12 Games Like Solitaire Grand Harvest

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Supertreat – A Playtika Studio created Solitaire Grand Harvest, a free casual and card video game.

This game requires the player to harvest their fields and open up new ones.

Multiple hand-drawn and great levels make up the game. The players will find all the levels in this game to be extremely difficult.

When the player harvests the fields, the game gives them unlimited bonuses and credits.

The game also features a spin wheel where players can test their luck and receive treats.

A single player mode is available in Solitaire Grand Harvest, which means that the player must play the game by themselves.

12. Mahjong Solitaire Epic

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Kristanix Games made Mahjong Solitaire Epic, a puzzle, tilt-matching, and single-player video game for mobile devices.

You can enjoy over 1500 boards and a thrilling game play like you’ve never had before.

As you play through the game’s different levels, your main goal is to match any two identical tiles to get rid of them and keep going until the board is full. Score the highest points to unlock new boards daily and become master.

Enjoy soothing music while you solve the daily puzzle in thirty different, unique backgrounds. Although it looks easy, the game gets harder as you go. Hints are added to the game so that you can use them when you get stuck.

Mahjong Solitaire Epic has 1500 Boards, 8 Unique Tilt Sets, 30 Backgrounds, and more as its main features. Do it, and you will enjoy it.

11. Hearts

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Karman Games created Hearts, a trick-based, puzzle, and card video game. You can play the game on various mobile platforms, including Android and iOS. It has both Single and Multiplayer modes.

At any given time, four different players can go up against each other. The goal is to show three cards and pass an opponent.

Within Single-player, the player can battle an AI character by themselves and fully enjoy turn-based gameplay.

The player must complete his deck with cards that go from lowest to highest in value to win the match. The game supports offline and online modes.

Picking one of the different decks lets the player enter the game world. Hearts has some cool features, like Jack of Diamonds, Name and Avatar Change, Color Change, Lands capes, and more.

10. TriPeaks Solitaire Cube

TriPeaks Solitaire Cube 12 Games Like Solitaire Grand Harvest

Tether Studios, LLC created TriPeaks Solitaire Cube, a puzzle and card video game. By matching 1 higher card with 1 lower card, the player in this game must solve the deck.

The player receives a time bonus and cash prize after clearing the card in the game. The game has regular, head-to-head, multiplayer, and prize tournaments that players can join.

Both players must solve the same deck in head-to-head tournaments. The points earned by the players are also displayed on a leaderboard in the game.

Players can quickly control TriPeaks Solitaire Cube with their fingers, and the animations are fluid.

9. Pyramid Solitaire Royal Gold

Pyramid Solitaire Royal Gold 12 Games Like Solitaire Grand Harvest

Glawing Eye Games Ltd. made Pyramid Solitaire Royal Gold, a card and puzzle video game. For this game, the player needs to pair up almost 13 cards and clear the board by doing so.

The winning player receives real money prizes and trophies for clearing the board and competing against other players.

In this game, players can compete against one another in single player, multiplayer, or head-to-head tournaments. The scores of the players in this game are displayed on a leader board.

The game also features beautiful graphics, easy-to-use touch controls, and relaxing sound effects for players.

8. Solitaire for Cash Money

Solitaire for Cash Money 12 Games Like Solitaire Grand Harvest

A puzzle and card video game called Solitaire for Cash Money was made by ePlay Studios Ltd.

The player must solve the cards and clear the board as the game progresses.

The game offers prizes, trophies, and real cash for clearing the board to the players. Players’ scores are displayed on a leader board in this game.

The game supports head-to-head play, in which two players solve the same deck.

In terms of clearing the board, the winner is the player who scores the most points.

You can compete with players from all over the world because this game supports multi-player tournaments.

7. Solitaire Real Cash: Card Game

Solitaire Real Cash Card Game 12 Games Like Solitaire Grand Harvest

Solitaire Real Cash: Card Game is a puzzle and card video game from eGoGames.

