32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

If you’re searching for the most exciting Sims 4 Children Clothes custom content, you’ve come to the right spot!

We’ve put together an updated list of CC packs we could find on the internet.

From pants, sweaters, dresses, and skirts to tops and jackets, you’ll definitely find something suitable for your child’s style!

The Sims 4 is an incredibly loved game that has been in existence for quite some time and has an ever-growing following.

The Sims 4 franchise is loved by many for its originality and its ability to be as varied as any other game.

There are a lot of places where you can purchase clothing for your Sims.

With the help of mods and customized content, it’s much easier than it was before.

However, it’s been difficult to find appropriate clothing for kids’ sims, and even more difficult to determine what’s considered “cool”.

We’ve decided to try and help us by writing a blog on clothing for kids.

There’s no doubt that it’s crucial for kids to feel confident about their appearance.

If they’re going to a party or simply sleeping, having beautiful clothes that reflect who they are will help them feel more confident.

So, without further delay, this is our recommended list of cool kids’ clothing in The Sims 4!

32. Sims 4 Kid’s Baggy Sweater by Miss Ruby Bird

sims 4 custom content sweaters 1 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

This cute sweater set with a loose fit is by Miss Ruby Bird.

You can choose from 6 interesting swatches, such as a fun boat scene, an air balloon, a dinosaur, and more.

31. Sims 4 Kids CC Camo Outfit by Madlen

kids custom content 1 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

I thought it would be a good idea to start with one of my favourite sims 4 kids cc items, this cool camo outfit from Madlen.

You get 8 camo swatches for the pants, but the crop top stays the same.

Put on Madlen’s shoes, which look like converse and are linked further down, to finish off this casual but trendy outfit.


a79f5dd089c5e3716997933492c67717 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

We’re sure what you’re thinking!

This dress is a fantastic option when you’re seeking a fun and trendy dress for your little ones.

It comes in a variety of 28 designs and colors, which means you’ll be able to ensure that it will suit the sim’s personality.

This dress will not only look adorable on your baby; however, but it also includes a variety of swatches, so you can be sure that your child looks stylish throughout the day.

Visit the page for an easy download.

29. Sims 4 Children Clothes

childrenclothes 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

We’ve all heard that Maxi matching clothes for kids can help make your Sims look like millionaires and present them with the most stylish outfit they’ve ever seen.

These clothes can be great to wear with your Sims’ regular outfits, but they’re a recolor modification, which means they’re available in different colors such as blue and orange that truly reflect the personality of your Sims.

Furthermore, you can get shorts, sweatpants, and sweatshirts in various designs.

If they appeal to you take them off the following webpage.

Take a look at these amazing personalized rooms for your child sims.

28. Field Trip; Mini Cc Pack For Child Sims Pt4

e27eb376bf7e6c54c368379e0638cbd0 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

This pack comes with a range of clothes to outfit your child Sims.

There’s an oversized, casual sweatshirt that comes in 16 plain colors, as well as some cool samples with graphics.

There’s also a fitted tank top that is textured and has the most adorable bow straps.

You can tell it’s ideal for a summer hot day.

There are other clothes that are similar to knitted sweaters just like the one shown in the image.

Also, a skirt made of the denim will look fabulous on your child!

Find it right here.

Find out more about the most effective hairstyles for children on Sims 4.

27. Child CC Tie-Dye Dress

1caa949661ddf91a90fbc52aed22d256 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

There’s a dress to suit every occasion.

This one particularly stands out due to the fabric.

The vivid colors, intricate patterns, and breathable materials that make up the Cozy Yeon dress will ensure your child has the time of their life playing.

Download this dress from the following site.

26. Madlen Korinna Jacket (Toddler, Child)

tumblr d4997efd0e0f31130e950324402411c7 a33705b6 1280 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

The Madlen Korinna Jacket is designed for people who like dressing their children in the latest trends in fashion and making them feel like they are spoiled.

It was designed with one of the best Sims 4 CC creators, Madlen.

