Where To Use the Under Freeway East Warehouse Key In DMZ?

Finding and using the different keys that drop around Al Mazrah is the key to getting the most out of your Call of Duty DMZ game modes.

To make your mission to get in and out with as much as you can even more exciting, most places that you need a key to get into have the best loot.

Keys found in loot containers or dropped by enemies can be obtained by players in the DMZ. The chances of getting a key will go up if there are more advanced enemies and more valuable containers.

You can take the key to an exfil marker and leave it there once you have it, or you can go directly to the key’s location.

It can be added to your loadout in a later run if you exfil with it. You can’t get it back if you die with it on you, though.

When it comes to spawning close to the location for which you have a key or when it comes to picking up a key, the random spawn locations can be unlucky.

Right here is where you should go if you have found the key to the Under Freeway East Warehouse.

Under Freeway East Warehouse Location in DMZ

Under Freeway East Warehouse

This key opens a small warehouse on the eastern side of Al Mazrah, under the freeway. It’s better described as being east of the Mawizeh Marshlands, north of Al Sharim Pass, and south of Al Mazrah City. On the map above, you can see the Warehouse’s location more clearly.

For the farthest east side of the map, follow the train tracks. You can get to the location from the train tracks. It’s right under the freeway, between the bridge’s end and the side of the road.

For East Warehouse, there is a one-story building with an X on the door. You will know right away that the building you see is what you are looking for.

under freeway east warehouse key dmz Where To Use the Under Freeway East Warehouse Key In DMZ?

The warehouse has valuable rewards inside. Large backpacks, three-plate armor, money, supply boxes, and other items might be discovered.

Someone else might be looking for these rewards without a key. Maybe they’re just waiting for someone with the key to show up.

Then you should either have a team to protect you or go fully equipped. However, they might not bother to go because this warehouse is in a faraway part of the map. In other words, you may or may not be safe.

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