Larry Tupper’s location in GTA 5 and where to find him and his crew

bail bond larry tupper gta 5 by vicenzovegas21 dgktxyj fullview Larry Tupper's location in GTA 5 and where to find him and his crew

Within the Grand Theft Auto 5 universe, Larry Tupper is a minor character who is well-known for his involvement in criminal operations and his relationship to Trevor Phillips.

During this walkthrough, we will learn about Larry Tupper and where he is located inside the game.


Maude Eccles is looking for Larry Tupper, a drug dealer, because he is suspected of producing illegal substances such as methamphetamine. As soon as Maude Eccles, a bounty hunter, discovers him, she approaches Trevor Philips and requests for his assistance in capturing him.

Trevor’s objective is to find Tupper, who is currently hiding on a property owned by Great Chaparral.


Inside the barn of the abandoned farm located to the southwest of Sandy Shores is where Larry Tupper is now hiding. Once you have accepted the job that Maude has given you and have received an email including an image of Larry Tupper’s look as well as his location, you should go see him then.

You will need to transform your protagonist into Trevor Phillips in order to be eligible for the offer that Maude has made. To put it another way, Trevor is the only one who can complete this kind of task.

Follow it up by ensuring that you finish the assignment titled “Maude: Ralph Ostrowski.” After that, Maude will send you an email with information on the following topic, which is Larry Tupper. In the event that you do not receive the email, you are free to go to Maude’s residence immediately.

It is precisely at this spot that Larry hides himself:

Larry Tupper Location Image Larry Tupper's location in GTA 5 and where to find him and his crew

You will see Larry having a conversation with his friends outside of a barn as you approach the site where he is sitting. The goal may be accomplished in a number of different ways from this vantage point. As an alternative, you might conceal yourself and take him out with a straight shot; however, we do not encourage using this strategy.

Consider, on the other hand, the possibility of shooting one of Larry’s buddies, which would cause him to begin fleeing in order to defend himself. Depending on the circumstances, you have the option of either shooting at his legs or striking him with your automobile in order to stop him. Whatever approach you decide to take, keep in mind that it is essential to capture him while he is still alive.

Put Larry in the car and drive him back to Maude. Finally, get in the automobile. It would be $5,000 if you were to kill Larry, and $10,000 if he were still alive.


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