This jacket is stylish and a comfortable piece that is guaranteed to never be out of fashion.

It comes in a variety of shades.

They include white black, red, brown, pink as well as blue.

Feel free to look it up right here.


sims4 children clothes cc 27 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

Do not waste time making Sims who wear identical outfits.

By using this variety of swatches, your Sim will be distinctive and showcase its individuality.

There is no doubt that your kid has a style that they want to keep all the time.

This is why Maia the toddler fashion collection, will have your child looking stylish and ready for the world in a charming bohemian look.

The pack contains everything your child requires with 8 swatches to let you create unique outfits that are certain to be the talk of the season.

Download it from the following webpage.


tumblr opst3dNG6M1vmii7ro1 1280 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

Bring your Sims along from day to night in these stylish girls’ and boys’ outfits from Burberry.

Two distinctive tops and an outfit are included in this collection of kids’ clothing for toddlers and young children with the well-known black, yellow and red pleated prints.

Make sure your kids are dressed to impress at any time by wearing these trendy tops.

They’ll be able to fashionably combine them with a vast variety of outfits for an endless array of styles.

To install it you can go below.

23. SS 2016 Collection II For Kids (5 Color)

tumblr 14d8a1edd1cdb93e235dbaec228e6e37 32cddcd9 500 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

Dress your girl in fashion and elegance by wearing The Sims 4’s elegant and stylish dress.

Sims 4 with this colorful and fashionable new long dress.

It’s made to be comfortable stylish and fashionable and fit well.

There is nothing more charming than watching your child walking around in this chic dress, with her hair in natural waves and sporting adorable accessories such as soft shoes or sparkling bows.

It’s also great that you don’t have to shell out for it.

It’s totally free to download.

Below is the downloading page.

Look over the very short-hair packs of CC for your kids, toddlers, and adults in Sims 4.

22. Shiny Puffer – Kids Version

tumblr 400081fa43936a244a6eb2a9c604b071 638a8deb 1280 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

Kids are always looking for the most beautiful rainbow puffers however, they’re not easily accessible.

It was that way until recently.

The new model comes in a variety of colors.

It’s an essential item for any family with a Sim.

Since it’s the case that Sims 4 has a lot of children in the area, your Sims are now able to have the top-of-the-line in children’s clothing and accessories.

The kids will enjoy dressing up and are excited to take a stroll with their brand-new, vibrant accessories.

To get this set up just go to this link.

21. Utility Sweater – Sims 4 Children Clothes

556751b22c72d117d84ada04bca3758e 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

We’re in love with the look that this sweater has!

This is a fantastic accessory for the wardrobe of your child and is versatile enough.

The colors are lively and will look amazing when paired with your child’s face.

The set also comes with an accompanying bag.

The 24 different options for this sweater give plenty of options for people who want to ensure their child looks good!

The bright colors are ideal for children who have fair or light-colored skin.

With these swatches, it’s easy to discover your preferred color combo.

It is necessary to have Snowy Escape for this mod to work correctly in-game.

Get it by clicking the following page.

20. Patterned Tank Tops

sims4 children clothes cc 9 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

Are you tired of your clothes?

Are you looking for something unique for your Sims, or do you need to give your wardrobe an extra boost of creativity?

We have the perfect tank tops set for you!

With a variety of options to pick from and a variety of shades, it’s possible to find something that will suit your child’s personality.

This is a recolor compatible with the base game mod with more than 21 swatches suitable for girls and boys.

For download instructions, check out this article.

19. Edwardian Child Clothes

tumblr 1b932999b6252b3f9b138ecb71c64cb5 7afa3d22 1280 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

It is, without doubt, one of our top sets of clothes for children.

A significant aspect of the Sim’s appearance is their clothing.

These two dresses are essential to have.

Each dress comes with a unique design, which you can pair with various pieces of jewelry or skin shades.

If you’d like to dress your child’s Sims in a period-correct style, then these dresses are the best way to go.

