12 Games Like V Rising

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V Rising is an action, adventure, and open world survival video game that can be played online with up to four players.

Get up like a weak vampire after the land sleeps, look for blood, and get stronger by hiding from the hot sun. Build your castle and make people work for you as you try to grow your vampire kingdom.

Find out about a vast, scary, and dangerous world. Travel through Open Countryside, Dark Caves, and Lush Forests to find valuable resources. Nighttime is when you should be a vampire and hunt your prey. With friends, see the world.

12. Night of the dead

Night of the dead 1 12 Games Like V Rising

A third-person shooter survival game with multiplayer, action, adventure, and an open world. In this game, you play as Lucy, a girl who wakes up in a city full of zombies after being used in an experiment.

In order to escape the remote area, you will have to survive for the rest of your life. Explore the island and speak with the survivors. There will be items for your survival in every house, including weapons, customs, and more. Escape by looking for clues in various objects.

You can find valuable materials for building and improving strong bases by cutting down trees, mining rocks, and collecting specimens. Farming and hunting provides food to cook and eat. Use various nets to catch zombies and construct castles to protect yourself.

11. Outward

Outward 1536x864 1 12 Games Like V Rising

Outward is a standalone, multiplayer, online co-op action, adventure, third-person shooter, and open world survival game. It is a role-playing game that incorporates many aspects of survival, like hunger, cold, illness, thirst, heat, and fatigue.

Losing health in a fight can mean a lot of different things, like being captured by enemies. Play in a system that saves your progress automatically and includes magic and sorcery.

Improving skills and data should all be possible by searching for NPCs or hiring specialists to be trained. Cities will be destroyed if you don’t kill certain creatures. Stay hydrated, protect yourself from diseases, and shield yourself from dangerous creatures and environments.

10. Road to Eden

Road to Eden 1 12 Games Like V Rising

Road to Eden is an action, adventure, single-player, multiplayer, and open world survival game that you can play online with other people. After an alien invasion, the world in this third-person shooter game is destroyed.

Approximately 99% of the human population was destroyed in an instant, and Project Eden is now the only hope for humanity. You will be working with the other survivors on this long and dangerous journey.

Make a variety of items using various types of blocks, such as walls, traps, furniture, doors, windows, win stations, fabricators, castles, and more. Some dungeons, caves, gutters, and bunkers have been built just for you, so fight your way through them. Find rare items, like weapons, and other things you need to stay alive by looting. Find items and keys by exploring new places and figuring out puzzles.

9. Nightingale

Nightingale 1 12 Games Like V Rising

Action, adventure, realistic, open-world survival crafting, first-person shooter, co-op, and multiplayer games can all be played online. Through ethereal portals, you can make, craft, fight, and discover various scary circles.

As you open portals to the depths of Fae’s land, get ready to walk through the Faewild forest, the golden deserts, the scary swamps, and the cool forest. In times of trouble, cook, build a shelter, and get stubborn. Make tools for cutting down trees, mining ore, and growing plants, as well as for locating rare items in the circle’s depth.

Learn new strategies and gather the tools you need to survive, like weapons and other gear. Use different styles and sets of tiles to design and build your great estate. Battle scary creatures that are hidden in the portal network work while playing with friends.

8. Grounded

Grounded 1536x864 1 12 Games Like V Rising

One-player, multiplayer, adventure, and open world survival video game Grounded can be played online with other people. One or three-person mode is available for play.

The world is huge, beautiful, and dangerous, especially for small living things. The characters in this game are ant-sized shrinks who are trying to stay alive in the backyard.

In order to avoid dehydration, hunger, and losing all of their health, players need to consume enough water and food. Bees, spiders, ladybirds, and dust particles are just some of the bugs and insects that live in the backyard.

These bugs and insects like to eat players. Gather mew grass and dewdrops.

By going into new areas, the game gets harder and the enemies more dangerous over time. You can make different tools, nets, and weapons out of resources to beat your enemies.


ATLAS 1 12 Games Like V Rising

ATLAS is a multiplayer action, adventure, and open world survival pirates game that you can play online. Build a ship, gather crew, travel the high seas, and become a legend in the pirate’s world in this amazing game about pirates.

