Tekken 8 Leak Suggests Two Tekken 7 DLC Characters are Returning

The DLC fighters Lidia and Fahkumram from Tekken 7 will be included in Tekken 8’s first season pass, according to a new leak. The roster for Tekken 8 has a good mix of new and old players.

The Wing Chun expert Leroy Smith, the exorcist Claudio Serafino, and the Saudi Arabian fighter Shaheen are some of the characters that were first introduced in Tekken 7.

They have all been turned into characters for the eighth mainline entry.

Tekken 8 is already going to get DLC in the form of a season pass that adds four more fighters. Eddy Gordo, a veteran who has been with the franchise since Tekken 3, will be the first DLC character in Tekken 8.

Based on a leak from December 2023 and the fact that Eddy is a well-known character in the franchise, fans thought that Tekken 8 would feature Eddy.

A new leak has provided some hints about the characters that might be included in the upcoming season pass, though Bandai Namco has not yet disclosed information about the other three fighters.

The leak comes from dataminer Shootmans, who wrote a long thread on Twitter that lists all the possible DLC characters for Tekken 8.

Shootsman says that these data entries show that Fahkumram and Lidia from Tekken 7 will be back.

These assertions are supported by the fact that parts of a character’s listed fighting style and even their country of origin are still present in the game, such as an unknown fighter from Poland and a character from Thailand who uses Muay Thai, which are both descriptions that fit Lidia and Fahkuram.

Possible Tekken 8 Season Pass 1 Roster

  • Eddy Gordo [Confirmed]
  • Fahkumram
  • Craig Marduk
  • Lidia Sobieska

Tekken 7’s roster included a new Muay Thai fighter named Fahkumram, but fans found him to be a divisive replacement for Bruce Irvin’s character. The final DLC character for Tekken 7 was Lidia Sobieska, who was praised for her appearance and fighting style.

Shootman also showed proof that Craig Marduk, another popular and asked-for character, would be coming back as DLC.

This claim was made because data that had been found in Tekken 8’s closed network test was left in the final version, and Australia was added as the home country for an unknown character.

Shootman thinks the characters will come out in the summer, fall, and winter of 2024, but he doesn’t know which ones will come out first.

This roster is not the same as the one in the previous Tekken 8 DLC leak, which said that Eddy, Xiao Meng, Armor King, and Roger would be added as DLC.

According to Shoots Man, the Xiao Meng character was just someone trolling the community, and Armor King and Anna Williams will likely be included as Season 2 DLC.

Fans shouldn’t believe this leak completely until Bandai Namco releases more official details about the upcoming DLC for Tekken 8.

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