V Rising is finally coming to PlayStation 5.

V Rising, a vampire survival game, will soon be available on the PlayStation 5. It has also been confirmed that a feature that has been asked for a long time will finally make it to the PC version.

After it was released as an early access PC game in May 2022, V Rising, which was made by the Swedish developer Stunlock Studios, quickly became a hit.

By letting players play as magic-wielding vampires, the Unity-based RPG and castle builder gave the open-world survival experience a new twist.

This helped V Rising set itself apart from other games of a similar nature. About three million copies of V Rising have been sold as of January 2023. The game now has a chance to win over a whole new group of people.

A PS5 port of V Rising is set to be released in 2024, according to a game play trailer shown at the first PlayStation State of Play.

V Rising, one of the best vampire games ever, will make its console debut with this release. PC players also got some good news: V Rising will finally support official controllers.

On Twitter, the V Rising account confirmed that the feature that people want will be added to the Windows version of the game.

V Rising has been out for almost two years, but controllers are still not officially supported on PC. Some players have said that the game can still be played on handheld systems like the popular Valve Steam Deck or the much more powerful Asus ROG Ally, but with a few caveats.

Before, Stunlock Studios said that it wanted V Rising’s next big update to be the full release of the game. Stunlock Studios reassured fans that this 1.0 build, which is set to be released in the second quarter of 2024, will not mark the end of V Rising’s development.

The company released the first big update for V Rising in May of last year. It was called Secrets of Gloomrot and it added a lot of new content, such as an Ancestral Forge workstation that let players make legendary vampire weapons in V Rising.

In its most recent State of Play event, Sony showed off a lot of interesting projects, including a new VR game set in the world of Metro after the end of the world.

A second trailer for Death Stranding 2: On the Beach, which was also released by State of Play 2024, revealed a lot of information about the upcoming game being made by famous Japanese game designer Hideo Kojima.

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