To survive as long as possible in this game, players can change things about their pirates, like their skins.

Four Vitamin levels should be kept up by eating meat, fruits, vegetables, and fish. The creatures that inhabit islands are numerous, with some predators providing resources after being defeated.

Gathering enough resources to break rocks and cut down trees is necessary to make something. Ship building is possible by making parts and stockpiling weapons and food.

6. Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic 1536x864 1 12 Games Like V Rising

Deep Rock Galactic is an action, exploration, first-person shooter video game that can be played by one player or more.

On Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and 5, you can use it. You’ll play the role of a space dwarf and complete missions like stealing alien eggs, mining specific minerals, killing targets, and more.

Play with an endless number of carefully placed caves and monsters in dangerous environments. Digging a massive cave system full of dangerous enemies and resources, team up to fight your way through.

Get your goal by destroying everything. Gatling guns, flamethrowers, portable platform launchers, and other high-tech weapons and gadgets are all around.

The underground caves are full of terrifying creatures and valuable resources. Beat enemies and finish missions to get crafting materials.

5. Valheim

Valheim 1536x864 1 12 Games Like V Rising

Online cooperative, single-player, multiplayer, action, adventure, and sandbox survival video game is called Valheim. It can be used with Linux and Microsoft Windows.

The game is a harsh survival and quest that takes place in a mechanised world that draws inspiration from Norse mythology. To establish your worth at Odin, construct massive homes, build powerful weapons, and defeat formidable foes.

Discover new environments, gather valuable resources, and unearth secrets as you journey through a mysterious world. Explore an uncharted territory and battle ferocious creatures.

Expand and improve your base, add new defences, and customise the inside and outside buildings.

4. Subnautica

subnautica banner 01 ps4 us 18oct18 1140x641 1 3 12 Games Like V Rising

Unknown Worlds Entertainment is the developer of the single-player, action-adventure, survival, and video game Subnautica.

The player’s goal is to survive as long as possible in the futuristic aquatic planet world of the game. In the game, the player’s ship crashes in the ocean, putting them in danger throughout the game.

The player in this game has the ability to craft a variety of weapons and collect multiple helpful resources. This game features three distinct modes: creative, freedom, and survival.

The player receives in-game points for completing the multiple difficult tasks that are present.

Through the use of these in-game points, players can access additional features and a variety of unlockable achievements.

3. 7 days to die

7 days to die 3 12 Games Like V Rising

The Fun pimps are the creators of the first-person shooter, action-adventure, and survival video game 7 days to die. After the Third World War, the world is left in ruins, and this is the setting in which the game is set. To survive for as long as possible is the player’s primary objective in this game. In the game, humanity is transforming into lethal mutants due to a nuclear apocalypse.

If they approach the player, the player must shoot them to death in order to survive. The player must avoid facing them. In order to unlock more features, this game gives players experience points.

Players can manage their hunger gauges, craft a variety of items, and look for the necessary resources with its help. Due to the game’s open world, players can easily explore it. 7 Days to Die has several notable features, including:

2. Rust

Rust Price Hike 12 Games Like V Rising

Rust is the game for you if you’re looking for something that is unpredictable and unforgiving in terms of survival. You’ll have to restart from scratch if you make one wrong move.

To build a base of operations and form alliances with nearby survivors, Rust lets you farm for resources.

Not everyone is as amiable as you may think they are. Rust is a place of anarchy because there are people who will burn the Earth to get at the treasure you store in your base of operations. You may return to nothing if you log off.

1. Valheim

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Valheim is the game for you if you’re searching for survival but prefer something a little brighter than V Rising’s gothic setting. With Norse mythology as its backdrop, Valheim is an open-world sandbox video game.

To earn a place in the halls of Valhalla, you will have to battle Odin’s enemies.

While you gather resources to build shelter and craft equipment, you can team up with friends or compete against other players.

Even better, Valheim will be available on Xbox and Xbox Series X/S in 2023 if you’re strictly a console player.

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