18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

One of the most enjoyable activities in Bloons Tower Defense 6 is taking on monsters.

Bloonarius and Lych, two enormous MOAB-class monsters, offer a special challenge that increasingly grows tougher as the rounds increase, especially in elite mode.

Making the appropriate tower choices is essential because time is running out before the boss shows up.

It can be challenging to decide which towers and upgrades to use because there are so many throughout the game.

Fortunately, this tutorial will provide all the information you require to perfect boss-beating and earn those Lych and Bloonarius awards.

18. Avatar of Wrath and Poplusts: Druid

005 Druid 1 18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

The key to success in tiers two and three is doing enormous damage as rapidly as you can.

Sticky bombs are no longer sufficient, especially in elite, therefore you must turn to more affordable damage dealers, and the avatar or wrath are two of the greatest choices.

When close together, poplusts and their upgraded form, the avatar of wrath, empower one another, causing an avatar surrounded by five poplusts to attack incredibly quickly and deliver a tonne of damage to the boss while it is within range.

17. Monkey Ace

Monkey Ace.png 18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

Military-type monkey

Cost: $900

The Monkey Ace can cover the entire map and can cloud the sun with darts or drop mini-nukes numerous times per second.

16. Monkey Pirate

Monkey Buccaneer.png 18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

Banana farms are virtually impossible to count on as a source of income in water-based geographies.

This nautical monkey tower holds its own from the opening rounds to the finish of the playthrough thanks to its abundance of utility or anti-MOAB damage.

If you can acquire banana farms, trade improvements aren’t advised, but in all other cases, they can generate a nice income on water-based maps.

15. Glue Gunner

000 GlueGunner 18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

Primary monkey species

Cost: $275

Path 3 is fully upgraded All bloons, including MOAB-class bloons, will be permanently immobilized by Glue Gunner, with the obvious exception of the B.A.D.

Regardless of how powerful your towers are, some bloons are extremely swift and can pass through by chance. .

A quick and inexpensive solution to make sure this never occurs is to apply adhesive.

14. Helipilot

000 HeliPilot 18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

Military-type monkey

Cost: $1600

The most expensive tower to erect on the map, yet it has an endless range and can patrol the entire path.

Establishing air superiority on the playing field can be done by using a variety of various heli monkeys.

13. Mortar Monkey

btd6 mortar monkey 1 18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

With broad AoE effects and quick reloads, the Mortar Monkey is an easy first line of defense against tougher bloons, whether ceramic or metal.

Stacking numerous mortars near a Glue Gunner or Ice Monkey with a 2/0/4 loadout should result in easy pickings for the remaining monkeys dispersed across the rest of the road.

12. Super Monkey

BTD6 Super Monkey 18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

Type of monkey: Magic

Cost: $2500

The power to teleport across the map is one of the benefits of obtaining the Legend of the Night.

When bloons reach the edge of the map, it spews a black hole that sucks in every bloon and MOAB that approaches, including the B.A.D!

Purchasing a Super Monkey early on can offer you the security you need to establish farms, develop an economy, and finally afford those pricey upgrades.

This is a great tactic for overcoming some of the toughest challenges.

11. Monkey Town

003 MonkeyVillage 18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

Type of monkey: Support

Cost: $1175

Monkey Villages are ideal for providing a small number of towers with the upgrades and advantages they require to control territory.

If you can obtain an early fourth upgrade on the tier 3 path around level 40 or so, it can provide an unbelievable amount of money.

10. Ninja Monkey

Ninja Monkey.png 18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

Type of monkey: Magic

Cost: $500

The Ninja Monkey is a fixture of any play-throughs on high difficulties thanks to its great pierce power and built-in camouflage detection, which contribute to its high ranking.

Ninja Monkey’s built-in camouflage detection works best in the beginning of a game and gives you a lot more options for which towers to choose and where to put them.

Although the late-game popping power isn’t all that impressive, the inexpensive rank 5 upgrades are worthwhile.

9. Wizard Monkey

Monkey Wizard.png 18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

Type of monkey: Magic

Cost: $400

This path offers camouflage detection.

The third wizard monkey path has undergone numerous buffs over the years and is now a formidable power.

The necromancy upgrades will produce zombie bloons, including zombie MOAB classes, to glide towards the entrance by spotting camouflage bloons and revealing them for other towers.

This deals a tonne of damage to bloons of all classes and varieties, as you might expect.

The Wizard Monkey is always reliable and good at what it does, and it has a lot of powerful upgrades that you can change to fit your needs.

