Is Hunter x Hunter finished?

Hunter x Hunter has received huge attention in Japan as well as around the world. It has established its position among the most-watched Shounen anime despite the lengthy hiatus and the end of the series.

The manga is in progress and the story is in the middle of a thrilling arc. It’s been far too long since we’ve seen an update. “Succession Contest” has only recently begun, but it has already been 21 months without a single update.

It’s been 22 years since the series began and has attracted many supporters along the way. But this long break has begun to test their commitment. What is the real reason for this legendary band’s being on hiatus for an indefinite period?

In the following article, I’ve put together all we know about the break, what caused it, as well as what it is possible to do to assist.

Why was the Hunter x Hunter series canceled?


hxh manga Is Hunter x Hunter finished?

Hunter x Hunter, created by Yoshihiro Togashi, is one of the most loved and well-known series in the world. Despite its lengthy breaks, it is still an iconic show to this day.

Its first chapter appeared at the beginning of March in 1998’s 14th Shonen Jump issue of that year. The series continued for 280 chapters after the break until it was re-released in August of 2011.

The latest hiatus started in October 2018 and, since that time, we’ve not had one chapter released.

The manga’s current chapters have been compiled into 36 volumes of tankobon in Japan by Shueisha. There was talk of a new chapter, but there’s no specific information available.

The result is that fans are led to believe that the show was canceled and that it would never complete its famous run.

However, there is still the possibility of a revival as the show isn’t being canceled and it is taking an absence due to the creator’s deteriorating health.


From the year 2011 until 2014, in a total of 148 shows, they covered the manga right up to chapter number 339. Following that, the show went on an extended break.

To ease supporters, Toonami began airing the English-dubbed version in April 2016. The show ended at the end of the 6th season.

The Hunter x Hunter anime has officially ended, and we’re left wondering if the series has been canceled or if there’s still hope for a seventh season.

Based on the way the actors and show creators responded, things are not good for the future of the show.

The only hope is the possibility that this show hasn’t been canceled and is being put on hiatus for an indefinite period.

While it may not be sufficient, it’s enough to force us to watch the series many times to refresh our memories. We also look forward to the day when it will finally arrive.

However, the question of “why exactly is the anime currently on pause?” still is and often is the subject of debate between viewers.

Why is Hunter x Hunter on suspension?


hxh ca arc Is Hunter x Hunter finished?

After a highly successful period of just 148 hours, the series was canceled in 2014 and put into an indefinite suspension. The main reason the show is currently on hiatus is the total lack of sufficient materials.

For a time, the series’ creator, Togashi Yoshihiro, was forced to end his work in the show. There have been no new chapters released since the beginning of 2018, and the series has been able to catch up with that manga.

Today, one of the positive aspects of Hunter x Hunter is that it’s not stuffed with unnecessary filler episodes like the other major shonen shows. Each episode builds to something vital to the story.

While the studios can continue to create animations for the series in a different direction from the manga and bring other materials, it will end up in a half-baked attempt on their part to hold the attention of the fans.

The majority of us prefer to see Togashi concentrate on his health and fitness and then slowly wrap up the manga the way he prefers. The animation could follow this.


In October of 2018, the final Hunter x Hunter chapter, 390, was released. In the time since there has been no news or information regarding a new chapter.

The current arc, which is referred to as the “Succession Contest,” is not yet halfway through and still has a lot to do. However, the show’s fans were concerned during the show’s 21-month absence.

Although the majority of us know the context surrounding the writer, some aren’t sure of the reasons behind the discontinuation. This article will go over that in more detail, as well as any new information that has come out about the show.

Togashi Yoshihiro, the mangaka of Hunter x Hunter is currently suffering from chronic back pain. It’s a medical condition known as lumbago that affects the joints and muscles of the lower back.

Although he has been suffering from this since the time of Yu Yu Hakusho, it has recently begun to become extreme due to his work and the fact that he is 54 years old.

This is the reason the author hasn’t been able to follow up on his series and has placed Hunter x Hunter in limbo until he is sufficiently well.

Surprisingly, or maybe it’s not surprising, this condition is very widespread among manga creators, although not at the level of severity.

The majority of Mangakas experience extreme stress as a result of being exhausted, overworked, and under pressure to meet deadlines. Stress levels of this magnitude can have a major impact on their mental and physical well-being.

Concerning Togashi Togashi, the most recent report on his health dates back to mid-December of 2019. Therefore, all we can do now is to hope that he’s improving in his health and taking some much-needed rest despite this current epidemic.

Will Hunter x Hunter return?


hxh will return Is Hunter x Hunter finished?

The Hunter x Hunter anime concluded its run with episode 148 in 2014. The most recent episode covers Chapter 339, while the manga is still at Chapter 391.

While many of us won’t just sit and wait for the next chapter to be developed, quite frankly, with only 52 chapters to go in the animated series, it’s unlikely that the studio will not continue to create the show.

But, after the Succession Contest storyline is finished and the Succession Contest arc is completed, the Madhouse studio could decide to pick it up so viewers can enjoy an actual anime season with the same quality.

At the moment, the primary factor in the amount of popularity for the show (“c’mon, let’s get real, that won’t diminish”) is the quantity of available source material.

However, even if the show is animated, the likelihood is that a lot of people won’t enjoy it.

The present Succession Contest arc is extremely fascinating and is centered around Kurapika’s looking to become the final family member’s gaze. The two main characters in the series, Gon and Killua, aren’t there.


Following the final chapter 390, titled “Clash,” released in October of 2018, there haven’t been any new chapters. It appears that the manga’s absence will not end until Togashi feels comfortable enough.

It has not been able to complete the last 63 issues of Weekly Shonen Jump, and the only thing holding us up is Togashi’s determination and promise to complete the series for good.

A conversation with Togashi appeared in a publication under the name Shonen Jump, where Togashi said it was high time to wrap the series.

He assured viewers that even with the lengthy breaks, he’s working all day long and will certainly end his Hunter x Hunter series.

The interview took on a dark tone when Togashi admitted that he was not certain which one would be the first to end either his manga or his own life.

This isn’t the only time Togashi has spoken about his thoughts on the direction of Hunter the Hunter.

He was interviewed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Jump. He also said there are still plenty of things he would like to incorporate into the manga.

The Hunter x Hunter creator even said that in the event he’s unable to continue his series due to unforeseen circumstances or other reasons, his partner, Naoko Takeuchi, who is the creator of Sailor Moon, will finish the series in his absence.

There’s no one better than Togashi himself, who would like to bring a happy conclusion to his work, and all we have to do is wait and stand by him.

What can you do about it?

Although we can’t directly influence the creator or Madhouse studios, we can certainly press them to address it.

Hunter x Hunter was on indefinite suspension for quite a while, but unfortunately, many of us don’t have the capacity or time to sit through that long.

In the event of Togashi’s health being considered, his health, it is not humane to request him to continue the show.

But, we can be sure that he receives sufficient assistance with Jump, along with other illustrators’ assistance. We can also insist on Madhouse continuing the production of the anime and adapting any remaining episodes.

To do this, you can sign this petition, which was created by an avid follower of the Hunter x Hunter series and has already received more than 200 signatures.

Apart from making a petition, the best method to support is to support the series and pray for Togashi to improve despite the ongoing outbreak.

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