Sims 4: Realistic Pregnancy Mods

Given that we are all present, it’s safe to say that we all share a mutual appreciation for the Sims 4 Realistic Pregnancy Mods, correct? It’s clear that we enjoy playing the Sims repeatedly.

How many hours have you accumulated? We’re willing to wager that it’s quite a bit… Despite our love for the Sims 4, there are some gameplay aspects that could be improved.

One example is pregnancies and childbirth.

Have you noticed that aside from sharing the news of the pregnancy, and allowing others to touch the belly (which can be unsettling), there are limited ways to interact during pregnancy?

Let’s talk about the incredibly surreal way our Sims handle childbirth – like magically placing a baby into bassinets… Alternatively, a more unsettling scenario involves being placed in a strange machine at the hospital that unintentionally removes their heart…Indeed, it is quite unsettling.

And, quite amusing…However, it may not be the best choice for Simmers seeking a more realistic gameplay experience.

We are excited to introduce a childbirth mod that offers all the realistic pregnancy experiences you desire! Now, let’s examine this bright star more closely!

Here are Some of The Best Sims 4 Realistic Pregnancy Mods

7. Ask for an Epidural

realistic pregnancy 7 Sims 4: Realistic Pregnancy Mods

Get ready for some realism… When opting for a C-section, you will need to select one of the obstetricians to request an epidural.

The epidural must take effect before the surgery can commence. Just a reminder – make sure to request the epidural.

Otherwise, your Sim could end up experiencing prolonged labor. We certainly don’t want that, do we? Just a heads up: the epidural may not be effective in all cases, with a success rate of 60%.

In any case, we appreciate the realistic portrayal of requesting the epidural, and we believe you will also enjoy it!

6. Gain Weight After Giving Birth

6 Sims 4: Realistic Pregnancy Mods

After delivering a baby at the hospital, your Sim will gain some post-pregnancy weight.

e absolutely adore it! This level of realism is truly heartwarming and a necessary addition to the game. We appreciate the realistic approach and value the emphasis on realism.

Aside from the weight gain, your Sim will also have a small patch where they underwent the C-section.

These alterations don’t impact gameplay significantly, but we appreciate them for their realistic touch.

5. Let Another Sim Attend The Birth

realistic pregnancy 5 Sims 4: Realistic Pregnancy Mods

Once your pregnant Sim has selected their desired delivery method, they can invite another Sim to join them during the childbirth process.

This interaction is enjoyable not only for immersing the game in a realistic bubble but also for the gameplay!

This interaction is innovative and exciting, we really enjoy it. To have a Sim join you during childbirth, simply click on them and select the option “ask to accompany childbirth”.

Make sure to complete this task before your Sim enters labor to avoid any issues!

Yet, there is a small detail to consider…To make a request, the Sim you choose should have a friendship level of 70 or higher, or a romance level of 30 or higher.

If you decide to go with a different company for childbirth support, make sure to inform the current one before seeking assistance elsewhere.

It’s important to remember that without asking, any company you bring won’t be able to support you during labor.

4. To Induce Labor Use a Yoga Ball

realistic pregnancy 4 Sims 4: Realistic Pregnancy Mods

We are all aware that Sims can sometimes spend a long time in the third trimester without going into labor. Which can be quite frustrating at times. Why is that? Why does it have to take so long—and this is just a game…Just picture the endless anticipation of waiting for the baby to arrive in real life.

We appreciate those of you who have, truly. Waiting for nine months requires a lot of patience!

Anyway, let’s get back to discussing the Sims 4. This childbirth mod offers two ways to prevent waiting indefinitely for labor to begin.

One option is to take a stroll by selecting your pregnant Sim and choosing the “go for a walk” action. However, the more enjoyable choice is to purchase a yoga ball from build mode.

And utilize that to bring on labor. Rest assured, the yoga ball is included with this mod. Simply look up “yoga ball” in the catalog, and you’ll find it.

3. Types of Birthing Options

realistic pregnancy 3 Sims 4: Realistic Pregnancy Mods

When speaking with their obstetrician over the phone, your Sim will have the opportunity to select from three different birthing options.

Here are the surgery machine, natural delivery, and cesarean section, also known as a c-section.

This phone call allows your pregnant Sim to take control of planning the birth of their child.

When selecting a delivery option, just click on your preferred choice and patiently await the package’s arrival! Indeed, we just referred to your Sim baby as a delightful little bundle.

2. Take a Family Leave Before Birth

realistic pregnancy 2 Sims 4: Realistic Pregnancy Mods

Your pregnant Sim will receive 2 days off from work prior to giving birth. Just make sure the companion Sim doesn’t leave for work during childbirth.

Providing support from behind the work desk will be quite challenging.

Fortunately, you have the option to choose any Sim you have invited to join the birth and select “take family leave” to also get two days off from work!

Flawless, flawless, flawless. It’s time for your Sim to welcome their new arrival!

1. Give a Call to Your Sim’s Obstetrician

Realistic pregnancy 1 Sims 4: Realistic Pregnancy Mods

Throughout a typical pregnancy, as experienced in today’s society, the expectant individual will probably have multiple conversations with their obstetrician.

Regrettably, this feature is not accessible during regular Sims 4 gameplay.

Include PANDASAMA’s realistic childbirth mod, and this phone call can come to life! Using this mod, your Sim can easily contact their obstetrician once they reach the second trimester of pregnancy.

To contact your Sim’s obstetrician, simply click on their phone, find the household menu, and select “call obstetrician”.

Final Words

In summary, the Sims 4 offers a great gameplay experience, but the pregnancy and birthing interactions fall short.

At least not from our perspective…For those who seek a more realistic experience, the Sims 4 Realistic Birth Mod by PANDASAMA is an ideal choice.

Enhance your game by downloading this fantastic mod, which offers a more authentic and heartwarming Sim pregnancy and birth experience!

If that’s something you’re passionate about, go ahead and give it a try!

To download this wonderful mod, click on this link.

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