How to spawn the Gooch in GTA 5’s Online mode?

GOOCH GTA 5 How to spawn the Gooch in GTA 5's Online mode?

Grand Theft Auto Online’s Christmas update is now out, and Rockstar Games has added fresh celebrations to established fan favorites this year. The elusive Gooch has returned to the streets of Los Santos, and defeating him will reward you a free outfit in GTA Online.

During the holidays, the Gooch haunts Los Santos‘ streets.

Where Can I Find the Gooch in GTA Online?

The Gooch, who first appeared in GTA Online’s 2022 Christmas event as part of the Los Santos Drug War update, has returned to torment the inhabitants of Los Santos over the holiday season.

You can obtain his suit as well as his mask this year, so it’s certainly worth the risk if you want to track him down.

GTA Online: Gooch Spawn Requirements

GOOCH GTA How to spawn the Gooch in GTA 5's Online mode?

The Gooch spawns at random in GTA Online sessions, and he will only attack one person every lobby, therefore getting the Gooch to attack you specifically so you can unlock the costume might be a nightmare.

To spawn the Gooch, you must have at least two people in your Free Mode session and play for at least a complete in-game day (48 minutes). To be a target for the Gooch, you must also have cash on you rather than in your bank account.

Once the prerequisites have been satisfied, the Gooch will emerge from a cloud of green smoke near a random player. He’ll then rush up to them, hit them, and grab some of their cash and food.

He is essentially a reskinned version of the Mugger, who players may summon by summoning Lamar.

Killing the Gooch in time allows the targeted player to reclaim their stolen cash, food, and stuff. Following defeat, the Gooch will drop a Christmas present containing $25,000 as well as the Gooch mask and costume.

You just have two minutes to hunt down and kill the Gooch once he robs you; else, he will flee with the stolen goods. Subsequent Gooch encounters will still give $25,000, but you cannot obtain additional copies of the mask and clothing.

GTA Online: The Gooch Mask

Only the targeted player who has been robbed can collect the gift dropped by the Gooch.

He is still visible to everyone in the lobby, and anyone can hurt him, but the mask, clothing, and monetary prize are only available to the person he first assaulted.

How To Fix Gooch Not Spawning in GTA Online

To increase your odds of a Gooch attack, consider playing in less crowded lobbies or starting an invite-only match with a buddy.

The Gooch spawns with just two people in a Free Mode session, and while he takes 48 minutes to emerge, you may simply exchange Gooch encounters with a buddy to avoid the difficulty of locating him in a public game.

If the Gooch doesn’t spawn for you, he’s most likely spawning someplace else on the map for another player.

The Gooch can come every 48 minutes, but he only assaults one player every day and selects a random victim. If he still doesn’t spawn, even if you’re in an invite-only lobby with pals, make sure everyone has cash.

Finally, the Gooch should not be a priority for you during GTA Online’s festive season.

As long as you remember to keep cash on hand, simply go about your business as usual, and you will eventually be visited by the Gooch.

You just need to confront him once to obtain the suit and mask, and there is plenty of time remaining.

This year’s GTA Online holiday event has more than simply the Gooch.

Rockstar Games has also reinstated earlier holiday activities, such as the Weazel Plaza Shootout, which awards a new weapon upon completion, and the Holiday Hauler truck, which will occasionally wander the streets of Los Santos delivering presents to players.

There is also a new yeti hunt event, which awards players with a free outfit.


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