The dresses are reminiscent of designs from the period 1890 to 1910.

They would be ideal for all the Victorian Sims that are out there!

Here’s a selection of long-sleeved clothes suitable for adult siblings.

18. Sims4 Child CC Halloween Turtleneck, Flared Skirt

turtle neck 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

A great Halloween costume that is easy for girls who prefer to be a bit more adventurous.

The turtleneck is coupled with flared pants giving it a fun and festive look.

With a bright accent, this is the ideal style for your child’s upcoming celebration.

There are several various textures available so that your baby will feel more comfortable during cold winter days.

To install, simply click below.

17. Naledi Dress 

w 920h 690 3349959 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

Sims 4 Children Clothes, there aren’t many Sims 4 items having this unique belt with buttons, but the Naledi Dress is among the few.

This dress is ideal to give you a laid-back casual style and can be worn to any type of dress or top.

It is also available in different shades, so you can choose the one that will best suit your child’s personality.

You can purchase it on the following website.

16. CC Para Los Sims 4

best sims 4 kids cc 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

A stylish top is something you and your Sims 4 children will love wearing.

They can wear their tops to school, to sleep, or even while they go out to a bar.

This pack comes with a range of tops that your kids can wear, and some even feature amazing patterns.

Batman logos and flower tops are only a few of the numerous designs you can pick for your child’s shirt.

You can check these out on the webpage.

15. EP11 PJs For Kids

tumblr d5b0cd4864332a1f8f110a83ab7a2ce0 732aae45 1280 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

Pajamas play a significant role in a child’s daily life.

They can be decorated in a variety of ways based on the preferences of your child.

Making their own pajamas can be fun and simple with the Sims 4’s customized content options.

The new PJs provide an inviting vibe to Sims 4, as well as giving your child a Disney design.

Download the PJs from the following webpage.

14. Scare Crow For Kids

sims4 children clothes cc 2 1024x790 1 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

The Scare Crow outfit for children is an ideal addition to The Sims 4.

It lets you create a fun persona alongside your kid.

It could make an interesting costume, particularly when you want to scare trick-or-treaters as well as yourself and your Sims children.

If you play The Sims 4, you are able to purchase this costume in a variety of colors with the option of 10 different patterns.

There are alternatives, such as that green witch’s cap.

You can pick from a range of colors so that your scarecrow matches your personal style!

If you want to install the pack simply go below.

13. Leather Skirt C266 Sims 4 Children Clothes

d6a9586acf4fb0f3e86524e98286391a 1 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

This leather skirt that you can put on for your kid Sims is just perfect.

It’s a challenge to find the perfect outfit for your children, even when you’ve got a variety of options to choose from.

There are numerous clothes that they could enjoy, but they may not be the right fit for their character.

But, with a little assistance from this leather skirt at the right time, you’ll have all you need.

Here’s the downloading link.

12. Formal Dotted Dress (KID F) For The Sims 4

b1ad54e0dee39260c66b6dbd7410b7d2 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

This little formal dress that dots your Sims’ little ones is an amazing piece of content that you can create.

It’s the ideal gift for your child’s princess.

In addition to making a grand appearance, this gown will let her be a real princess when wearing it for an official occasion.

If you’d like to see your child’s sister in this gorgeous dress, get it from the following website.

11. PowerPuff Girls Dress (Children Version)

w 920h 690 3003360 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

The Powerpuff girls’ dress is available in 13 distinct colors that appeal to everyone who plays.

The thing to keep in your mind is that this dress may not be appropriate for older kids (e.g. teenagers, for instance) due to its juvenile appearance.

If you’re looking for something new and fun for your child for their time at the playground or whenever they come over to have a chat, then this dress is what you need to purchase.

Take a look at this page.

10. Kids’ Patterned T-Shirts

sims4 children clothes cc 7 1024x591 1 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

We can tell that these aren’t just ordinary shirts.

They’re ideal for a teenager looking to make a statement and be tall.

