NTV Issues Apology Following the Passing of Sexy Tanaka-san Creator Hinako Ashihara

Please be aware that this article contains claims that may be related to a recent suicide.

In the wake of the tragic passing of Sexy Tanaka-san author Hinako Ashihara, NTV issued an apology on their website on Thursday. In addition to extending its condolences to Ashihara’s family, the corporation issued an apology to everyone who was involved.

The organization has made it clear that it is taking this matter very seriously and is currently conducting its investigation with the assistance of an internal team.

At this time, NTV is working together with Shogakukan, the publisher, and an independent investigating team.

The Story Behind Sexy Tanaka-san’s Creator

Hinako Ashihara sexy tanaka san NTV Issues Apology Following the Passing of Sexy Tanaka-san Creator Hinako Ashihara

According to a story that was shown on NTV News on January 29, manga author Hinako Ashihara was discovered dead on the same day after what seemed to be a suicide. She was fifty years old.

A complaint about Ashihara’s disappearance was filed on January 28, and on January 29, she was discovered in the prefecture of Tochigi. Additionally, a message was discovered.

Earlier this month, on January 26, Ashihara published a blog post in which she discussed the live-action version of her manga. She noted in the blog post that she had made it a condition that the live-action adaptation would be authentic to the manga, and she added that NTV did not respect that requirement.

She stated that numerous sequences that she considered to be the “core” of the manga were either omitted or not shown appropriately, that characterizations were altered, and that she was not provided with a fair explanation for why this occurred.

She stated that she did express her dissatisfaction and that the first seven episodes finally stayed consistent with the manga in a significant way.

Throughout the entirety of the production, Ashihara stated that she did not have any meetings with the show’s author, nor did she have any direct conversations with the director directly.

She went on to say that she ended up writing the scripts for the final two episodes of the series after the original scenario that she had outlined for the ending was “significantly” altered.

However, she apologized for the fact that she had to rush the script because she was an amateur scriptwriter and was unable to refine it any further because she was also working on deadlines for the manga.

Ashihara claimed that she and her team had made it a condition from the beginning that she may be permitted to write the scripts herself for the final episodes if she was not pleased with them. She also mentioned that NTV had agreed to include this condition in the agreement.

She concluded the statement by expressing her gratitude to the whole cast and crew for their contributions to the live-action adaptation.

After some time had passed, Ashihara removed the blog post, apologizing for her actions and explaining that she had no intention of attacking anyone.

When the firm offered the live-action adaptation, it conferred with Ashihara on her thoughts through Shogakukan, and Ashihara gave her approval on the final script that went into production, according to a statement that was posted by NTV on January 29.

The statement expressed the company’s condolences for Ashihara’s passing.

Shogakukan announced on January 30 that the manga would not be completed, and the chapter that was released on December 5 will be the final chapter in the series.

The first episode of the live-action series adaptation of Sexy Tanaka-san was shown on NTV on October 22. The series ran for a total of ten episodes before concluding on December 24. Between 5.4% and 6.5% of the total ratings were earned by the episodes, which routinely achieved strong ratings.

The manga was first published by Ashihara in the Anikei Petite Comic magazine published by Shogakukan in 2018, and it is currently incomplete.

In 1994, Ashihara made his first appearance as a manga creator.

Ashihara’s Sand Chronicles manga, which was published in English by Viz Media, was a 10-volume series. Additionally, the firm published Ashihara’s SOS manga, which is a collection of short stories contained within a single book. Ashihara’s Forbidden Dance manga, which was published in English by Tokyopop, was a four-volume series.

Bitter: Nakechau Koi Monogatari, Bitter II: Anata Dake ni Aisaretai, MiSS, Yubikiri, Homemade Home, Girls Lesson, Bread & Butter, Derby Queen, Tennen Bitter Chocolate, and several other comics are among her other works.

2012 saw the debut of a live-action television series that was inspired by the manga series Ashihara’s Piece: Kanojo no Kioku.

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