearance mentions the murder of Hanako, Hanako is reminded of his worst fears and self, even in his present state on the shores of the nearshore (or in the real world) in the form of school’s 7th Wonder.

Lerche animation studio provided fans with a thrilling animated series the “Toilet-bound Hanako-kun” which was the winner of the winter 2020 Anime Awards’ in the Most admired Mystery and Psychological Award category.

As a fellow fan, I believe that this could be due to stunning animation, the intriguing plot twists, and intriguing music that brings out the psychological suspense genre to life in this series.

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