It’s fun to put many Wizards in different upgrade paths to overcome difficult game modes.

8. Alchemist

Monkey Alchemist.png 18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

Type of monkey: Magic

Cost: $550

Bloons will change into gold with lower upgrades, providing some extra money.

Anything, barring B.A.Ds can be transformed into a single adorable red bloon at rank 5.

It costs a lot of money when a bloon turns into a red bloon. Not so bad if you own a lot of banana farms or merchant ships, but you still lost money.

7. Shotgun Monkey

ow76unm0prp71 18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

The key to defeating Bloonarius’ early tiers is crowd control. In the early stages, it’s important to find the most cost-effective way to deal with the bloons you’ve collected, because by the later stages, the towers you’re using to hurt Bloonarius can usually take care of his spawns.

The elite defense, which excels at decimating large numbers of low-level bloons, is a fantastic response to this.

Support it with an elite sniper to strengthen it even more, and even better, you can also employ the sniper to generate some cash.

6. The Bomber

005 NinjaMonkey 1 18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

While the elite defender is an excellent tool for combating Bloonarius’ spam, recursive clusters may be an even better solution.

A 2-0-4 bomb shooter will provide excellent crowd control for just a few thousand monkey dollars.

The first tier of elite Bloonarius may be completely cleared with just three or four of these magnificent towers, therefore they must not be disregarded.

The recursive clusters bomb-shooter is essential in a variety of situations since it is one of the most economical ways to deal with grouped bloons in the game.

5. Kangaroo Ninja

8 Best Towers in Bloons TD6 18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

After putting your towers in place to deal with any potential spawns, you must consider how to deal with the bosses themselves.

Furthermore, as Lych spawns high-HP MOABs, how you deal with the boss will also determine how you handle the boss’ spawns.

The 1-0-4 ninja monkey is one of the most economical alternatives for tier one.

It’s an excellent method to conserve money while still securing a first-round victory because four of these can defeat even elite Bloonarius at tier one, and they’re reasonably priced.

4. Snow Monkey

Ice Monkey 18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

When taking on monsters, how you support your damage dealers is critical, especially in the higher tiers of the elite.

Bloons is about more than just tossing darts at balloons, despite the core concept’s legendary renown.

Lych won’t be helped by traditional assistance like alchemists because he will take your towers’ bonuses.

You can still weaken the boss even though you can’t strengthen your towers.

Super Brittle can significantly weaken the boss by making anything within its radius suffer increased damage from all directions. This gives your towers a significant advantage.

3. Dartling Gunner

000 DartlingGunner 18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

The M.A.D., or MOAB Assured Destroyer, is the absolute top choice for tier 2 of both ordinary and exceptional bosses.

The M.A.D. requires mouse tracking to stay on target, yet it deals damage at a rate that other towers are unable to match.

Additionally, on Elite, coupling a M.A.D. with an avatar or wrath setup is a viable choice so it may continue to be adaptable if you can’t afford a paragon by tier three.

While everything is taken into account, the M.A.D. is incredibly affordable for its utility, making it a must when battling bosses.

2. Super Monkey – Vengeful True Sun God

555 SuperMonkey 18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

The Vengeful True Sun God (VTSG) is the highest tower in the game that deals conventional damage.

So, it makes sense that it would help in boss battles, and if you’ve ever watched someone play Bloons, you’ve probably seen it happen.

Use the time between boss rounds wisely if you’re making one, as it’s expensive and requires some preparation.

Upgrade from a standard super monkey to a sun avatar. Place any three towers from any three of the four categories (primary, military, magic, and support) inside the avatar’s radius for 50,000 monkey dollars, then upgrade to a sun temple.

Get a legend of the night and an anti-bloon outside of its radius, then upgrade to a genuine sun god after placing 50k worth of towers from each of the four categories inside its radius.

You’ll get a VTSG and an additional sacrifice animation for the other tier-five super monkeys.

1. Banana Farms

000 BananaFarm 1 18 Best Towers in Bloons TD6

Don’t the towers mentioned in this list all sound quite pricey? As soon as the game starts, you must begin building and improving banana fields if you want to have any hope of affording them (though placing Benjamin first is also viable).

The 4-2-0 banana research facility is the path that yields the highest revenue, but other approaches can be successful.

For example, if you’re using the aforementioned boat farming approaches, central marketplaces can be effective.

You can also use a village to expand your farms into a monkeyopolis, which will increase your income.

Farms should be utilized in whatever capacity you choose because bosses depend on them.

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