Additionally, it’s an all-purpose game pack, which means that you’ll have no problems playing it in-game.

It comes with ten different designs that you can pick from for both your male and female children.

To get this pattern installed make sure to visit this blog.

9. Lucia Suspender Dress Sims 4 Children Clothes

ec6aaf950d6397397d0373fb722b25ce 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

The Sims 4 has been on the rise lately and new content is arriving each week.

It is here that you can get the latest trends within the game, such as this stunning suspender dress.

It includes 20 different swatches, so you can personalize your child’s appearance with any color scheme you like – creating your own distinctive Sims daughter in a matter of minutes.

Install it on the following webpage.

8. Sims 4 Child CC Halloween Pajama Set

ff60ebd22fc4b0d54e40ff03a520d4fb male clothing clothing sets 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

With the Halloween Pajama Set, you will find the most unique patterns featuring the paws of animals, as well as aliens, pumpkins, and much more.

This set is awesome since it includes male and female patterns, so you’re bound to discover something your child will be awestruck by!

Download, already!

7. NitroPanic – The Sims 4 CCKIDS JERSEYS, N B A

8324b676c8e2f1daded5b86d1e810a03 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

Each sport has its own design and style that is unique to it.

When you are preparing for this new year, ensure that your child’s team is represented by the most stunning jerseys for players.

The jerseys come with 18 different shades that feature the most popular team names, such as Boston, Bulls, Miami, and more.

This is ideal for boys as well as girls who are passionate about basketball, or any other sport!

Here’s the Download link.

6. Get Together Dress For Kids Recolors

ecd8c0529cb1485ce00922ddfbe53e5a 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

It is basically a color recolor that includes 50 different samples.

It’s quite amazing to look at the different patterns that are available.

The collection includes anime-inspired characters, floral designs, and pleated textures.

Every kid can find something to their liking in this collection.

Take them off the following web page.

5. Kids Fendi Collection

176f0e90aa36936a54195455857ad187 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

It is Kids Fendi Collection that you will love.

We love the minimalist and chic style.

The colors are well-thought-out.

There are a variety of pieces included in this set.

They include children’s leggings, shorts, a hoodie, a top, and a dress which are available in swatches of 10.

Take a look and put it in place.

4. Kids Matching Outfits

sims4 children clothes cc 18 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

Are you and your Sim family looking for new clothes for kids?

They have a wide range of choices, but they’ll require help choosing the best ones.

It’s beneficial to have outfits that match your toddlers and kids within Sims 4.

We know that this pack is ideal for this!

3. Sims4 Child CC Cozy Yeons Child Swimming Pants

ed28aaba17e98bec4f74ad1b6e9b7d4d 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

If you’re in search of an adorable costume for your kid to sport to the beach or in the pool, this pack is all you need.

There are basic and dotted swimming shorts for male sims.

It is also possible to get a matching outfit for female sims.

It is worth checking out these awesome pool designs for your home inside Sims 4.

2. Sims4 Child CC Gothic Dress

c63c31758173855f9c90f5754ce1b584 1 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

We have always been drawn to dark things and our Sims aren’t any different.

Whatever your style preferences are, this dress will have you looking stunning within a matter of seconds.

The dress is black and is made from soft, sturdy elastic cotton.

Do you know what makeup would look best with gothic attire?

1. Crop Top Hoodie (KIDS) Sims 4 Children Clothes

ea2393401d5c14135e95e2da4e76f3ba 1 32 Sims 4 Children Clothes CC

The hoodie with a crop top is available to female Sims in Sims 4.

It gives a casual appearance for school and anywhere you go out on adventures!

Additionally, it comes with a variety of designs and logos like flowers and it has the Nike emblem and many more.

It is available in 26 colors.

We hope you liked this collection of the top Sims 4 children’s clothes that we found online.

Be sure to check out the main page to see a selection of clothing for your adult, teen, and older Sims.

Also, you can stop at related content by the following links.


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