MultiVersus Is Finally Being Re-Revealed Next Week

Since the game was taken off store shelves following its open beta period, Multiple Versus fans have been waiting impatiently for it to return.

With the weekend approaching and fans growing angrier by the day, developer Player First has finally revealed when we’ll see the re-reveal.

Earlier this week, it appeared as though an impending reveal was in the works when the official MultiVersus Twitter account came back into life for a “mic check.”

Another source of this news was the MultiVersus Twitter account, which said in a new post that the mic check earlier this week was a “resounding success” and that the team is asking director Tony Huynh to “set Monday at 6 am PT.”

While the tweet is pretty light on details, it does pretty much confirm that MultiVersus will finally be shown again next Monday at 6 am PT, or 2 pm for those in the UK.

After being taken offline and removed from storefronts last year, MultiVersus’ re-release has been a long time coming.

The developers intend to take the game with improvements and new content in the interim.

It was a big blow to a lot of players who enjoyed the game, especially those who had already paid money to get certain cosmetics and characters, but the wait is almost over to see when we can finally play again.

Anyone can now start to guess what developer Player First has been working on while sitting on the sidelines for almost a year.

Though it seems much more likely that characters like The Joker and the Powerpuff Girls will be added before then, given that files for both of these characters were found in the game before the shutdown, Daffy Duck is currently the most popular choice for a new character.

A MultiVersus developer did hint at the possibility of adding a character who is “game angry,” but we all know that plans change almost constantly in game development.

Daffy Duck certainly fits the bill (pun completely intended), so hopefully, next week’s full reveal will tell us more about what Player First has been working on all this time.

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