How to Make a Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft?

One interesting Easter egg found in Minecraft is to create rainbow sheep.

There’s not much use creating an animal that is rainbow but it’s a nice mob that can be kept around in specific builds where you desire.

Due to game mechanics, naming mobs prevents the mob from disappearing, which means you can keep the rainbow sheep for as long as you want.

This guide will demonstrate how to create your own rainbow sheep.

Required Materials to Make Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft

  1. One Sheep of whatever sort
  2. 1 Name Tag
  3. Anvil

To create the rainbow sheep, you’ll require an animal to name.

To make the sheep into a rainbow sheep , you’ll require an appropriate name to switch colour.

minecraft sheep How to Make a Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft?

Of course, you can give your sheep an identity you’ll require an identification tag.

In order to assign the tag to a distinct name, you’ll need an anvil in order to change the name by yourself.

How to Make Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft?

In a Nutshell:

To make a rainbow sheep on Minecraft, make an anvil, set it on the ground and then open the user interface.

Make use of the leftmost slot to create your nametag and then click the bar to the right of your nametag.

naming on anvil minecraft How to Make a Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft?

To make an ombre slime, you’ll have to label the slime “jeb_”, it is case-sensitive so be sure you don’t capitalize the “j”.

Start by obtaining a name tag.

There are a variety of random treasure chests available in Minecraft which can be created with a name tag inside.

Name tags can be found in mineshaft chests, dungeon chests and chests from the woodland mansion.

minecraft anvil How to Make a Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft?

If you’re playing on Bedrock edition, you may also discover name tags in treasure chests buried.

Since they are scarce it is possible to locate a name tag by simply fishing for one.

Make use of the enchanted luck of sea III’s fishing rod to increase your chances.

Here’s what I caught prior to receiving a nametag yourself.

Try to decide if you’d prefer to fish for the name tag or steal one from the chest.

Certain methods may require more time, while others will occur immediately, as is the case with many random encounters.

Make a decision for yourself whether you prefer to take risk in fishing or gamble in the search for a created structure.

Whatever method you choose, regardless of your method, once you have the name tag, you can make use of an anvil to alter the name the name tag allots.

To build an anvil, you’ll need three iron blocks and four iron ingots.

rainbow sheep How to Make a Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft?

Set your anvil down and then launch its user interface.

Make use of the leftmost slot to create your nametag and then click the icon above the nametag.

To make the rainbow slime, you’ll have to label your slime “jeb_”, it is case-sensitive, so ensure that you don’t capitalize the “j”.

All that’s left to do is find the sheep that you want to call Jeb.

Right-click on any sheep sporting the name tag and you can cause the sheep’s wool to change hue.

The sheep’s wool will gradually change colour and behave like a normal sheep.

All you have to do is to create an adorable wooly rainbow in Minecraft.

What exactly does Rainbow Sheep do in Minecraft?

There isn’t any rainbow wool to be found in the game.

In addition to appearance the rainbow sheep do not have any specific effects.

The wool that you remove of the sheep will be the same colour as that sheep’s wool prior to when you name it.

When two rainbow sheep are bred, they examine the base colours of the parents and the baby sheep will adopt the colour of both parents.

In this case both rainbow sheep are white, so those born off of them are white.

It is possible to alter the colour of your newborn sheep with dye or call it jeb_ , which will turn it into an ewe with rainbow stripes.

If you wish to alter the colour the wool sheds from the sheep, you can dye it in whatever colour you want and then shear it frequently.

The sheep will continue to be as a rainbow sheep and it will eventually drop its colour depending on the wool that you dye it.

You can keep a rainbow sheep out of your home to provide fun and a more aesthetic effect to the style of your home.

In a Nutshell

Rainbow sheep can be an intriguing easter egg that was added by developers to bring some fun for players.

There’s no real advantage to having a rainbow sheep since it is not possible to collect rainbow wool, nor can the rainbow sheep provide all colours of wool that is available in the game.

It will shed the same colour of wool before it was given the name Jeb_.

Although there’s not much to the rainbow sheep, it’s nonetheless a fascinating event to experience and displays the thought and effort.

Final Words

You’re now able to create the rarest of sheep and is an amazing spectacle to see.

The rainbow sheep might not offer practicality, however, it still provides an aesthetic appeal to your base or farm.

While it’s unlikely to drop all colours of wool or rainbow wool but a name tag offering an effect is obviously interesting.

Because named mobs won’t be able to despawn, you don’t need to worry about your rainbow sheep disappearing.


Q. Which type of wool can the Rainbow Sheep drop-in Minecraft?

Ans. The rainbow sheep is the colour of wool before you identified it.

There isn’t a rainbow wool item available in the game.

Even while the colour of wool is changing slowly the player can’t make use of one sheep to get every colour of wool , without dyes.

Q. Why does it take jeb_ so long to create the Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft?

Ans. Jeb is the name of one of the main creators of Minecraft.

The developers decided that it was fun to include an easter egg in the memory of one of the brains behind Minecraft and the rainbow sheep were created.

Q. Is it possible to raise Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft?

Ans. It is possible to breed rainbow sheep using Minecraft.

However, the newborn sheep will adopt a colour similar to the original colour of the sheep prior to when it was given a name.

You are able to call the baby sheep jeb_ to make a typical rainbow sheep, however, it won’t be the colour of a rainbow sheep because of the parents colour.

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