All Luffy’s Transformation And Gear Explained

Howdy Guys! Hope you guys are also doing well. Today I’m writing All about Luffy’s Transformations and gears.

The only point is I’m here to talk about the form of Luffy that has taken in the anime over time.

If you guys don’t know who Luffy is don’t worry let have a look at it first.

As captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy has the greatest authority over a powerful and diverse crew consisting of several infamous members.

The Character Luffy has a great influence on his crew and that is the reason everybody trusts him.

Now, Luffy calls his main transformation “gears”. Other than this he has different another form too but I’m only including Nightmare.

Now let go down and have a look at the list of all Luffy’s transformation.

Gear Second

Gear Second

Luffy builds the size of his veins, pumping more oxygen and supplements to his body.

This form builds his power and speed several-fold. Before his two years of training, this Gear transformation threatened his lifespan and also low down his stamina.

But after when the time passes, he has shown more control over it and can also activate it anywhere in his body.

Gear Third

Gear Third

This transformation is the form where Luffy can inflate the bones of a particular part of his body and make it massive.

Initially, this gear form shrinks to the size of a child after use, restricting his battling capabilities.

However, this no longer occurs after Luffy’s two-year preparation.

Gear Forth

Gear Forth

Gear forth was created during Luffy’s two-year preparation on Rusukaina.

And was first observed on Dressrosa which includes three forms: Bounce Man, Tank Man and last but not the least Snake Man.

Bounce Man Luffy

Bounce Man

This is the initial form of Gear forth in this transformation he became like a rubber ball, causing him to bounce all the time.

His defense kind of increase, with most attacks bouncing off his body

Tank Man Luffy

tank man luffy

Luffy used this form only once while fighting Charlotte Cracker, who can produce Biscuit warriors. Luffy ate all Biscuit warriors gaining a gigantic stature.

With these conditions met, Luffy transformed into Tank Man “Stuffed version.”

This form gives him incredible defensive power as he can recoil any weapons directed at him.

Snakeman Luffy

snakeman luffy

The Third form, Snake Man, is slimmer and focus on offense, with the lacking in defensive part except for the other two forms.

Luffy is allowed an enormous speed up and frequently alter changes the direction of his attacks to harm his opponents from every direction.

This is also the newest transformation of Luffy.

Nightmare Luffy

Nightmare Luffy

The Blue color transformation made his body become much bigger in size.

This transformation made him able to contain one hundred shadows while most normal people can only take two or three shadows.

The most commendable thing about this form is his strong spirit.

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