The player has to build four foundations out of cards in this game. Starting with the ace and going up to the king, the player must build a foundation.

Score tournaments, head-to-head tournaments, and live tournaments are all types of tournaments made for this game.

The game also lets players make their tournaments and decorate them however they want. Players can make tournaments and make them unique.

They can also invite other players to a tournament and share it with them. The game awards the players cash prizes for completing these tournaments.

6. One Solitaire Cube: Win Cash

One Solitaire Cube Win Cash 12 Games Like Solitaire Grand Harvest

Tether Studios, Ltd. is the developer of the card and puzzle video game One Solitaire Cube: Win Cash. The player must stack and sort the cards throughout the game.

Players in this game can play with other players and in large tournaments. Players can play head-to-head tournaments as well as multiplayer and large tournaments.

A leaderboard shows the scores of all the players in the game. Trophy, physical prizes, and real money are given to winners of the game.

Each Solitaire Cube has easy-to-use touch controls and quick animations for players.

5. Klondike (solitaire)

Klondike solitaire 12 Games Like Solitaire Grand Harvest

Solebon LLC created Klondike (solitaire), a casual and card video game. Players in this game can draw one to three cards, and they can move their cards or columns by tapping and sliding.

The game includes an auto-play feature and hints for players. Playing this game lets players make their cards in several different styles.

Plus, players can change not only the styles of cards but also their colors. Additionally, you can use your pictures and include them on the backs of cards.

The ranking of players and detailed stats about their scores are shown on the leader board in Klondike.

4. Solitaire Merge Blitz: Skillz

Solitaire Merge Blitz Skillz 12 Games Like Solitaire Grand Harvest

Free Addicting Games created the video game Solitaire Merge Blitz: Skillz, which combines card and puzzle play. To win real cash and earn points in this game, the player must merge cards with the same value. The player who merges their cards in the allotted time and gets the highest score wins the game.

Wild cards, card bombs, and bonus combos are available to players in this game. This game also supports head-to-head tournaments where two players compete against each other. The players’ scores are shown on a leaderboard in Solitaire Merge Blitz.

3. Big Win Solitaire: Cash Prizes

Big Win Solitaire Cash Prizes 12 Games Like Solitaire Grand Harvest

Rechard John created the casual card video game Big Win Solitaire: Cash Prizes. All of the cards in the game are set up in rows and columns.

To create card stacks that contain 13 cards, you must move the cards from rows and columns. Once you’ve made the stacks, you need to put them in order, starting with small (A) and ending with large (K).

In the game, there are “available units” where you can put your cards while you’re moving. The player can also build a deck of cards in the game’s “recycling units.” By carefully moving cards and clearing the columns, players must create long strings throughout the game.

2. Solitaire Cash

solitaire cash 12 Games Like Solitaire Grand Harvest

You can win real cash prizes in the skill-based card game Solitaire Cash. Through this game, you can win real money by playing regular and cash tournaments.

There are other players with the same level of skill as you in the game. To play the game, the player must drag the cards in the tableau in descending order and alternate colors.

These cards should be moved from the foundation tiles to the tableau. Up until they reach the top card, the player must keep the tiles moving.

For faster board clearing, the player will get a higher score and a bigger prize. Players can use Apple Pay and PayPal to deposit cash into this game.

1. 247 Solitaire

247 solitaire 12 Games Like Solitaire Grand Harvest

You can play the card and strategy game 247 Solitaire by yourself or with other people.

The player receives new cards throughout the game and tries to fit them into one of four spaces at the top of the screen.

Within a practicality slot, every card needs to be of the same suit and arranged from lowest to highest value.

The player can accomplish this by arranging the cards in order of play, from lowest to highest value, and by switching the colors of each card.

A player can easily win the game if all of their cards are in the foundations. The mental exercise that comes from playing solitaire is one of its best parts.

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