How to get Acid Lab in GTA Online in 2024? – A beginner’s guide

GTA V Online offers a variety of alternatives to help you earn passively while you move through the game, one of which is the Acid Lab company.

ACID LAB GTA How to get Acid Lab in GTA Online in 2024? - A beginner's guide

It’s a terrific method to gain money in the game without having to do much, which is why most players don’t mind putting in the effort to unlock it once. However, like other businesses, the Acid Lab cannot be purchased directly from the interactive menu.

So, how do you go to the Acid Lab in GTA V? Dive in as we go over all of the prerequisites you’ll need to meet before you can start manufacturing meth in your new Acid Lab.

How to Get the Acid Lab in GTA Online?

The GTA Online Acid Lab is a Brickade 6×6 truck modified into a mobile drug lab. It’s an essential component of the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. The Acid Lab business is a little more complicated than others because you cannot purchase it directly.

Instead, you’ll have to acquire it by completing six objectives, known as First Dose assignments, which means that unlocking the Acid Lab will be very inexpensive compared to other passive companies.

First Dose Missions: GTA Online

After completing the first Dose task, you’ll gain access to the Brickade 6×6, a truck trailer used for drug operations.

After updating the game, you’ll receive a phone call from Ron Jakowski notifying you of new gang activities in Sandy Shores. Accepting Ron’s call will result in a new mission in the Ace Liquors business.

The first mission is marked with an R, which stands for Ron Jakowski, and is located in the northern area of the map, near Blank County.

The next five missions can be completed in the Freak Shop in the city, which is marked with a D, which stands for Dax. Here’s a list of the missions you must complete:

  • Welcome to the Troupe
  • Designated Driver
  • Fatal Incursion
  • Uncontrolled Substance
  • Make War not Love
  • Off the Rails

First Dose Missions GTA online walkthrough

ACID LAB GTA How to get Acid Lab in GTA Online in 2024? - A beginner's guide

This series of tasks begins with a cutscene that introduces the Fooliganz group.

The gang leader will then assign you the duty of killing The Lost MC members and tracking down his Journey II RV. You can then pick him up and deliver him and the vehicle to the Freakshop in Lost Santos.

Following this, you can move on to the next missions in the first dosage series.

After completing these objectives, your character will steal chemical supplies from the Humane Labs and Research Center in Blaine County.

You can steal the MTL Brickade 6×6 by derailing a Merryweather train and keeping it in the Freak Shop. Stealing it requires you to deal with Merryweather Securities, guards armed with helicopters and SUVs.

From the Freak Shop, you must perform one task in which you steal items in Los Santos, as well as a short setup mission. Once you’ve completed that, you can purchase the Acid Lab.

Speak with Mutt near the truck and pay the GTA$750,000 charge for installing the lab equipment. If you have a GTA+ subscription, you get this for free.

Acid Lab Bonuses

The Acid Lab functions in the same way as any other business in the game. To ensure that your Acid Lab continues to generate riches for you passively, you must first gather materials and then continually restock it.

While any vehicle upgrades apply to the Acid Lab, completing ten Fooligan Jobs unlocks the business’s Equipment Upgrades.

Acid Lab supplies cost GTA $60,000 apiece. Unless you upgrade your equipment, resupply three times to ensure a complete stock. This equipment upgrade costs GTA$250,000, but it is a good investment.

It increases the sale price of a full supply from GTA$237,500 to GTA$335,200. You’ll also receive a high demand bonus if you sell during public sessions. Consider that another motivation, as you will be exposed to the potential of other players meddling with your produce.

Sell tasks feature a decent amount of variation. The single-drop ambush sell task may be challenging for gamers. Placing sticky bombs near undercover cop cars before entering the parking lot helps.

When the wanted level blinks, equipping and un-equipping spectacles subtracts one star. Regarding the 5 drop mission, each location offers three storage choices, but only one is hidden from the undercover cops.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our post on how to get the Acid Lab in GTA V. The approach is different from gaining other businesses in the game because you cannot simply purchase it; yet, it is well worth the one-time effort.

Remember, if you’re having trouble making progress in GTA V, you can employ a variety of tricks. Rockstar Games promises additional upgrades in the near future for Grand Theft Auto Online players.

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