Top 7 Jets in GTA 5 and Online

HYDRA Top 7 Jets in GTA 5 and Online

Jets are aircraft that are capable of flying at incredibly high speeds and altitudes in Grand Theft Auto 5. They are well-known for their powerful and weaponized design, which makes them excellent for both mobility and transportation in war situations.

In Grand Theft Auto 5 Online, you have the opportunity to acquire a wide variety of insane aircraft, ranging from jets that are ready for battle to propeller planes that are incredibly maneuverable. This article discusses the top 7 fastest jets and planes, listed according to their top speed, as well as the locations where these aircraft can be purchased.

Every single one of the 7 jets that we present may be found in both Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto 5. On the other hand, the majority of them are only available in the Online version; therefore, we suggest switching to the multiplayer mode in order to get through all of them.

When it comes to our situation, the term “best” is mostly determined by its maximum speed. Although it takes a significant amount of time and effort to become accustomed to an aircraft, once you have mastered it, speed is the only factor that matters.

1. The F-160 RAIJU

F 160 RAIJU Top 7 Jets in GTA 5 and Online

The speed is 232.5 miles per hour.
$6,855,000 is the price.
Version: Grand Theft Auto Online
When discussing the F-160 Raiju in Grand Theft Auto, there is a great deal of material to discuss. It is not only the fastest jet while it is in the horizontal flying mode, but it also accelerates very swiftly.

On the other hand, just like many other things, it comes at a cost. In order to get an F-160 Raiju in Grand Theft Auto Online, you will need to spend a minimum of $6,855,000.

2. The PYRO in GTA

The PYRO Top 7 Jets in GTA 5 and Online

The speed is 222.75 miles per hour.
The price is 4,455,500,
Version: Grand Theft Auto Online
When fully upgraded, the military aircraft known as Pyro in Grand Theft Auto 5 has the potential to be a game-changer in terms of aerial combat. In comparison to other conventional aircraft, this jet has the most precise turning circles and the highest acceleration, making it the foremost option among the available options.

If you want to purchase Pyro in Grand Theft Auto Online, you will need a budget of at least $4,455,500. This is comparable to the cost of the F-160 Raiju.



Velocity: 219.5 miles per hour 
Cost: $1,596,000
Version: Grand Theft Auto Online

Although it takes longer to take off than the majority of other jets, the Rogue is a sort of fixed-wing aircraft that can be found in Grand Theft Auto 5. However, it offers an exceptional riding and handling experience.

Its enormous propeller blades, which are located in front of the vehicle and are particularly brittle after a collision, are one of the things that can be considered a disadvantage.

When compared to other products, the price of a Rouge is significantly lower. You will be required to pay a total of $1,596,000 in order to have it delivered to your warehouse.


HYDRA Top 7 Jets in GTA 5 and Online

Velocity: 209.25 miles per hour 
Cost: $3,990,000
Version: Grand Theft Auto Online

In its capacity as a military aircraft, the Hydra distinguishes out due to its design that is both strong and refined. A single turbojet engine is used to propel the aircraft, which results in the distinctive roar that is characteristic of jet-powered aircraft.

It is possible for it to travel from the southernmost point of Los Santos to the northernmost point in under one minute thanks to its tremendous speed.

It is imperative that you have a minimum of $3,990,000 available in order to purchase a Hydra from Warstock Cache & Carry if you are interested in taking a flight around Los Santos with one of these aircraft.


MOLOTOK V 65 Top 7 Jets in GTA 5 and Online

Price: $4,788,000 
Speed: 207.75 miles per hour
Version: Grand Theft Auto Online

The Molotok jet in the game has performance that is comparable to that of other jets, despite the fact that its maximum speed and acceleration are marginally lower than those of the Hydra engine. Although it is not the most agile vehicles, it is equipped with efficient air brakes that allow for rapid slowing down and comfortable landings.

This jet is user-friendly for beginners because it has a flight that is both smooth and controlled, which makes it easy to operate and forgiving.

On Grand Theft Auto Online, the V-65 Molotok may be purchased for $4,788,000.

6. Howard NX-25

he Howard NX 25 Top 7 Jets in GTA 5 and Online

Speed: 203.75 mph 
Price: $1,296,750
Version: Grand Theft Auto Online

Through the use of its elevated landing gear, the Howard NX-25 aircraft is able to provide both speed and reliable landings. Because of the improvements to the engine, it accelerates quite swiftly during takeoff.

Nevertheless, its handling might be excessively responsive at times. There is a problem with the plane’s braking distance as it is landing, and its durability is extremely low. A single-piston engine that produces a distinctive sound is the source of its power.

With a price tag of $1,296,750, the Howard NX-25, which is only available through GTA Online, is an economical option.

7. The ALPHA-Z1

ALPHA Z1 Top 7 Jets in GTA 5 and Online

Velocity: 201.5 miles per hour 
Cost: $2,121,350
GTA Online is the version.

The Alpha-Z1 is considered to be one of the quickest piston planes in the game, and it stands out in terms of both speed and take-off distance. When flying low, its sensitive handling can be particularly demanding, and landing can be difficult due to its rapid speed and sensitivity to impact. Both of these factors can make landing difficult.

Only in Grand Theft Auto Online is it possible to purchase the Alpha-Z1 on Elitás Travel for the price of $2,121,350.

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