What is The One Piece Treasure? (6 Theories)

Who is Joyboy?

What happened in the void century?

What was it that people from Ohara found out?

Why does the World Government not allow reading of ponegliffs?

How are these ponegliffs made? And why?

All of these questions have been circling around the One Piece for years together now.

But the biggest question, the driving force of the series and motivations of all the pirates, the One Piece, what is it?

A lot of theories have come up trying to explain and explore the various possibilities of what the One Piece could be if it even exists.

Let’s take a look at the most prominent theories that concern the most popular theories as to what exactly the greatest treasure of all, the One Piece is.

Theory  1: Actual “Typical” Treasure

Actual “Typical” Treasure

The most boring and lame result would be if the One Piece is “the greatest treasure” as in a gigantic pile of gold, money and your boring old typical treasure that there is.

However, this theory was quickly disproved due to Buggy’s disinterest in it.

If the One Piece were, an actual Buggy would have been keen on having strong subordinates and get this treasure.

It also goes against what Roger and his crew stand for in the series.

Roger Crew is supposed to be this larger than life crew who have fun throwing material concepts away on a whim.

All they care about is their food, alcohol and their nakama.

Theory 2: Another Straw Hat

Another Straw Hat

Symbolism all the way, the One Piece is quite likely something related to Joyboy or the Straw Hat.

The Straw Hat could be a literal Straw Hat just as a symbol, an ancient weapon in the form of a Straw Hat, or something related to the Straw Hat.

This is an explanation, but it would definitely an anti-climactic treasure since the series has almost always focused on treasure being something that could have different forms.

The Straw Hat has quite the credible possibility since it’s display alongside Imu, the possibility of there being a rivalling Straw Hat to the one in the World Government’s possession is an entertaining concept.

Theory 3: The Devil Fruit Tree

The Devil Fruit Tree

Where do devil fruits come from? The devil tree of course.

Where’s this devil tree?

Since we haven’t been offered any explanation about the tree, and we don’t have any explanation regarding the One Piece as well, the tree must be the One Piece.

This is probably how this theory came into being. 

The reason why it still exists is that we don’t have anything to refute or even accept this theory.

The sources of Devil fruit never comes into question at any point of time in the series and there has been no need to elaborate on it.

All we know that the One Piece is something that gave Roger everything this world has to offer, and a devil fruit doesn’t quite seem like it would give Roger anything that he actually would want.

Thoery 4: The Friendships and Adventure along the way

The Friendships and Adventure along the way

One couldn’t ask for a more stereotypical ending.

Friendships, adventure or any abstract concept would be the very stereotypical “one shouldn’t always look for material rewards” thing,

But this theory also doesn’t quite fit since our protagonists have received  material benefits in each and every single arc for everything that they have done good.

Right from Kaya giving them the Going Merry, the gold from Skypiea, the treasure on Fishman Island, the copy of the ponegliffs from Whole Cake Island and so on.

It only makes sense that if our do something and get  material reward for it as well.

Theory 5: An Ancient Weapon

An Ancient Weapon

An ancient weapon with the power to destroy the Red Line and make the world from 4 different piece to gigantic One Piece.

We already know about the two ancient weapons.

One of them being Pluton which is a giant warship with power enough to annihilate an entire country.

The Second being the Poseidon, the mermaid princess being able to control the Sea Kings.

A weapon that Luffy would be able to use this to defeat whoever this final villain is or support Luffy destroying the Red Line to create the link in between the oceans to make the entire world the One Piece.

Theory 6: Nothing


Exactly what it sounds like.

There is no One Piece.

One Piece has always played up the concept that it doesn’t matter if the treasure actually exists or not.

We now know that Raftel, more accurately Laugh Tale, exists because Roger reached this Island, but there is also a possibility that the One Piece doesn’t exist at all.

Luffy explicitly states that he doesn’t care if the One Piece exists or not.

He doesn’t want to go on an adventure where he already knows if the One Piece exists or not.

All Blue has also played up the probability that it might not exist.

If Luffy and the crew hadn’t times their trip perfectly.

Even if another 4-5 days and they probably would’ve landed straight back down from the sky.

It would be anticlimactic, absolutely disastrous, but it still is a possibility.

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